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Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 13:00:32 -0700
From: Joseph Cheek <joseph@cheek.com>
To: rl-announce <rl-announce@chicago.redmondlinux.org>
Subject: Press Release: Redmond Linux Beta 3 Now Shipping

Redmond, WA, April 9 - The Redmond Linux Organization announces the
release of Beta 3 of Redmond Linux, Personal Edition.  Beta 3 is the
latest release of Redmond Linux Personal, a Linux distribution with the
simplicity and ease of use necessary for new and casual computer users.

"Linux is for everyone," says founder Joseph Cheek.  "Redmond Linux has
improved upon the user interface found in standard Linux distributions
to the point that it is easy enough for real people to use."  Redmond
Linux includes simplified versions of Caldera's Lizard installer and the
KDE 2.1.1 desktop, as well as cutting-edge software - Linux kernel
2.4.3, Mozilla 0.8.1, RealPlayer 8, Macromedia Flash 5, Adobe Acrobat 4,
and a demo of theKompany.com's Kapital financial management program.

"This Beta 3 release brings Redmond Linux to the level of stability and
number of features needed for home use," he continues.  "We've got
everything a home user needs - full Internet access, word processing,
spreadsheet, and financial management software, multimedia, and
entertainment - without the excess software that's commonly attached to
an operating system.  Extra software is available for those who need it, 
and our management tools allow easy remote diagnosis and repair of
damaged systems."

Shawn Gordon, President of theKompany.com, agrees.  "Given the recent
exodus from the desktop by several major Linux  distributions, it is
gratifying to work with a group like Redmond Linux who shares our focus
of making the end user experience easier on Linux.  Including a copy of
our personal finance software, Kapital, with Redmond Linux, we hope to
make the first step of simplifying and improving desktop Linux."

Initiated in June of 2000, the free version of Redmond Linux has been
consistently downloaded an average of 300 times a day.  The release of
Beta 3 gives interested users another option for obtaining Redmond
Linux.  Beta 3 is available for purchase on CD, bundled with an
installation guide and e-mail support through the final release date,
for US$19.95 at the redmondlinux.org web site.

"Redmond Linux has the quality necessary for widespread public Beta
testing," Joseph Cheek finishes.  "By offering it as a CD, with
instructions and support, we can provide it to people without high-speed
Internet access and a CD writer, who otherwise would not be able to try it."

Redmond Linux is slated to go gold in June of 2001.  Other editions will 
follow, as well as add-on software for extending the functionality of
Redmond Linux.  Redmond Linux can be found on the web at