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Linux kiosks. Chris Martin has written a document on how he put together a Linux-based kiosk for the Sheffield University Library.

The October 1999 Linux Gazette is out.


The first internal Real Time Linux Workshop will be held in December, 1999, in Vienna, Austria. There is currently a call for contributions out there. The possiblity of sponsorship exists for speakers who are unable to fund a trip to Vienna themselves.

The Asia-Pacific Symposium on Cluster Computing will be held in Beijing on May 14-17, 2000. They, too, have a call for papers outstanding, with a deadline of October 25.

European seminar series. Linux@Work is a one-day traveling road show currently making its way through Europe; it's aimed at informing management types about just what Linux can do for them. Stops include Frankfurt, Zurich, London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Amsterdam.

Bob Young talk writeup. Stephen Adler has posted a lengthy writeup (with pictures) of Bob Young's talk to the New York Linux users group.

Web sites

User Group News

Installation in Boston: the Boston Linux Installfest will be happening on October 9. See the web page for details.

A new user group in Ticino, Switzerland has been announced.

Linux seminars in Cleveland. The Case Western Reserve University Linux User's Group has launched a seminar series covering a number of topics of interest to Linux users. All interested parties are invited to attend.

Help wanted

The folks at MandrakeSoft have a number of jobs open, including a kernel hacker position based in either California or France.

