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Subject: OMG Days Europe 2001: Over 1,600 IT-Professionals
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 01 17:34:17 +0200
From: Milos Gedosev <gedosev@ltt.de>
To: <lwn@lwn.net>


Kronberg - March 28, 2001. LogOn Technology Transfer and the Object
Management Group (OMG), the world's largest software consortium, recently
concluded a 13 city, pan-European, OMG Information Days tour.

Over 1,600 IT professionals attended the OMG Information Days - a testament
to the strong support for open standards for application integration in

The theme of this year's OMG Information Days was "Enterprise Application
Integration with CORBA and UML". Each one-day conference and exhibition
featured presentations by OMG executives, corporate experts and luminaries
in the field of application integration and distributed systems.

Dr. Richard Soley, OMG President and Chairman, and Mr. Andrew Watson, OMG
Vice President and Technical Director, presented the Model Driven
Architecture (MDA), the group's new architectural direction,
expanding the scope of the standards produced by the OMG.

Corporate sponsors participating to the tour, included: Aonix, BEA Systems,
Bluestone Software, Borland, Compaq, Computer Associates, Fujitsu Solution,
IBM, IONA Technologies, Rational, Softeam, Software AG, Sybase, Telelogic,
and Valtech.

"LogOn has again produced a top-notch series of OMG Information Day events
in Europe. Throughout the series the speakers and exhibition were uniformly
excellent, with logistics organization that ensured smooth delivery of
information to all of the attendees. Attendees were clearly qualified for
the event, making both presentation and exhibition to these groups highly
worthwhile." said Dr. Richard Soley, OMG President & Chairman.

80.5% of the attendees judged the quality of the speakers good or excellent.

The final report with photos, and the attendees profile and event series
evaluation are available at:


OMG Information Days Europe 2002

Due to high demand, the OMG Days series for 2002 has been expanded to 14
cities including Prague.

The schedule of OMG Information Days for 2002 is as follows:

Amsterdam, February 5, 2002
Brussels, February 6, 2002
Paris, February 7, 2002
Madrid, February 8, 2002

Milan, February 18, 2002
Zurich, February 19, 2002
Munich, February 20, 2002
Vienna, February 21, 2002
Budapest, February 22, 2002
Prague, February 25, 2002

Helsinki, March 5, 2002
Stockholm, March 6, 2002
Oslo, March 7, 2002
Copenhagen, March 8, 2002


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