From: Mathias Koerber <>
Subject: CONFERENCE: UNIX knowhow at APRICOT
Date: Tue,  3 Feb 1998 12:24:20 GMT


      Asia & Pacific Rim Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
               Manila, Philippines   16-20 February, 1998

APRICOT brings top UNIX talent into the region to help empower UNIX System 

UNIX is CRITICAL to the operation of the Internet. No matter which flavor of 
UNIX you use (LINUX, FreeBSD, SCO, BSDI, SUN, Digital, etc.) systems running 
on UNIX will be critical part of your network.  Add to that the value of 
PERL. Many of the most critical functions carried out in a Internet network 
is done with PERL Scripts! A engineer who is good at PERL scripting is worth 
their weight in gold! The Internet industry in the region is crying out for 
good UNIX and PERL experience.

As the key Internet Operations event in the region, APRICOT works hard to 
bring top talent into the region to empower engineers with the skills need to 
run an effect ISPs, content providers, or any other network connected to the 

Here is a list. If you use the Web 
( , you would find the 
instructors. Note the instructors are some of the best in the industry.

 T16 Unix Power Tools I
 T17 Scaling Internet Services
 T18 Sendmail							
 T19 System Administration for ISPs
 T21 SPAM (in Mail and USENET)	
 T28 Unix Power Tools II	
 T29 Advanced Perl Programming
 T11 The Domain Name System and Bind
 T21 SPAM (in Mail and Usenet)

Space is limited! Use the on-line registration to reserve you spot:

What is APRICOT?
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The Asia and Pacific Rim Internet Conference on Operational Technologies 
(APRICOT) is one of three key Internet operations meetings in the world (the 
other two are NANOG and EOF). The week long summit consists of seminars, 
workshops, tutorials, conference sessions, birds-of-a-feather (BOFs), and 
other forums with the goal of spreading and sharing the knowledge required to 
operate the increasingly complex Asia Pacific Internet topology. APRICOT week 
is also the week the Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), the 
Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA),  Asia Pacific Networking Group 
(APNG), Asia and Pacific Internet Operations (APOPS), and Asia & Pacific 
Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) have their annual membership 

Essentially, if an ISP or Telco doing Internet business in Asia wants to be 
connected to the inside information of want is happening, APRICOT is the 
place to be. If an ISP only has the money to send people to one meeting this 
year, APRICOT is it.

For More Information
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Watch for upcoming final program and registration
information OR send a message to OR call APNIC
+81 3 5500-0480 OR Fax APNIC at +81 3 5500-0481

Want to Sponsor APRICOT?
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If your organization would like to sponsor APRICOT, please send a note to:

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