Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:31:39 -0300
From: Solar Designer <solar@FALSE.COM>
Subject: Secure Linux patch


>         mkdir /tmp/foo          (no sticky bit on foo)
>         ln /etc/passwd /tmp/foo
>         mv /tmp/{foo/,}passwd

Thanks for reporting this. A stupid problem, I should have thought a bit
more of things like this. ;-) I wonder why noone reported it earlier...

I wasn't going to release my new patch right now, but since I would have to
release a fix anyway, goes the full thing.

You can get my new Secure Linux patch at:

* Non-executable user stack area
* Link-in-/tmp fix (fixed;-)
* Restricted /proc (extra functionality compared to original route's patch)
* Improved securelevel support (finally really secure, and extra features)
* Unofficial bugfixes (hope I'll be able to remove them when 2.0.34 is out)

Solar Designer