From: "Leonard N. Zubkoff" <>
Subject: BusLogic Driver Version 2.0.11 Released
Date: Tue,  3 Feb 1998 13:10:56 GMT


I am pleased to announce that Version 2.0.11 of my Linux BusLogic Driver is now
available from  The release notes for this
version are enclosed below.  Enjoy.


	   BusLogic MultiMaster and FlashPoint SCSI Driver for Linux

			 Version 2.0.11 for Linux 2.0


				31 January 1998

			       Leonard N. Zubkoff
			       Dandelion Digital

	   Copyright 1995 by Leonard N. Zubkoff <>


o Buslogic driver options are now parsed completely from a string, allowing
  the driver options to be specified in identical form whether the driver is
  compiled into the kernel and options are provided via the kernel command
  line, or whether the driver is loaded as a kernel module and options are
  provided via insmod.  In previous versions of the driver, driver options
  could only be provided if the driver was compiled into the kernel.  Please
  note that the new syntax is incompatible with the previous one, and using the
  old command line syntax will cause the command line to be ignored with a
  warning message.  See the files README.BusLogic or BusLogic.c for further
  documentation.  Note that Module Utilities 2.1.71 or later is required for
  correct parsing of driver options containing commas.

o The new BusLogic driver options syntax allows for selecting the queue depth
  individually for each target device.  It is no longer necessary to limit
  the queue depth to the maximum value that is acceptable by all devices.

o Negotiated data transfer parameters are now reported for FlashPoint Host
  Adapters as well as for MultiMaster Host Adapters, and the reporting has been
  enhanced to provide information on the selected queue depth and status of
  wide negotiation.  In addition, the total transfer rate is now reported in
  MB/sec rather than in mega-transfers/second.  BT-948/958/958D MultiMaster
  firmware 5.06L and later directly reports whether wide transfers have been
  negotiated; for prior firmware versions this is deduced from the AutoSCSI
  information along with data from the SCSI Inquiry command that indicates
  whether the device supports 16 bit wide transfers.  Transfer rate reporting
  now occurs after the SCSI Inquiry commands have been completed to allow for
  FlashPoint and pre-5.06L MultiMaster support.

o The use of kernel memory by the BusLogic driver has been substantially
  reduced.  The driver data structures have been optimized to fit within the
  block sizes that are allocated by the Linux 2.0 kernel, and Command Control
  Blocks (CCBs) are now allocated in groups to pack efficiently.  The net
  result is that this driver requires about half the kernel memory of previous

o When the Cylinder/Head/Sector BIOS geometry mapping is inquired from the
  driver, it now differentiates between the case of adopting one of the
  standard BusLogic geometry translations from the partition table (64/32,
  128/32, or 255/63) and the case where the geometry in the partition table
  is not compatible with any of the supported BusLogic geometry translations.

o When an external SCSI bus reset is detected, the driver now responds by
  issuing a soft reset to the host adapter rather than a hard reset.  The soft
  reset is functionally the same except that it does not cause a SCSI bus reset
  as well.  The use of soft reset in response to external SCSI bus resets
  allows for the driver to exist in a multiple initiator environment.

o The interrupt test for MultiMaster boards has been removed.  It was not safe
  when the driver was loaded as a module on the non-bootstrap CPU in an SMP
  environment.  Since the interrupt test was primarily useful for diagnosing
  problems back when PCI was in its infancy, the test was removed rather than

o This version of the driver should compile without warnings with GCC 2.8.0.

o The FlashPoint.c file is now included directly from BusLogic.c rather than
  being compiled as a separate module.

o The FlashPoint SCCB Manager has been updated to version 5.02.

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