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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 08:13:00 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: LynuxWorks' BlueCat Now Supports MIPS(R) Architecture

            LynuxWorks' BlueCat Now Supports MIPS(R) Architecture

    BlueCat Linux Provides Broadest Microarchitecture Support for Embedded

    SAN JOSE, Calif., April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- LynuxWorks(TM), Inc., a
provider of open source and true real-time embedded solutions for the post-PC
era, today announced a new release of BlueCat(TM) Linux with MIPS support.
With the release of BlueCat Linux 3.1, LynuxWorks now claims the broadest
microprocessor support for embedded Linux. Supported architectures now include
MIPS, Intel's Pentium, XScale and x86 compatibles, ARM family (including Thumb
extensions), StrongARM, PowerPC (including PowerQUICC) and Hitachi SuperH.
    LynuxWorks BlueCat Linux and the MIPS architecture together provide a
reliable cross-development platform for embedded developers creating products
for markets such as office automation, communications, network management,
digital consumer devices, and many others.
    "LynuxWorks' support for the MIPS architecture is a critical component of
our Linux strategy," said Doug Agnew, product manager at LynuxWorks.
"Deployment of Linux-based networked devices and digital consumer appliances
is exploding and BlueCat Linux gives developers the perfect choice of OS,
tools, and now the broadest architecture support, for developing the next wave
of breakthrough applications."
    LynuxWorks' BlueCat support of MIPS further extends the company's Linux
operating system into the markets for next generation smart devices,
communications equipment and consumer products; MIPS is a leading supplier of
microprocessors in those markets. BlueCat Linux 3.1 now includes an optimized
and supported tool-chain specific for the MIPS R3000 and R4000
microprocessors. The enhanced tool-chain provides the required tools that
simplifies the embedding process and reduces time to market.
    "This is yet another example of LynuxWorks' ability to support Tier 1 RISC
IP leaders and their customers. MIPS Technologies is a market leader and one
of the world's primary architects of embedded 32- and 64-bit RISC processors,"
commented Bob Morris, vice president of marketing for LynuxWorks. With over
twelve years of experience supporting Tier 1 electronic OEMS with OS ports and
device drivers for their embedded systems, LynuxWorks has repeatedly
demonstrated its domain knowledge and expertise. "As MIPS delivers more
powerful RISC technology to its customers and licensees, LynuxWorks' BlueCat
Linux for MIPS (TM) will enable these customers to provide more cost-effective
solutions by reducing their products' time to market and cost," Morris

    About LynuxWorks' BlueCat
    LynuxWorks' BlueCat is an open-source Linux, and is available as a
complete solution for developers. In addition to a stable commercial version
of the operating system, LynuxWorks provides a complete software development
environment and tools for debugging and tuning applications. BlueCat is backed
by a variety of optional support packages offering software engineering,
technical support, consulting and professional services from LynuxWorks.

    Pricing and Availability
    LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux 3.1 is priced at $300 and will be available in
late April 2001.

    About LynuxWorks
    LynuxWorks(TM), Inc. is a provider of open source and true real-time
embedded solutions for the post-PC era. LynuxWorks supports industry standards
in communications, aerospace and defense, consumer and business electronics,
industrial control systems, Internet infrastructures,
automotive/transportation, medical devices, and retail industries. LynuxWorks
products include the open-source BlueCat(TM) Linux; the scalable,
Linux-compatible LynxOS(R) real-time operating system; software frameworks for
high-availability systems; development tools and technical support worldwide.
Information about LynuxWorks is available on the Worldwide Web at
    NOTE:  LynuxWorks and BlueCat are trademarks and LynxOS is a registered
trademark of LynuxWorks, Inc. Other brand or product names are registered
trademarks or trademarks of the respective holders.

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