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From: "Rick Collette" <rick@deeplinux.com>
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Subject: Just a little something you may wish to know about..
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 20:33:33 -0700


Collette breathes life back into deepLinux with new Server OS Offerings

"After a year of practically lying dormant in the Linux OS space, deepLinux
has been reformed."

Mountain View, CA (April 9, 2001) - After a year of practically lying
dormant in the Linux OS space, deepLinux has been reformed. The company
brings a host of new Server Operating Systems to the table, including a web
server, a firewall, and a database server.

"We'll announce them one by one as they become available.  So far the BaseOS
and ExOp (Extremely Optimized) Web Server are available for download as

With the larger companies taking Linux into their data centers, giving no
more thought than they would give to NT or Solaris, deepLinux's products are
believed to be the logical choice.  The product line will feature Windows
9x/NT/Me/2K utilities to configure and monitor the Server Operating Systems,
as well as the usual Web Based and command line tools that run on the
Servers themselves.

ABOUT deepLinux
DeepLinux was founded in March, 2000, as a software company focused on the
Linux Community.  Since then it has evolved into providing stable, secure
Server Operating Systems.
Website: www.deepLinux.com

DeepLinux Product Availibility
The deepLinux BaseOS is a full development environment and the platform on
which the deepLinux Server Operating Systems and applications are build.
For more information on the BaseOS and other products, please visit:

All Sales, Marketing, and general questions should be sent to:
Rick Collette
Email: rick@deepLinux.com
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