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From:	 Christoph Hellwig 
To:	 linux-fsdevel@vger.kernel.org
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] VxFS 0.1
Date:	 Sat, 14 Apr 2001 19:26:01 +0200

I'm proude to annouce the first release of a free readonly
VxFS driver for Linux. 

Special thanks go to Al Viro for the ext2 directories in
pagecache code which inspired the VxFS directory code heavily.

=== features

The VxFS driver provides read-only access to disks formated with the
Veritas Filesystem (VxFS), supported inode organisations are ext4,
typed and immediate.  The Veritas Filesystem has different porting
lines to different operationg systems and cpu architectures -
while this release has only been tested with VxFS v4 filesystems
created by UnixWare 7.x it is believed to work with other ports of
the same version, as long as the filesystem is stored in native
byte order.

=== availability

VxFS for Linux is available from ftp.openlinux.org in the directoty
/pub/people/hch/vxfs.  The following files exist:

 o vxfs-2.4.3.diff	- unified diff against Linux 2.4.3
 o vxfs-0.1.tar.gz	- standalone tarball for Linux 2.4.x
 o vxfs-0.1.src.rpm	- source RPM for Caldera OpenLinux LTP or 3.1 (beta)

Newer versions will be published at the same location.

=== disclaimer

VxFS for Linux has been written without access to any proprietary
implementation of VxFS.

VxFS is a trademark of Veritas.

=== author

VxFS for Linux has been written by Christoph Hellwig <hch@caldera.de>
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