From: Roger Gonzalez <>
Subject: Datapult/PF 2.02 - Powerful WWW script/template language
Date: Tue,  3 Feb 1998 12:58:32 GMT


Datapult/PF is a scripting language that is used to generate dynamic
documents on web servers, without any CGI programming.  Any task
that can be done in C, Java, or Perl can usually be done in PF
with far less effort.  And, since the scripting commands are
stored inside HTML files, mere mortals can modify and enhance
the template pages using their favorite site development tools.

Features include:

- - Full source, almost completely unrestricted license.

- - Not a toy language; full lex/yacc parser!

- - Used by major commercial web sites receiving millions of hits per day,
  such as the Monster Board ( and Ryder Trucks

- - Available both as a simple CGI as well as a client module for web server
  APIs that connects to a persistent dynamically sized server pool for
  faster response.

- - Hierarchically addressable "tree" data structure that lets you
  intuitively access any object in the system; branches of the
  tree can be any of several collection types for performance or
  ease of access, including sets, queues, arrays, tables, red-black
  trees, etc.

- - Simple API allows loadable modules to be written in C to add to the
  language operators or to add new information sources such as database

- - Includes modules for Oracle, ODBC, mSQL, and the Verity search
  engine.  Hundreds of directives already written for everything from
  simple string manipulation to credit card checksum validation.

We are releasing the source code for this product only now because
our consulting practice hasn't allowed us to hack at it very much
recently, and it seemed a shame to abandon it!

We are looking to both add lots of new users, as well as to get some good
developers to enhance PF and add cool new features.  At one point in
time, Datapult/PF literally blew every competing product out of the
water, both in terms of features as well as power.  Its fallen a bit
behind, but we're convinced that releasing it to the developer "bazaar"
(yes, we found Eric S. Raymond's paper very inspiring!  Read it at is the
right thing to do!

Visit our web site at for more details:

Source code as well as binaries for Linux (intel/alpha) and Solaris
are available on our ftp site:

- -Roger

Roger Gonzalez                    Datapult Communications       

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