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Putting LWN headlines on your site

We are often asked if it is possible to run headlines from the Linux Weekly News on other web sites. The answer is "yes," it is finally possible, though currently only with the daily page items. Access to the full LWN content will be coming before too long.

There are currently three ways to get LWN's headlines in a form suitable for inclusion on another page:

  • LWN headlines are available in the Netscape Rich Site Summary (RSS) format at http://lwn.net/headlines/rss. This is an XML-based format which contains quite a bit of information. As per the Netscape spec, the RSS file contains a maximum of fifteen headlines.

  • The headlines are available as a collection of links, one per line, at http://lwn.net/headlines/html. This file can be included directly, or preprocessed prior to use as your site's needs dictate. All of the current LWN daily headlines are found in this file.

  • Finally, the headlines are available as a simple delimited text file at http://lwn.net/headlines/text. Successive entries are separated by a line containing only '&&'. There are three lines (currently) in each entry containing the headline text, the URL, and the category and date, respectively.
If you choose to use LWN headlines on your web page, please let us know so that we may (1) link to you below, and (2) inform you of any changes in the headline mechanism in the future.

Sites currently running LWN Headlines

See also WAPGeek, but only with a WAP browser.

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