September 30, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
Ants Alarm 1.0 Reminds you of your appointments
AOL IP Tunnel client for Unix 0.5 Access the Internet via AOL on your Unix box
Apache-OWA 0.5 Runs Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit applications.
App 1.0 Algebraic Typing and Pattern Matching Preprocessor for C++
Arrow 1.0.7 An elegant, powerful, graphical interface to electronic mail
Artistic Style 1.11.5 Indentation and reformatting filters for C, C++, Java
aRts 0.3.4 Analog realtime synthesizer
asDrinks 1.9.3 News headlines from nerd/UNIX type sites in your AfterStep startmenu
AutoGen 4.5.8 Templatized program/text generation system
AutoTrace 0.13 Converts bitmap to vector graphics
auto_ftp.pl 0.1 FTP client demon that watches a folder and transfers all files and folders.
bbtuneup 1.0 Perl script to put the latest linux.com tuneup tips on your blackbox menu
bcalc 0.0.3 Desk calculator
BET 1.0 Encrypted network talk program
bigFORTH/MINOS 26sep1999 Forth with GUI library and RAD tool
Black Cat Linux 6.02 Custom RedHat-based Ukrainian/Russian Linux distribution
Brass Monkey 0.0.4 PHP scripts that let you maintain an online journal
Buzzer Electronic Notebook 1.0 A note and to-do list program for X.
bzip2 0.9.5d Very high-quality data compression program
CD-ROM Control for Linux CD-Rom Control for Linux 1.5 CD-Rom control panel
chbg 0.7 Desktop background changer and manager
checkmails 0.2 Very simple pop3 mail biff with GUI setup
ckmame 0.4 MAME rom set checker and fixer
coda 5.3.1 Full featured network filesystem
Code Crusader 2.1.4 complete code development environment, inspired by MetroWerks CodeWarrior
Code Medic 1.0.4 UNIX Debugging Environment
ColdStore 990919 gigabyte-scale persistent object store
cole 2.0.1 A free C OLE library
Common UNIX Printing System 1.0b10 Internet Printing System for UNIX
CompuPic 4.6 build 1019 CompuPic Graphical Digital Content and File Manager for Linux
console othello 0.01 The Classic Othello Board Game
CSCMail 1.3.3 Gtk E-Mail Client written in Perl
Cut The Crap 0.3.1 Ad-blocking proxy-like python-based software.
Dante 1.1.0 Free socks v4/5 implementation
DBIx::CGI 0.04 Easy to Use DBI Interface for CGI Scripts
dbXML 0.1 (09/24/1999) Structure Document DBMS
Dinotrace 9.0d X Waveform viewer for Verilog
Disc Backup 1.2.1 Backups files onto multipule CDs.
Display Ghostscript 0.5.8 The Display Ghostscript System for GNUstep.
Downloader for X 1.05-BETA Downloads files from the Internet via both FTP and HTTP
DPS-FTP 0.5.2 Bulletproof-like ftp client
Dump/Restore 0.4b5 Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
EasyNet 1.1 Lightweight C++ TCP/IP stream class library
Eddie 1.3.0 Robust, clustering, load balancing, high availability, web server tool.
elknews 0.1.3 Usenet Newsreader
Enlightenment 0.16.devel.8 Fast, flexible and very extensible Window Manager
Epeios 19990928 Collection of general purposes C++ libraries working under UNIX and Windows.
ESM 0.03 A system monitoring tool.
ETest 0.9.1 Regression Test Framework for Eiffel Programs
Etherboot 4.2.8 Source code for making TCP/IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes
Ethereal 0.7.5 GUI network protocol analyzer
eud2mbox 1.0 Eudora Mailbox (.mbx) to standard mbox converter
ExeterXML Server 1.0 Web Server that applies server-side style sheets to XML
Eye of Gnome 0.1 The GNOME image viewing and cataloging program
Fake 1.1.3 Utility to switch in backup servers on a LAN
Fast Webpage Exchanger 1.7.2 Easy and fast FTP client for updating webpages
fetchmail 5.1.0 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mailretrieval utility
finddups 1.2 Find duplicate files by way of MD5 signatures irregardless of file renames.
FireMail 1.1 Tool sorting the incoming mail and removing spam
flexbackup 0.9.5 Flexible backup script
flshutdown 1.0b1 graphical shutdown application
FLTK 1.0.6 C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL
Fm 0.21 Gtk+ lightweight file manager
fookb 2.1 Xkb state indicator
FORGE JCE Provider 1.3 A free JCE 1.2 crypto provider that gives RSA key services
FORUM 2.0.7 Another PHP3/Mysql forum with some nifty features
Free Standard Game Server 0.7b10 Battle.net-compatible game server
freemed 19990928 Free medical management software in a web browser
