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IEMS5 users get US$300 off on beta purchase

Hong Kong -April 2001 -- Beta participants of the Linux-Windows-based
Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5 shall get a US$300 price off if
they purchase the messaging solution now than wait for its forthcoming
official release.  IEMS5 developer International Messaging Associates gave
this announcement recently to give value to their current beta users and
development partners.

The beta promo offer pegs the retail price of IEMS5 at US$695, a full 30
percent off from its regular list price of US$995. A substantial discount
from the end-users' beta price is offered to resellers for every purchase of
five copies. Resellers may avail of a buy-back option from IMA in the rarest
case of slow product turnover, while no deadline is set for selling the
products bought under promo price.

According to Gigi Resurreccion, IMA Senior Marketing and Operations Manager,
IEMS5 users who buy the software now can actively participate in the beta
program that enables their organization to test and identify need-specific
enhancements that can be included in the official release.

"The program is practically risk-free. You will get free support while
evaluating the software until the time IEMS5 is officially released, and a
45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product
performance," said Resurreccion.

IEMS5 is a multithreading standalone open architecture Internet mail server
which runs seamlessly on Linux and Windows platforms - perfect for
businesses bound towards global competitiveness. Part of what makes IEMS5
different from other messaging solutions is that it could be operated on a
distributed environment which allows IEMS5 to run across different network
severs.  This unique feature gives IEMS5 optimal scalability, addressing an
organization's present and future expansion needs.

IEMS5 also boasts of anti-spam and anti-virus engines, channel action
matrix, Distribution List Manager, Message Store, Directory Server and Web
Mail Client, plus clog-free channels and connectors assuring total
connectivity to Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP4), Post Office Protocol
(POP3), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol (LDAP) and Batch Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (BSMTP).

These special features make IEMS5 a totally cost-effective, full-featured
email server for mission-critical applications.

"User-friendly IEMS5 is a great ally in optimizing business opportunities in
line with the growing and changing needs of dynamic companies or
organizations for simple yet fast, reliable and cost-effective means of
communication," Resurreccion said.

IEMS5's beta program is still open for a limited period only considering its
forthcoming official release.

IEMS5 beta can be downloaded from http://www.ima.com/download/v5eval.html.
Product overview can, likewise, be downloaded from

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