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This week Cylant Technology (www.cylant.com) releases CylantSecure
for Linux, an intrusion detection system that protects against both known
and previously unknown forms of attack.

It uses a modified kernel in conjunction with custom kernel modules to
provide system protection -- and becomes part of the running kernel,
securing the system from the very deepest level.

Details on the software are in a press release below and online at:

Initial feedback from the Linux community has been good; Cylant is
interested in getting input from you and your readers as well.



Cylant Technology Releases CylantSecure(tm) for Linux

Unlike other intrusion detection solutions, CylantSecure provides
defense against unknown types of attacks

BEND, Ore. -- April 10, 2001 -- Cylant Technology, Inc. (www.cylant.com)
announced today the release of CylantSecure(tm) for Linux, a new intrusion
defense tool that detects and protects against both known and unknown
attacks. The Linux version is the first release for the new security company;
Solaris and Microsoft operating system versions are also in development.

"Today's security solutions are adequate to prevent attacks based on
known or general signatures, but are completely vulnerable to previously
unknown attacks," said John Munson, CEO of Cylant. "CylantSecure
solves this problem. We have developed an entirely new paradigm in
security; our technology is outside of the existing paradigm of playing
catch-up with the hacker."

CylantSecure represents a fundamentally new approach to the field of
software security and intrusion prevention. Unlike other IDS products,
CylantSecure does not use rules or patterns for identifying attacks,
eliminating the need to rely on a database of known attack signatures.
Instead, it focuses on actual software behavior and builds a statistical
model of nominal system behavior. It enables a computer to distinguish
between normal and abnormal behavior, and then uses that information
to stop malicious attacks before any damage can occur.

CylantSecure for Linux uses a modified kernel in conjunction with
custom kernel modules to provide system protection -- and becomes
part of the running kernel, securing the system from the very deepest

The system combines real-time monitoring power with the proactive
capability to shut down intrusive behavior, including both external
attacks and internal abuses. It offers a wide range of enforcement
actions to deal with identified intrusions, such as reporting anomalous
activities; discarding packets from offending IP addresses for a time;
discarding packets from offending IP addresses permanently; killing
anomalous processes; and running user-defined programs.

The core technology behind Cylant's security products grew out of
30 years of software measurement and testing research. The primary
inventor, company founder John Munson, has an extensive academic
and government background, most recently as a tenured professor
at the University of Idaho for the past five years.

Three versions of CylantSecure for Linux are currently available, with
increasing features: CylantSecure Lite (free), CylantSecure SOHO
and CylantSecure Advance. All three can be downloaded for free at
http://www.cylant.com/products/download.htm; a key can be purchased
online to activate the full versions. Additional product information is
available at: http://www.cylant.com/products/secure.htm

About Cylant Technology, Inc.

Cylant Technology is pioneering the future of security with a
breakthrough technology based on an entirely new paradigm. CT's
innovative intrusion defense tools are embedded in and actually
become part of the protected system - with the ability to detect and
stop any anomalous behavior before it can corrupt software programs
and operating systems.

Kendall Hardin
Director of Marketing

Adam Sherk
atomic tech PR