Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:13:09 -0800
From: Bodo Bauer <>
Subject: Re: [S.u.S.E. Linux] SuSE History

Jim Hatridge wrote:
> HI all!
> Can anyone tell us about the history of the SuSE company? How long has it
> been in busness? What does SuSE mean? And so on.


I'll try to give a short overview of the history of S.u.S.E. But I have
to be carefull, some of the owners are reading this list... :-)

S.u.S.E. is in business now for about 5 years. It's founded and owned by
four people: Hubert Mantel, Burchard Steinbild, Roland Dyroff and Thomas 

S.u.S.E. is a german acronym and stands for 'Software und System 
Entwicklung', which means software and system development. 

We started in germany by sending 40-floppy-sets with Slackware on
it to people who wanted to have Linux.
We translated all the slackware scripts to german and made
a german slackware out of ot. This was all done in close cooperation
with Patrik Volkerding.  Then the floppies switched to CDs...

At one time we decided that it will better to have our own distribution
than always fixing the same slackware bugs. Also we thought, that we
need a better installation and configuration tool besides with many
other things. We took the jurix distribution by Florian LaRoche as
base for S.u.S.E. Linux and started to develop YaST.

S.u.S.E. Linux 4.2 was our first own distribution.

One CD become two, three, four...

In germany we are Linux Distributor number one now and S.u.S.E. is 
known as a reliable partner for everything around Linux.

Early in 1997 S.u.S.E.,LLC was born in Oakland,CA to find a way
into the US Linux market...


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