From: (Eugene O'Neil)
Subject: XTC v. 0005 - an X Window library in Java
Date: Tue,  3 Feb 1998 12:28:18 GMT


At long last, I am releasing a new version of XTC, the X Tool Collection. I 
have spent the last several months performing a massive overhaul, re-designing 
XTC from the ground up. No part was left untouched: you might even say this 
version of XTC is a completely new library.

XTC is an X Window application library written in pure, object-oriented, 
multi-threaded java.  It does not depend on existing C libraries, such as Xlib 
or Motif: it is meant to completely replace them.

XTC also does not use the standard AWT, avoiding the problems associated with 
peer objects implemented differently on different platforms: it connects 
directly to the display using a TCP/IP socket, or any other connection that 
can be implemented as a pair of InputStream and OutputStream objects. 

XTC aims to provide all of the power of libraries like Motif, at a tiny 
fraction of their bulk. It already provides subclassable widgets and powerful, 
postscript-like drawing features like scaling, rotation, and even bezier 
curves, yet the total size of the compiled class files is barely over a tenth 
of one megabyte. Java's garbage collector makes memory leaks virtually 
impossible, but great care was still taken to keep run-time memory usage at a 

XTC has great potential, but it is still in the early stages of development. 
It lacks many features one would expect from a fully-functional windowing 
library. Also, the current version has only been tested on my own Linux 
machine running the Kaffe VM and the XFree X Window server, running in 16bpp 
mode. I need brave, hardy souls with different configurations to try it out, 
report bugs, and provide constructive criticism.

If you are interested in getting involved in the development of this promising 
new windowing library, find out more at the XTC web site:

- -Eugene

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