From: (marduk)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Linbot 0.3 webmaster site management tool
Date: 1 Feb 1998 23:11:34 GMT

Linbot is the amazing Site Management Tool for webmasters.  Downloads and more
information at:

Linbot allows webmasters to:

* View The Structure Of A Site

* Track Down Broken Links

* Find Potentially Outdated Web Pages

* List Links Pointing To External Sites

* View Portfolio Of Inline Images

* Do All This Periodically And Without User Intervention	

Changes to v. 0.3 include:

* Bug fixes

* Configurable visual enhancements

* and more!

Linbot is a FREE clone of Linkbot (
and plans to incorporate many of Linkbot's features as well as enhancements of
its own.

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