FreeWorld BBS 0.3.0 BBS Software for Linux
gAlan 0.2.2 Modular OSS/Win32 synth/sequencer/drum-machine/fx
Galway 0.27 Guile-gtk HTML Editor
Gaspell .28.5 A Gnome Frontend to Aspell
gcombust 0.1.24 gtk+ frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord
gd 1.7.0 A library used to create PNG images
getarticle 1.02 A batch NNTP retriever companion program for use with Knews
Getleft 0.7.0 Tcl/Tk site grabber powered by Curl
gFTP 2.0.5 A multithreaded ftp client for X Windows
GIP 0.4 Make installation/uninstallation easier
GLib 1.2.5 The GLib library of C routines
glTron 0.45 tron-like game with a 3D view
Gnome Display Manager 2.0beta3 Gnome version of the X Display Manager (xdm)
Gnome Toaster 09-26-99 create CDRs the easy way with Gnome/Gtk
GNU indent 2.2.2 GNU indenting program
GNU make 3.78.1 Controls the generation of executables and other non-source files
GNU parted 0.0.3 A partition editor, for creating, destroying, resizing and copying partitions.
GNU pop3d 0.9.8 A small, fast, and efficient POP3 server.
GNU Pth 1.2b6 GNU Portable Threads
GNU Stow 1.3.2 Manages the installation of software packages.
gPhoto 0.3.9 GNU Digital Camera download software
GProc 0.3.6 Managing process from the Gnome panel
Gsnhood 0.0.4 SMB share browse utility
GTK+ 1.2.5 Library for creating graphicaluser interfaces
GTK+XFce 3.1.1 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
gtk-engines-extra 0.5.1 Extra themes and engines for GTK toolkit
GTKdiff 0.9.9 GTK+ diff frontend
guile 1.3.4 GNU extension language, an embeddable library implementation of scheme
gvnd 0.0.3-15.3 Graphical Unix information/network environment
hc-cron 0.13 A modified version of Paul Vixie's widely used cron daemon
HDBENCH clone 0.13.1 A graphical benchmark software
Hoard 1.0 A fast, scalable, and memory-efficient SMP memory allocator
ht://Dig 3.1.3 Complete world wide web indexing and searching system
HTML::EP 0.20_00 PHP-like system based on Perl
HTML::EP::Glimpse 0.02 Simple search engine based on Glimpse
HTML::Template 0.91 A simple and fast HTML Template module for Perl
httpmanage 0.2 PHP3 tool that provides functions to manage two versions of HTML files
ICRadius 0.9 Powerful cross platform radius server
IDproxy 0.01 Daemon for integrating an IDenticard access card system into Unix environment
IglooFTP-PRO 0.9.4 Powerfull and User Friendly FTP client
InterfaceLED 0.3 Interface monitor program
interpcom 2.0.3 Command interpreter Library
Introduction to Linux 1.20 Introduction to Linux Training Manual
IPLimit 0.9 Avoid denial of service on internet daemons with per-host limits.
jPOS 1.1 dev 100% java ISO-8583/ANSI X9.2 implementation
JSF 1.0.1 GUI Front end to SpeakFreely audio conferencing tool.
Just Another Tetris Just another Tetris 0.4 Small and simple Tetris clone
jwhois 2.1 A collection of Perl programs for the whois service
kdbg 1.0beta3 A graphical KDE front end to the GDB debugger. Also used by kdevelop.
KDevelop 1.0 Beta3 KDevelop is a new C++ development environment for Unix/X11.
kernel configurator 0.2 Tool to help building Linux kernel
Kmp3 1.0 pre2 A KDE MP3 Player
Kmud 0.1 KDE mud client
Knetdump 0.7.1 Network sniffing/analyzing tool
KNode 0.1.1 Online-newsreader for KDE
KPlot3d 0.51 Tool for ploting 3d function z = f(x,y) for KDE
kplotw 0.0.4 A user-friendly 2D plotting widget for KDE
kpsql 1.0 A SQL GUI client for PostgreSQL/K Desktop
ksysv 1.0.0pre3 Editor for System V Init configurations
LANdb 0.65 Provides network managers with a means of cataloging network connections.
Laptop-HOWTO 1.7 How to make the best of Linux features with laptops.
LDAP Explorer 1.11 PHP3 Application
LEAP RDBMS A free Relational Database Management System
lftp 2.1.0 Sophisticated command line based FTP client
libtiff 3.5.2 Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File Format) images.
libxml 1.7.1 The libXML library.
Linuxconf 1.16r3.2 Sophisticated administrative tool
lm_sensors 2.4.1 LM78 and LM75 drivers
Lokkit 1.0pre1 End User Firewall Configuration Tool
Lout 3.17 Document formatting system
LTSP 1.0 Linux Terminal Server Project
MagiCapture 0.3.3 Screen capture and preview utility for the X Window System
MAM 0.1.0 A mod_auth_mysql user/group manager (mod_perl safe)
Mangle 2.1 C/C++ Source de-formatter/de-commentor
