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See also: last week's Announcements page.

Community News


There is a new Linux news mailing list available, this one in French. It is run by Stéfane Fermigier, who is also one of the forces behind Linux center. If you want to sign up, drop a note to nnl-request@aful.org with "subscribe" in the body.

And here is one of the first things we learned from that list: French-speaking Linux users now have their own magazine. It is called simply Linux Magazine, and its first issue has just come out.

Dave Whitinger has added "linux-news-ldp" to his collection of Linux news mailing lists. This one carries news on updates to the large and growing set of Linux HOWTO's. To sign up, drop a note to linux-news-ldp-request@threepoint.com with "subscribe" as the subject.

Web sites

Crystal Space, a free (LGPL) 3D engine written in C++, has announced a new web page.

A new e-zine dedicated to the various free BSD variants has been announced. Check out Daemon News to see how our friends in the Berkeley camp are doing.


We got an announcement that the registration for the "LiMe '98 - Pluto Meeting 1998" has started. LiMe is a gathering of Linux folks in Rome, Italy; this looks like a good time.

Another event to attend: ApacheCon is the first conference around the Apache web server. It's happening October 14-16, and registration is open now.

User Group News

The Northern Colorado Linux User's Group will be having an Install Fest on Sunday, September 13th, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A new LUG has formed in Stuttgart, Germany. If you are interested, send mail to linux@vipcom.de.

The inaugural meeting of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Sioux-land) Linux User's Group will be held September 8th.

If you are a GNU/Linux user in the Lexington, Kentucky area, you may want to check out the temporary home page for the Lexington Linux Users Group.

