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Chromium Announces Speed Enhancement for Apache Web Servers
Independently verified by a major California computer vendor,
ChromeLinux™/Web Server increases Performance for Apache Servers at a
Substantial Cost Savings

Kirkland, WA, April 9, 2001 – Chromium Communications, developers of
high-performance communications software, has announced
ChromeLinux/WebServer a highly optimized version of the Apache 1.3 Web
Server.  ChromeLinux/Web Server is an Apache Web server built on top of the
Linux platform.   ChromeLinux/Web Server offers increased speeds up to 3
times faster* than the standard Apache server while remaining strictly
compatible.  ChromeLinux/Web Server offers dramatically increased
performance with the reliability webmasters have come to expect from
Apache.  It offers this all at a fraction of the cost of other commercially
available, Linux-based Web servers.

ChromeLinux/Web Server produces superior web page server performance, as
independently verified by a major California computer vendor with the
industry standard SPECweb(tm)99 benchmark.   Running on identical
hardware**, ChromeLinux/Web Server supported 1375 simultaneous connections
compared to the 560 supported by an identically configured vanilla version
of Apache 1.3.  The details of these results are being submitted to SPEC
(Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) by the hardware vendor and
should be posted to the SPEC web site during April.

Webmasters around the world already know how to configure, manage and deploy
Apache-based Web servers, the most frequently used Web server on the Internet.
ChromeLinux/Web Server allows webmasters to leverage their existing knowledge,
experience, and content while achieving significantly better results from
their hardware investment.  ChromeLinux/Web Server is Apache on speed.

“Our customers will be able to significantly increase their Web serving
said Eric Engstrom, CEO at Chromium Communications.  “This will allow
companies to improve the marginal cost of a page serve while providing
higher availability and a better customer experience from their existing
Apache-based Web content.”

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*Using SPEC’s SPECWeb99 as an objective and representative benchmark.
** For more details on the  Test Server Hardware Configuration Visit

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Chromium Announces Speed Enhancement for Apache Web Servers

ChromeLinux/WebServer is available now and introductory price is set at
server license.  Licenses can be purchased online at
www.chromium.com/cr_productsWeb.html.  For evaluations please contact

About Chromium Communications
Founded in January 2000 by former Microsoft executives, Chromium
builds key infrastructure technologies, including high-performance, advanced
communications software technology.  Chromium’s first products include user
interface technologies for the Microsoft Windows operating systems and a
family of
enhanced, Linux-based servers.  For more information about Chromium, please

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