masqidentd 1.1.2 Ident daemon for Linux systems that use IP Masquerade
MasqMail 0.0.2 Offline Mail Transfer Agent
mbi 1.0.0 Tool for generating and manipulating huge mandelbrot sets (fractals)
Mesa 3.1 beta 3 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL API
Metaverse Visual Chat 0.4-1 Free Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK
Midgard 1.2.3 A PHP Application Server Suite - Web building with Web-based tools
Midnight Commander 4.5.39 Unix file manager and shell
MindTerm 1.0.1 SSH-client in pure Java, includes stand-alone ssh- and terminal(vt100)-packages
MM 1.0.12 Shared Memory Library
mod_ssl 2.4.4-1.3.9 Apache Interface to OpenSSL
MOIS 0.18 My Own IRC Script for ircII
MultiSeti 0.1 Seti@Home Utility to manage multiple seti@home packets
Mutt 1.0pre3 Small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operatingsystems
MyNews-1.0 MyNews 1.0 php script which updates/maintains news on a web site
MySQL 3.23.4-alpha SQL (Structured Query Language) database server
MySQL driver for AOLserver 1.0.0 Enables you to use MySQL database server with the AOLserver web server
Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux patch 1.3b Patch for the battle-strategy game from Loki
NAMG 0.1.7 Downloads mail from a NetAddress account and forwards it locally
Neslie 2.2.1 FTN Type2+ packet/message viewer
netfilter 0.1.9 New NAT/packet-filtering infrastructure for Linux 2.3.5
Netscape Communicator 4.7 All-in-one browser and communications suite
NetSpades 4.2.0 Four player networked spades game
NetWoorms 1.6 Multiplayer, networked game, similar to 'nibbles' that runs on the console
Nibbles for NCurses 0.0.4 Nibbles/Snake clone for ncurses
nmap 2.3BETA6 Full featured, robust port scanner
nullmailer 0.37 A simple to configure relay-only MTA.
nwsh 0.1.0 Low-RAM shell with modules support
omega 0.6.8 Implementation and extension of the M-Technology (MUMPS) standards
OpenNaken 0.30 Tcl/Tk client for Naken Chat
opensched 0.0.5-A13 A project scheduling system for Unix systems, with LaTeX and EPS output.
Oracle TableBrowser 2.0 An Oracle Table and Index Browser/Modifier for Linux/GTK
Orgasm 0.09 Machine code assembler for 6502 microprocessors
pam_cryptocard 0.1 PAM module for cryptographic challenge-response authentication
pasdoc 0.6.8 Pascal documentation generator
pavuk 0.9pl20 Webgrabber with an optional Xt or GTK GUI
Perl WebStats 1.1 Perl Apache log analyzer/report generator
pftp 1.0.17 A tool for IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP data transfer.
Phorum 3.0.6 Phorum is a web based discussion software written in PHP
phpAds 1.2.0 Banner management and tracking system written in PHP
pk 0.9.0 An Open-Source POSIX Threads embedded real-time kernel
Pollera 1.2.01 A www poll system meant to be run via CGI.
PoPToP 1.0.0 PPTP Server for Linux
POSIX ACLs for Linux 0.5.2 (alpha) Kernel patches for ACLs, Ext2 file system implementation, and user utilities
Postfix Beta 19990906 Patchlevel 05 The Postfix MTA
pppoe 0.2 PPP-over-Ethernet redirector for Linux
procps 2.0.4 A package of utilities which report on the state of the system
ProFTPD 1.2.0pre7 Advanced, incrediblyconfigurable and secure FTP daemon
PTlink Services 1.2.0 IRC Registration Services
pvmsync 0.45 patches Extends POSIX-like synchronization mechanisms to a Linux Beowulf cluster
Pybliographer 0.9.3 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
pyCA 0.5.5 A project to create Certification Authority in Python
QextMDI 0.1 (alpha) cross-platform GUI library extending Qt with MDI functionality
QtEZ 0.82.1 Qt based rapid application development environment
Quick Image Viewer 1.2 A very small and pretty fast GDK/Imlibimage viewer
RadioActive 0.7 patch Radio tuner for X11 and Video4Linux
radiusd-sql 980618 RADIUS server modified to store accounting in a MySQL database
RearSite 0.93 Tool for updating personal www pages
Rm_old.pl 0.1 Lists all files older than a specified date, create shell scripts to remove them
robomod 0.4.3 Perl sripts(s) to moderate newsgruops; multiple moderators support
sawmill 0.9 Extensible window manager
Scintilla 1.01 Source code editing component and tiny IDE for Win32 and GTK+.
Screen-Shooter 0.9.7 Gnome applet for taking screenshots
ScryMUD 2.0.4 Original MUD Server and Java Client
