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REDSONIC aligns with M-SYSTEMS to provide comprehensive software-integrated
hardware solutions to embedded community.

Orange County, Calif. – April 10, 2001 - REDSonic, Inc., a leading provider
of embedded system development tools and creators of the flexible Real-Time
Linux kernel, REDICE-Linux™, announced today it is partnering with
M-Systems, a leader in flash disk data storage products for embedded
systems, Internet appliances and telecom/networking markets.

REDSonic’s easy-to-use system image  creation and deployment tool,
RED-Builder, has the ability to target to  M-Systems’ DiskOnChip® , thereby
enabling its customers to build robust and reliable embedded product
solutions.  RED-Builder allows the system developer to rapidly configure,
build, and download file system images to an embedded target.   REDSonic will
be demonstrating this ability to target their images to DiskOnChip at the
Embedded Systems Conference, Moscone Center in San Francisco, April 10-12.

“RED-Builder enables developers to custom, configure and build their systems
to meet their specific needs,” said Sharon Tikotzky, Director of Strategic
Alliances, M-Systems, Inc. “By combining RED-Builder and DiskOnChip
developers will have a complete hardware/software solution that is extremely
reliable and customizable.”

“REDSonic is pleased to be included as a partner with the creators of the
innovative DiskOnChip technology”, said Andrew Chen, Chief Technology
Officer for REDSonic.  “Today’s system development community is focused
on creating reliable, inexpensive embedded product solutions with a quick
time-to-market. Coupled with our RED-Builder tool set, M-Systems’
DiskOnChip provides our customers an ideal flash disk while meeting the
stringent demands of today’s embedded development cycle.”

About REDSonic, Inc.

REDSonic, Inc., provides total real-time Linux solutions for both embedded
and server systems. REDSonic’s premier offering, REDICE-LinuxTM, delivers a
stable and powerful application platform for PC-based embedded systems. The
REDICE-LinuxTM kernel provides predictable, low-latency response for all
real-time requirements and includes a flexible two-component scheduler for
soft and hard real-time performance monitoring while maintaining full
compatibility with existing Linux applications.  REDICE-LinuxTM is supported
by a comprehensive development tool set; including compilers, debuggers,
schedule code generators, a target image builder, and a real-time event
monitor. The company's Professional Services Group also provides training,
support, porting and custom application development for customers.

About M-Systems

M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. (NASDAQ: FLSH) is a leading developer,
manufacturer and marketer of innovative data storage products, known as flash
disks, which are primarily used in embedded systems, Internet appliances and
telecom/networking markets. The Company’s flash disks provide the
functionality of a mechanical hard drive on a solid-state silicon chip.
M-Systems was first to bring to market a complete flash disk in a single die,
using breakthrough DiskOnChip Millennium technology. The Company’s products
are based on its patented TrueFFS technology and include the DiskOnChip®,
DiskOnKey™, and Fast Flash Disk (FFD) product families. For more information,
contact M-Systems at 8371 Central Avenue, Suite A, Newark, Calif. 94560.
Telephone: 510-494-2090, e-mail: info@m-sys.com and on the Internet:
For more information: Contact REDSonic at http://www.redsonic.com, via e-mail
to info@redsonic.com, or by phone (949) 833-9679 or fax (949) 833-9479. 

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