From: Davide Barbieri <>
Subject: plor, PLUTO Linux Offline QWK Reader
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 12:07:13 GMT


  PLOR - PLUTO Linux Offline Reader v. 0.3.2

  The latest version of PLOR is available on

  Why use plor

  You could wonder why plor exists.

  Well, let me stress that plor is an OFFLINE News & Mail READER.  This
  is useful for people that use a modem, or people which can use the computer
  only at home, where there is a Linux Box without an internet

  There are a lot of programs for people who want to read mail and news
  offline, but none of this has all the features that I want. These are:

  o  the ability to use my real mailbox and my real .newsrc, so I can
     read news & mail both when I am at university (with a full internet
     connection), and when I am at home offline, without loosing track
     of what I have already read.

  o  the ability to be used with a TCP/IP connection (PPP, SLIP, etc.)
     or with a terminal one (sz and rz are always 10% faster than a PPP

  o  the ability to be run on my provider server, so when I connect I
     have only to download my `gzip -9' news & mail packet.

  Those abilities are achieved with uqwk and a uqwk reader.  uqwk
  already exists for Linux, but there's no good uqwk reader (I hate
  atp!). So I wrote plor.

  Offline reading with PLOR - miniHOWTO

  I use:

       uqwk +m +n -r +L

  to download news & mail on my provider server (or on a machine at
  university); then I pack all the *.MSG file in a file
  with `gzip -9'

  These file can be put on a floppy disk, if I am in console at
  university, or can be downloaded via my PPP connection, or also using
  minicom. This is versatile.

  When I have at home, I simply unzip it, and use plor to
  read and post.

  When plor exits, it will create a file, which I'll uploaded
  next time I connect (or go to university), and post my new mail
  messages and news posts with uqwk.

  For more information about uqwk: man uqwk ;-)

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