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The LWN Penguin Gallery

Here is a collection of the interesting penguins we have been able to find out there on the net. Note that we're not trying to gather up every occurence of a penguin somewhere - the idea here is to catalog the "derivative" penguins that are on the loose. Please drop us a note at penguins@lwn.net to tell us about the ones we missed. Note however that the Penguin Gallery is currently unmaintained until we can find the time to work on it again.

Each penguin below links through to its home.

Where it all began

The classic Linux penguin was originally the creation of Larry Ewing; see his penguin page to see how he used the Gimp to create the creature which we now see all over the net. You can also find some historical information on PenguinPower.com.

On to the penguins...

OEone Engineering Team Mascot

Albanian LUG

Espirit Wales

Grupo de Usuarios Linux en El Salvador


Linux-Notebooks Thema
( c't - Bildschirmhintergrund )

Linux-PDAs Thema
( c't - Bildschirmhintergrund )

Super Phoneguin

Las Vegas LUG

Linux Security Audit Project

Penguin Food

Grupo Linux da Universidade de Aveiro

Devil-Linux distribution

Tuxknot-The GNU Band from Antarctic Snowman's Tux Gallery

LINUX landia, traducciones

Linux Landia

Studio Marco Lamberto

The Functionally-Overloaded Linux Kernel

Charlotesville Unix Users Group (Virginia, USA)

Sir TuxIskariote

GU Linux Floripa

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...to our penguin hunters so far.

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