From: (Neale Smith)
Subject: LLNL XDIR 2.1b2 available for testing
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 09:33:51 GMT


The second beta release of LLNL XDIR 2.1 is available for testing.  The
only changes from the first beta release is the addition of porting
patches (thanks for sending them, guys) for SunSoft Interactive 4.0,
Tenon's MachTen 4.03, OS/2, and Linux (with glibc).

I encourage all who are testing v2.1b1 to rebuild with v2.1b2, even if you
do not use one of the above mentioned platforms, to verify that the
patches did not break something that was working.

If you would like to test LLNL XDIR 2.1b2, you can obtain the source code from

LLNL XDIR builds and runs on most Unix systems, but requires Motif.

Please email your comments about building and using version 2.1b2 to, and specify your platform and Motif version (e.g., SGI 
running IRIX 6.2 with Motif 1.2.5).  I'd like to hear about which
platforms you have success on as well as any problems you might
encounter.  Also, please mention whether you are using a proxy server.

For the benefit of those who did not read the posting for LLNL XDIR 2.1b1,
here's a description of version 2.1:

LLNL XDIR (which is LLNL XFTP's successor) is a Unix/Motif-based graphical
FTP client that provides a user interface for drag-and-drop file
transfer.  XDIR simultaneously displays any number of directories for any
number of hosts, with each directory being displayed in its own window. 
XDIR supports powerful directory browsing capability, including iconic and
hierarchical views.

Version 2.1 is largely a maintenance upgrade of version 2.0 with a few new
features (sorry I was unable to implement all the many requested features,
but I don't have a lot of time to devote to working on XDIR). 
Improvements provided by Version 2.1 include:

1. Automatic, transparent reconnection when an FTP server times out.

2. Firewall support for proxy servers.

3. Support for passive (PASV) mode data transfers.

4. Support for WFTPD, a shareware FTP daemon for Windows platforms written
by Alun Jones.

5. Improved support for standard Windows NT FTP server.

6. Local, uncompressed files are now viewed in-place (instead of first
being copied to a temporary directory).

7. File transfer dialog now displays data rate instead of number of bytes moved.

8. User control of double-click time interval in directory window.

9. Improved portability.

10. Many bug fixes.


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