September 3, 1998



Software announcements

Package Version Description
3dom snapshot 980831 A general purpose 3d object modeler.
AfterStep 1.5beta3 Window manager for the X/Windows environment with NeXT look and feel
Audio File Library 0.1.5 Implementation of SGI's Audio File Library
Backup Copy 1.08b Copy program designed to quickly and efficiently store data.
Batalla Naval 0.71.1 Networked BattleShip game
Beautifier 1.0.5 Free, small and fast automatic indention for Java source files
BeroFTPD 1.1.9 FTP server program based on WU-FTPD
BeroList 2.5.9 easy-to-use mailing list server with NNTP and WWW gateway
Blender 1.37 Extremely fast and versatile 3D Rendering Package
Bugzilla 1.0 mozilla.org's bugtracking system
BurnIT 1.0.2 Java front-end to cdrecord and mkisofs
CBB 0.74 Personal check book balancing utility for Unix/X
cdrecord 1.6 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
Code Medic 0.5 UNIX Debugging Environment
Cool Notes 0.1 Gtk/Gdk based 'notes-program' like xmemos
Crystal Space 0.11 A free and portable 3D engine based on portals
curl 4.8 Tiny command line client for getting data from a URL
CVS 1.10 Concurrent Versions System
dbMetrix 0.1.2 GUI Database Tool
dhcpcd 1.3.7 DHCP client daemon for Linux Kernels 2.1.x
Dia 0.20 gtk based diagram drawing program. Much like Visio.
DNi 0.1 DNi: IP Filtering Firewall script for RedHat Linux dial-up users
egcs 1.1a Experimental set of enhancements for the GNU tools
Eggdrop 1.3.19 IRC bot, written in C
Envy 2.17 Shell-independent environment variable management
EPIC 4pre2.001-NR3 ANSI capable textmode IRC Client
Eterm DR0.8-PL5 An X11 VT102 emulator with Enlightenment features
Ethereal 0.3.9 GUI network analyzer
Fetchmail 4.5.7 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mailretrieval utility
fltk beta-19980825 C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL
Ftape 4.02 A driver for tape drives that connect to the floppy controller
ftape-tools 1.07 Utilities for floppy tapes under Linux
g2s 0.3.4 An alternative to inetd, tcpwrapper, chrootuid, relay, tcp-env, antispam, etc.
GdkRgb 0.0.7 Fast 24bpp image renderer for Gtk+
geg 0.12 Simple GTK+ 2D-function plotting program
GeneWeb 1.06 Geneweb is a combo web interface and genealogy program combined on steroids.
GHX 98/09/01 GTK clone of the Hotline software
gmysql 0.1.1 A GTK+ front-end to MySQL databases
GNU Plotutils 2.1.5 Utilities for plotting scientific data
GnuJSP 0.9.0 A free Java Server Pages implementation
GNUS 5.6.42 Emacs news/mail reader
GQmpeg 0.3.4 A front end to the mpg123 mpeg audio player
GRUB 0.5 GRand Unified Bootloader
gRunlevels 1.1 A SYSV Runlevel Editor
GXedit 1.14 Simple GPL'ed graphical editor using GTK
hc-cron 0.9 beta A modified version of Paul Vixie's widely used cron daemon
hexedit 0.9.5 View and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII
HNDG 0.3d Generates a daily digest from the popular Heise Web Newsticker
IceConf 0.1.2 A graphical configuration program for IceWM
iLisp 3.3 A very small and multiplatform Lisp interpreter
IMP 1998-08-26 IMAP and PHP3 based webmail system
imwheel 0.7 Support for wheel and 4+ button mice in X11
instmon 1.0 Monitors installations and detects the files that were added or modified
Jmangle 1.0 Java Classfile Symbol Mangler
jslaunch 2.0 Joystick shell command execution utility
kcmbind 0.3.0 A KDE front-end to configure bind
kcrontab 0.2.2 Crontab editor for KDE
KDat 1.99c Tar based tape archiver
kdbg 0.2.2 A KDE front end to GDB.
Kmp3te 0.5.1 MP3 tag editor
kvideogen 1.0 Modeline generator for XFree86
KVIrc 0.6.0 Enhanced visual IRC client for X11/KDE
kvncviewer 0.0.3 VNCviewer for the KDE Project
kwintv 0.4.14 Watch TV in a window on your PC screen
LFTP 1.1.1 Sophisticated command line based FTP client
Linbot 0.8 Professional Site Management Tool for webmasters
LinPopup 0.9.1 Linux port of Winpopup, running over Samba.
Linux Quake Howto Install, run and troubleshoot Quake,QuakeWorld &Quake 2 under Linux
lm_sensors 1.3.9 LM78 and LM75 drivers
Loadmeter 1.17 System monitoring app for X11 that displays stats and info
lyntin 1.3 Python-based MUD client and development framework
Lynx 2.8 fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser
Mailcrypt 3.5b6 Provides a simple interface topublic key cryptography with PGP
Mesa 3.0 beta 8 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL API
MindsEye 0.5.27 3D modelling program for Linux
mod_ssl 2.0.6-1.3.1 Apache Interface to SSLeay
moiss 0.01 Quantum Monte Carlo simulation program
MySQL 3.22.6 SQL (Structured Query Language) database server
Ncurses Hexedit 0.8.5 Ncurses file hex editor - edit/insert/delete/search
net-tools 1.46 Programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution
Netscape Flash Plugin 0.1 A Netscape plugin to view Macromedia-Shockwave-Flash files.
NetStreamer 0.17 free, streaming internet/network radio (server+client)
News Peruser 3.26 An offline newsreader for Linux and X11
NewsX 1.0 NNTP client for Unix
nmh 0.28-pre4 Enhanced version of the MH electronic mail system.
NOCOL 4.2 System and network monitoring software
OpenLDAP 1.0 LDAP suite of applications and development tools
OSS 3.9.1e Provides sound card drivers for most popular sound cards under Linux
PalmPython 0.5.2 PalmPilot interface library for Python
PentiumGCC 1.1a Pentium/PPro/P-II/K6/Cyrix/MMX optimising egcs clone
Petidomo 2.2 Easy to use mailing list processor and manager
PhotoShow 0.1 Perl ImageViewer utilizing Perl Gtk/Imlib
Postilion 0.8.8a A mail user agent based upon the popular TkRat program
Prometheus Truecolour (PTC) 2.0.5 A portable, lowlevel framebuffer access library with very fast on the fly conver
PURP 0.4.0 An ncurses-based RPM-manager
pydb 1.0 A modified version of the standard Python debugger
QMySql 1.0 A little client for MySql using Qt.
QtDragon 0.6.0 A tool to configure the telephone-related stuff of a DataBoxSpeed Dragon
QtEZ 0.76d Qt based rapid application development environment
QuakeWorld client/server 2.30 An Internet multi-player specific version of Quake
Queue 0.23 Beta Innovative load-balancing/batch-processing system and rsh replacement
Quick Image Viewer 0.4 A very small and pretty fast GDK/Imlibimage viewer
Radio Jockey 1.0.2 Random multi-format player for mp3's, au's, wav's and pictures
Rasca 0.9.1 Extended MP3 Player.
Replay 0.46 GTK-based MP3 player for X11
ripperX 0.8a-1 A graphical interface to cdparanoia and 8hz-mp3
root-tail 0.0.4B Allows printing of text directly to the X11 root window
Samba 2.0.0 alpha 2 Allows clients toaccess to a server's filespace and printers via SMB
SampLin 1.2 Scientific data acquisition software; GPIB, serial port and labcard support
SNMP Sniffer 0.9b SNMP promiscuous packet sniffer/decoder.
ssh 2.0.8 Remote Login Program
Taper 6.9 Tape backup and restore program with a friendly user interface
TB MultiSound Drivers 0.7.9 Driver for the Turtle Beach Pinnacle or Fiji, "Classic", Tahiti and Monterey
tcp_server 1.0 Simple tcp based multi-server
The Board 0.0.1 BBS Software for Linux
trn 4.0.68 Text-based newsreader with threading
TurboVision for UNIX 0.6 Linux port of well-known DOS application framework
twz1jdbcForMysql 0.9.5 A type 4 JDBC driver for MySQL
VICE 0.15.0 Versatile Commodore Emulator
Vim 5.3 Popular vi clone that features syntax highlighting and an X11 interface
Webmail module (Roxen) 0.3 ALPHA Roxen module to read e-mails via a Webbrowser
Webmin 0.62 Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
WindowMaker 0.19.0 X11 window manager with NEXTSTEP look and feel
wmakerconf 0.99.2 GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
WMiNET 1.0b2 A dockable applet for monitoring all your inet daemon activity
wmsound 0.7.0 Sound server package for WindowMaker
WorldEd 0.2.0 3D Modeller for KDE
WOTS 1.22 Logfile monitoring program, generates action reports based on patterns
WvDial 1.00 Intelligent Internet Dialer
WWWOFFLE 2.3a Simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up internet links
X-Chat 0.1.0 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
X-MESS 0.2b4.1 A free emulator that can emulate a variety of systems
X-TrueType Server 1.0 An X server and/or an X font server that can handle TrueType fonts directly
XCopilot 0.6.6 Emulator for the 3Com/USRobotics Pilot/PalmPilot
XDELTA 0.23 Binary delta generator and prototype RCS replacement.
XNotesPlus 3.1.0 Sticky notes with PalmPilot interface, envelope printer, projects, etc.
Xref-Speller 0.8 C and Java Source Browser under Emacs/XEmacs.
yagIRC 0.65 Yet Another GTK+ IRC Client
yarec 0.31 Console based sample recorder/player
zigzag 0.53 A unique hyperstructure kit for Linux
zJSP 0.3 JavaServer Pages translator which produces Java servlets.

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