SCWM 0.99.3 Scheme Constraints Window Manager
secret-share 0.0.0 Cryptographically split a file into multiple pieces
SharedArray 1.0 A templated C++ class representing an array in Linux IPC shared memory
Sims Computing Test Bed 0.13 Tool for writing unit tests for your Java code
Slice 1.3.4 Extract out pre-defined slices of an ASCII file
Small Arms Ballistics 1.1 Basic small arms ballistics calculator
SMS Client 2.0.8r Command line based utility which allows you to send SMS messages
Snort 1.3 Libpcap packet sniffer/logger/lightweight IDS
SoundTracker 0.3.4 A music tracker for X / GTK+
spod-magic 1.1.2 Produces desired output from no input.
Sporum 1.2b1 A better web-based dicussion board software
Spruce 0.5.4 Simple email client coded for X with the Gtk widget set
Squaroid 0.50 Make points by creating squares on a 8x8 fields board
Squid 2.2.STABLE5 High performance Web proxy cache
star trek ency reader 0.7.0 Reads the star trek encyclopedia under linux
StegFS 1.0 Steganographic File System
SWISH++ 4.0b1 File indexing and searching engine (typically used for web servers).
Sympa 2.3.2 A powerful multilingual List Manager- LDAP and SQL features.
T.U.T. 1.0 A simple UDP and TCP tunneler
TclBot 0.2.0 A 100% Tcl IRC Bot
tcpproxy 1.0 Light-Wieght TCP Proxy
Test Environment Toolkit 3.3b A toolkit for test development and management
tetris 0.0.13 NCurses-based tetris game.
tgif 4.1.21 Vector-based draw tool
The Finger Server 0.82 Web based, pseudo unix finger server
The Guild 0.1.88 A fully 3d-rendered/raytraced first-person interactive adventure
The Linux Console Tools 0.3.3 Allows you to set-up and manipulate theLinux console
THUD 0.19 Cycle-based Scheme-HDL register-transfer level simulator
TiMidity++ 2.6.0 Experimental MIDI to WAVE converter
TkBible 0.03 GUI front-end for BRS bible study software.
TkNotePad 0.6.8 A simple notepad editor written in Tcl/tk
tkRender final Wrapper for PovRay command line
tk_Brief 4.0 GUI for writing letters with LaTeX
TmCde broker 0.3.0 Timecode calculator (broker part)
TmCde JAVA frontend 0.3.0 Timecode calculator (JAVA frontend part)
TmCde WEB frontend 0.1.0 Timecode calculator (WEB frontend part)
Toby 1.0a3 Improved version of LOGO programming langauge.
tozwgc 0.1 Image to Zephyr message converter
Tsinvest 0.7 Quantitative financial analysis of equities.
Tya 1.5 JIT-compiler
udpproxy 1.1 Light-Weight UDP Proxy
Unreal Tournament demo 338 Unreal Tournament demo (client/server)
UnrealIRCd 2.1.6-tCx3 Advanced IRC daemon based off EliteIRCd with numerous of new features
util-linux 2.9y Miscellaneous system utilities
VICE 1.1 Versatile Commodore Emulator
ViHP 0.13 A streaming webcam server written in perl
Vim 5.5 Popular vi clone that features syntax highlighting and an X11 interface
ViPEC 1.09 Network analyzer for high frequency electrical networks
vpopmail 3.4.9 qmail addon package for virtual domain email
vtun 2.0b Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks.
WebInsight Beta 1 Gather and analyze information about activity on your website
WebMail 0.6.0 Web frontend for Unix system mailboxes
whatpix 0.1 Duplicate file finder.
Window Maker Theme Install 0.6 Window Maker theme installation program written in Gtk
Wine 990923 Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
wu-ftpd 2.6.0pre4 FTP Daemon for UNIX systems
X ARCHON 0.31 A clone of the classic ARCHON game
X-Chat 1.3.3 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
XDBM Beta 3 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
XEmacs 21.1.7 Internationalized text editor
xfigchart.pl 0.4 Bar chart generator for XFig
xlHtml 0.1.8 XLS to HTML converter
XML::Parser 2.27 XML Parser module for perl based on James Clark's expat lib
Xmms X MultiMedia System
xpuyopuyo 0.2.3 Tetris-like puzzle game with AI
XSane 0.36 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE, also a GIMP plugin
XShipWars 1.17 Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
xttitle 1.0 Utility for changing the title of xterm windows
ya-wipe 1.0.0 Secure file wiper
Yams 0.5.0 An e-commerce package written in Perl and utilizing a MySQL database.
yplot 1.0.2 A Yorick interface to PLPlot

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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