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Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 06:34:57 -0500
From: Aaron Stenhoff <stenhoff@progeny.com>
Subject: Progeny Debian Now Available
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Aaron Stenhoff
Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
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Enhanced Version of Debian Available for Download

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - April 9, 2001 - Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
announces the release of the first edition of Progeny Debian. The
download edition is available now at www.progeny.com/download. The box
set will be available on April 23rd.

Progeny Debian was developed in cooperation with Debian GNU/Linux, a
popular Linux distribution developed by more than 600 volunteers and
regarded as having the most innovative software management technology
available.  The advantages of using a Debian-based operating system
include the ability to upgrade mission critical systems without
rebooting, installation of software with a single command, and a
network-based software manager.  Debian was founded by Ian Murdock,
President and CEO of Progeny Linux Systems.  The company includes a
number of leading Debian developers who are led by CTO John H. Hartman,
a prominent expert in operating systems.

Progeny Debian provides an enhanced feature set that includes easy
graphical installation, hardware detection support, and improved
configuration and management tools.  Also included is the latest stable
technology, consisting of XFree86 4.0.2 and glibc2.2.  Other additions
include improved USB support and an auto-install feature for
streamlining multiple installations.

"Debian has been at the forefront of Linux technology for over seven
years now," says Ian Murdock, President and CEO of Progeny.  "Its
feature set is second-to-none among Linux distributions, particularly in
the areas of software management and upgradability.  However, it has
long been considered difficult to install, and its lack of commercial
support has hindered widespread adoption in corporate environments."

Murdock goes on to say, "Progeny's enhancements make Debian's technology
a more viable option for corporate customers.  In combination with our
technical support, professional services, and integrated network
services offering - Progeny Service Network - Debian is now the ideal
Linux platform for mission-critical computing infrastructure."

Murdock is quick to point out that Progeny Debian is not another
distribution of Linux.  "In fact, we don't see Progeny Debian as a
separate distribution.  It is an enhanced version of Debian for the
commercial market.  All of our development efforts are being contributed
back to the Debian community, and we hope that our work can help make
Debian better for all users."

The box set will offer a 90-day subscription to the Progeny Service
Network and 30-days of telephone installation support.  Progeny Service
Network provides timely, secured software updates seamlessly to
corporate customers.  The service includes free e-mail assistance and
various support levels depending on the customers' needs.

About Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
Based in Indianapolis, IN, Progeny is a Linux-based software and
services company for network computing environments.  Progeny's products
and services combine the advantages of network computing - scalability,
performance, and reliability - with the convenience and simplicity of
centralized computing.    Founded in March of 2000, Progeny is led by
Ian Murdock, the founder of Debian, and is built by leading Debian
developers committed to the future of the Debian project and Open
Source. Please visit Progeny at www.progeny.com.