Subject: WANTED: Interested in Userland Frontier for Linux?
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 12:28:18 GMT


Bronco is an attempt to make a free clone of Userland's Frontier scripting
environment. You can read about Frontier at There isn't anything like Frontier
available for Linux. Linux and Apache are the premier server-side Web
platform. Linux plus the GIMP and something like Frontier could become the
premier client-side Web platform.

What is Frontier, really? This is the way Dave Winer, chief developer,
describes Frontier:

      Frontier is an automated Content Management System, designed for
      technical users and website developers. It's the most powerful
      cross-platform website management system on the market.

      Frontier is built around an efficient object database and integrated
      scripting language and an object-oriented website framework. A key
      component of Frontier is its built-in outliner.  It's also a powerful
      multi-threaded runtime environment, with a comprehensive verb set,
      ideal for building server applications.

      Unlike competitive products, Frontier 5 benefits from integration of
      the database, outliner, scripting language and runtime
      environment. In the future we will provide the ability to run
      non-proprietary syntaxes such as Perl, Tcl and JavaScript; and will
      provide powerful connections to non-native database formats.

      Also coming in future versions is more powerful text editing and site
      organizing capabilities built on Frontier's outliner, and in addition
      to supporting HTML-based sites, we will also add the most
      comprehensive XML support in the industry, working in conjunction
      with Microsoft and others.

      Frontier 5 is a free product. With version 5.1, due mid-year, we will
      offer a commercial version and a free version.

We think something like that ought to be freely available for Linux, and it's

Who's involved?  So far, there's just Niel Bornstein ( and
Kendall Clark ( We're looking for volunteers.

If you're interested, please visit and then send
an e-mail to


Kendall Clark

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