From: "Bruce A. Locke" <>
Subject: FireMyst v0.8 - a small UMSDOS Linux installation
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 12:34:26 GMT


Announcing a new tool for Linux users... DragonLinux: FireMyst!

FireMyst is a UMSDOS-based replacement for those fustrating rigid
recovery diskettes.  FireMyst is a tiny UMSDOS installation that
is a functional Linux system.  In under 7MB of harddisk on any 
DOS and Windows 95 (vfat, fat16, fat32) partition, FireMyst comes
complete with many tools and utilities:

- -       shells:  sh, bash

- -       The standard utilites:       

        cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, cp, cut, dd, df, dircolors, du, echo,
        false, free, kill, killall, ln, ls, mkdir, mknod, more, mv, ps,
        rm, rmdir, sync, true, umount, uname, depmod, halt, init, kernald,
        killall5, ldconfig, makedev, mkswap, modprobe, mount, rdev, 
        the various rdev sym links, reboot, init, shutdown, swapoff,
        telinit, swapon, update, expr, gpm, grep, sleep, and more...

- -       Disk and filesystem utilites:
        fdisk, mkfs, debugfs, dosfsck, e2fsck, fsck, fsck.minix, fsck.xiafs,
        the various fsck symbolic links for script compatability, mkdosfs,
        mke2fs, mkfs, mkfs.ext2, mkfs.minix, mkfs.msdos, mkfs.xiafs,
        mklost+found, mkxfs, tune2fs, umssync, xfsk, and more...

- -       Archivers and their utilites:

        gzip, gunzip, tar, zip, bzip2, bzip2recover, unarj, zipgrep,
        zipinfo, zipnote, zipsplit

- -       Floppy disk utilites (format and create filesystems)

- -       ASCII Editors: joe and pico

- -       Midnight Commander

- -       DragonLinux's own help file... available through a command.

All this in under 7MB of hard disk space!  And even better, FireMyst
comes as a 3MB ZIP file or three RAR SFX files for when you recycle
those recovery floppies. ;)   If you wish, you can just keep a copy 
of the ZIP and unzip it when you need it.  Installation of FireMyst 
is as easy as just unziping a file!

Modifying FireMyst is easy.  Wish to install your own programs?  
Just copy the binaries and needed library files into the right 
directories and you've got yourself a custom version of FireMyst.
Another option you have in installing FireMyst is to simply make
your modifications and re-zip up your LINUX directory.  This saves
space and means you have your customized version available when 
you need it...

If you decide to keep it uncompressed and installed, you can use it to 
backup configuration files when you 'tinker' (useful for us lazy people
who never backup... ;).  What? You just trashed your init files and you
can't boot?  Just fire up FireMyst by using a batch file in DOS/Win95 
and off you go.  Just mount your filesystems and repair the damage. :)

If your interested, you can grab a copy from the URL below.  You may
also want to check out my plans for future UMSDOS installations... :)

Bruce A. Locke

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Bruce A. Locke              (

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