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From: jackson@usenix.org (Jackson Dodd)
Subject: USENIX 1998 ANNUAL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE - Conference Program
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 19:53:55 GMT

"We all hear about far more events than we could possibly attend; the
trick is to make the best choices.  One of my favorites [is] the USENIX
Conference."  Richard Morin, Technical Editor, SunExpert Magazine

23rd Annual USENIX Technical Conference
June 15-19, 1998
Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association

Full program and on-line registration:

Master complex technologies fast; choose from 22 in-depth tutorials.

*System & Network Performance Tuning    *Solaris Internals
*Internet Security for UNIX Sysadmins	*Hot Topics in Sys Admin
*Inside the Linux Kernel                *Linux Systems Administration
*Essential UNIX Programming             *UNIX Network Programming
*Cryptography Applications       	*CGI and WWW Programming in Perl
*UNIX Security Tools            	*Advanced Java Security & Java Beans
*Intro to Java            		*Secure Communications Over Open Networks
*Perl Intro for Programmers   		*Sendmail Configuration & Operation
*Windows NT Security                    *Network Security Profiles
*WWW Security            		*Web & Intranet Quantitative Performance

Cutting-edge research that will keep you ahead of the technology 
curve, there are refereed papers.  The Invited Talks offer widely 
varying presentations concentrating on the extremely practical. 
Dennis Ritchie delivers a perspective on the original UNIX paper. 
Additional talks look to what may lie in your future: clustered 
computers and wearable computers.

FREENIX--Share ideas, and actual code, with developers and avid 
users of freely redistributable software.  A Special Track showcases 
the latest developments and interesting applications; offers 28 
talks, plus evening BoF sessions.  FREENIX is co-sponsored by The 
FreeBSD Project, Linux International, TheNetBSD Foundation, Inc., 
and The OpenBSD Project.

*Test drive the latest products in the expanded Exhibition Hall.

USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association.  Its
members are the computer technologists responsible for many of
the innovations in computing we enjoy today.