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Linux and business

Corel starts linking up. In the modern world, it is no longer sufficient just to have a distribution for sale - you also need agreements with other companies to help develop, promote, and distribute the system. Corel made a number of strides in that direction this week with announcements like:
  • Ebiz (operating as TheLinuxStore.com) will be selling computers with Corel Linux preinstalled. This would appear to be the first such arrangement that Corel has; expect them to pursue more of them. Corel looks like it may come out with the easiest installation yet, but the truth is that most people do not want to install their own systems. Having hardware companies sell preinstalled systems is important. (Announcement).

  • A joint development and distribution agreement with Inprise was announced. The partnership will work on the development of both Corel's and Inprise's tools under Linux, and will also include joint marketing.

  • Another partnership was announced with Webb Interactive Services; this one will result in an instant messaging service that becomes part of the Corel Linux desktop.
All together, it looks like an aggressive strategy of linking up to position Corel Linux as strongly as possible. Corel appears to be serious.

IBM's DeveloperWorks launches. IBM has moved its DeveloperWorks page out of beta. The new, improved site includes an "Open Source Zone" where Jikes and other goodies live, and a Linux Zone with tutorial information on subjects like the GNOME libraries and Python.

Magic software penguins fired. Magic Software has belatedly responded to complaints about their use of live penguins at LinuxWorld. It seems they will no longer use live penguins, and are making a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society as well. "[The penguins] are, in fact, trained actors used to appearing before hot lights and cameras. Some of their commercial credits include Batman (the movie), as well as several frozen food ads. However, it would now appear that their career as the Magic penguin (nicknamed 'MeL' by the Company) is at an end."

Microsoft's investment in Akamai drew some interest in Linux circles. The reason, of course, is that Akamai's distributed web server network is based on Linux. Might Microsoft's presence bring about a change in technology? The truth of the matter is that Microsoft's share of the company will only be 1%, meaning that its influence will not be that great. Chances are that it will be business as usual at Akamai.

Press Releases:

    Inprise Corporation:

  • Inprise has announced a new developer news site which will contain Linux-related (and other) articles.

  • and the JBuilder Just-In-Time compiler (JIT) for the Linux operating system.

  • and a high performance Linux application development environment.


  • Apropos Retail Management Systems and St. John Knits announced that Apropos has been selected to install new Retail Management systems in all St. John Knits store locations in the United States and Germany. The Apropos system will be deployed on the Linux operating system at St. John Knits.

  • Idealab! unveiled its first Linux venture, OpenSales, Inc., to offer an Open Source e-commerce software solution called OpenMerchant in October 1999.

  • Innovative Electronics, Inc. introduced a new product for the retail loss prevention sector, Interactive-EasC. Linux versions are available.

  • OpenSales announced that "OpenMerchant," an open source e-commerce system, will be released in October.

  • Red Hat, Inc. announced that its on-site consulting services worked with iCelebrate.com to integrate Red Hat Linux to power a new holiday and seasonal e-commerce Web site.

  • www.i-gift.com puts shopping centers on the internet. The i-gift engine is driven by a suite of i-commerce technology: Linux, Java, Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) from Sybase, and the Zope web publishing server from Digital Creations.


  • Quantum3D announced that leading coin-op amusement game manufacturer Smart Industries has selected Quantum3D's Quicksilver II systems to power their new Hollywood Photo line of photo booths. Available with Linux.

  • CoolKeyboards Corporation announced that LinuxMall will become the 'Worldwide Distribution Channel' for both their current and future products.

  • Motorola Computer Group announced that its CompactPCI-based telecommunications platforms have been selected as the foundation for an IP gatekeeper solution from French IP telephony company NetCentrex.

  • M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. announced the extension of its DiskOnChip 2000 flash disk product line with new capacities now up to 288MB. DiskOnChip support is available with all major operating system environments including Linux.

  • Siemens announced the Pocket Reader, a portable digital highlighter. Software for Linux can be downloaded from the Pocket Reader Web site at www.pocketreader.com.

  • Ziatech Corp. announced it is combining its CompactNET multiprocessing technology with the recently announced LinuxPCI 1000 Development System, speeding the implementation of Linux-based, multiprocessing CompactPCI systems.


  • Applix, Inc. announced the free availability of the Beta test version of Applix WebInsight. WebInsight operates with the Apache web server on Linux systems. The Beta-test version can be downloaded from www.SmartBeak.com.

  • Associated Compiler Experts released its "CoSy" compiler development system for Linux. Pricing starts at $250,000.

  • BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. announced the 2.2 release of Internet Quick-Connect (IQ2) for Linux.

  • CoCreate Software Inc. announced ME10 software for 2-D CAD work running on the Red Hat Linux operating system.

  • emWare, Inc. announced that its EMIT emGateway software will be commercially available on the Linux platform in the 1st quarter of 2000.

  • FourFront announces V2.0 of Accounting Software with tools for handling EMU, file auditing and Linux support.

  • Innovative Routines International announced the availability of its flagship CoSORT 7 release for Linux and Solaris 2.7, for both SPARC and Intel platforms.

  • InstaPass.com, Inc. announced that its Web-based graphics optimization application, GIF Wizard ( http://www.gifwizard.com ), is offering a low-cost alternative to obtaining a license from Unisys to use their LZW technology for GIF graphic display and creation.

  • IntraACTIVE, Inc. announced the beta release of their Banter MultiNetwork Instant Messenger. The Java-based Banter MultiNetwork works with Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux platforms, and it will soon support six languages. IntraACTIVE, Inc. is beta testing Banter MultiNetwork this week at http://www.bantu.com.

  • ParaSoft Corp. announced the release of CodeWizard for C++ v. 3.0, the newest version of their automatic coding standards enforcement tool.

  • Spatial Inc. announced the availability of version 5.3 of ACIS 3D Toolkit. They list Red Hat Linux 5.2 among the supported operating systems.

  • Vovida Networks announced its expanded suite of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software products.


  • Caldera Systems and Macmillan teamed up to form "Caldera Press." This new publishing operation will concentrate on business-oriented titles.

  • Caldera Systems also made a deal with Fujitsu. Fujitsu will be installing OpenLinux on its servers; the effort seems to be aimed at the Japanese market in the short term.

  • GraphOn Corporation announced the expansion of its international sales and engineering operations with the opening of its European headquarters in Reading, UK. GraphOn software allows remote use of Linux applications over a network.

  • KeyLabs Inc. announced that Motorola Computer Group's (MCG's) SLX2020 network appliance has passed KeyLabs' network server compatibility tests in support of major Linux operating system distributions.

  • Linuxcare and Macmillan announced a deal wherein Linuxcare provides support for Macmillan's (Mandrake-based) Linux distribution.

  • LinuxForce Inc. has been selected by INTECH to provide service and support for their entire network of Debian GNU/Linux based servers including a 16 node Beowulf Super Computer and their Internet gateway.

  • Linux Professional Institute sent us the news for September 22.

  • Mission Critical Linux LLC announced its existance. They plan to specialize in placing Linux in critical enterprise applications.

  • Here is a press release regarding the new, $15 million Beowulf cluster system being bought by the Forecast Systems Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • RHI Consulting announced the results of a survey: 57% of the chief information officers they polled see an increase in the use of Linux in their organizations.

  • Sun is offering a "cyber seminar" in France on "Sun and Linux." The event is aimed at France, and the page is in French (Babelfish translation available here), but the actual event will evidently be in English. (Thanks to Olivier Montanuy).

  • VA Linux Systems announced the formation of a professional services (consulting) group.

Section Editor: Jon Corbet.

September 30, 1999


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