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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:56:02 -0600
From: Sean Reifschneider <jafo@tummy.com>
To: lug@lug.boulder.co.us, nclug@nclug.org
Subject: [lug] What RPM is this file in?

If you have the package installed, you can easily enough do
"rpm -qf /bin/ping" to find out what package provides that.  But, if you
know you need "/usr/sbin/smbd", how do you find out what package it's in?
A question many of us have had, and until now you kind of had to grep
through all your package files.

Try going to:


and typing in the name of a file you're looking for...  It emulates a
system with *ALL* the latest KRUD packages installed.  For example, you can
ask it what provides "/boot/vmlinux-2.2.17-14", and it will tell you:

   Package File Name             On KRUD CD       Package Size
   kernel-2.2.17-14.i386.rpm          1              6.8 MB
   kernel-2.2.17-14.i586.rpm          1              6.7 MB
   kernel-2.2.17-14.i686.rpm          1              6.7 MB

Not bad for an hour's worth of hacking, eh?

 Hell hath no fury, like a file-system scorned.  -- Sean Reifschneider, 1998
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