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Digimarc Announces ImageBridge Software  Development Kit For Linux

New Digimarc ImageBridge SDK enables Linux applications to
embed, detect and read digital watermarks

Tualatin, Ore. 

? April 10, 2001 ? Digimarc Corp. (NASDAQ: DMRC) announced today
the introduction of the Digimarc ImageBridge software development kit (SDK)
Linux. The ImageBridge SDK for Linux expands Digimarc's offerings for the
community and is available immediately.  The addition of the ImageBridge SDK
Linux is an important step in the extension of Digimarc technology, one that
allows greater numbers of customers to incorporate digital watermarking into
their own software applications and creative processes.

The ImageBridge SDK for Linux provides three basic functions: Embed watermark,
Detect watermark and Read watermark.  Embed watermark embeds a Digimarc
watermark in an image.  Detect watermark offers a quick means of determining
a watermark is present in an image, typically in less than one second
of image size.  Read watermark retrieves the contents of a Digimarc watermark
found in an image and links viewers to image owner information across the Web.
Digital watermarks embedded using the SDK are compatible with the full range
Digimarc ImageBridge watermarking and MarcSpider image tracking services.

Corporations and software vendors with imaging applications developed on Linux
will now have the ability to integrate Digimarc digital watermarking
into their own software programs. "By providing the ImageBridge SDK for Linux,
we are supporting the fast growing Linux development community and continuing
our strategy of providing ImageBridge watermarking across all major computing
platforms and application spaces," said Larry Trevarthen, director of product
marketing at Digimarc.  "We are excited to offer this additional support for
companies as they seek to communicate ownership and protect their images

Implementation of the ImageBridge SDK for Linux makes it possible to create
custom applications to integrate with the Digimarc ImageBridge watermarking
products, which provide comprehensive capabilities for copyright
online image tracking and image commerce.

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Digimarc also offers SDK's for digital watermarking that are compatible with
Macintosh Power PC, Microsoft Windows platforms, Unix and IBM AIX for RS/6000.
For more information about the Digimarc SDK's or products visit
, email licensing@digimarc.com or contact Digimarc at (800) 344-4627, ext.

About Digimarc Digital Imaging Solutions
Digimarc provides content owners a range of solutions for copyright
communication, asset management and enhanced e-commerce capabilities.  It
enables enterprises to manage, track and protect digital images. Digimarc
offerings include Digimarc ImageBridge and ImageBridge Pro watermarking,
Digimarc ReadMarc software and Digimarc MarcSpider image tracking services for
enterprises and professionals who use commercially available applications for
embedding and using watermarks.  The Digimarc ImageBridge Software Development
Kit (SDK) and licenses for integrating Digimarc software with commercial or
enterprise specific applications are also available.  For more information

About Digimarc
Digimarc Corp., based in Tualatin, Ore., (NASDAQ: DMRC) is the world leader in
digital watermark technology and applications. Digimarc is creating an
persistent digital identity for all media content through imperceptible
code that can be embedded in any analog or digital material. The company has
established three business units to focus on diverse media applications.
Digimarc Media Commerce watermarking solutions enable protection and tracking,
and also facilitate e-commerce of digital images, audio and video.  Digimarc
Secure Documents provides anti-counterfeiting solutions to deter unauthorized
PC-based reproduction of valuable documents such as financial, identification
and product packaging.  Digimarc MediaBridge offers a fundamentally new way
consumers to access the Internet. Digimarc's vision is to become a standard
feature of all media content. For more information about Digimarc, please
our Web site at www.digimarc.com.

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