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Development projects

News and Editorials

O'Reilly.com has started a new site called ONLamp.com. The term LAMP is defined as Linux Apache, MySQL, and [Python,Perl,PHP]. "Several months ago, David Axmark and Monty Widenius of the MySQL team visited us in Sebastopol and they dropped a new term in our laps: LAMP. This term was popular in Germany, they said, to define how MySQL was used in conjunction with Linux, Apache, and either Perl, Python, or PHP. Their explanation of LAMP made a lightbulb go off in my head."

The LAMP concept illustrates one of the great strengths of open-source software development, the ability to freely pull together component projects into bigger meta-projects. One can certainly do the same thing with proprietary software, but the potential for licensing pitfalls is enormous, especially when more than two components are used.

The area of meta-projects is ripe with opportunities, many interesting projects await those programmers who are clever enough to pull the pieces together.


Mozilla Status Update for January 31, 2001. The latest Mozilla Status Report is available with the development status of various Mozilla components.


Linux Documentation Project update. Here's an update from the Linux Documentation Project It covers new HOWTOs, spam trouble on the LDP mailing lists, and the open project list.


Icarus Verilog 0.4 released. Version 0.4 of the Icarus Verilog compiler has been released. This version contains many bug fixes and improved Verilog language coverage.

Xcircuit 2.2.1 beta. A new beta version of xcircuit, an electronic schematic drawing program, has been announced. This version now uses Python for processing startup files.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Linux Newsletter for Feb. 1, 2001. LinuxDevices has released its weekly Embedded Newsletter. This week's issue has features on running Qt on the Compaq iPAQ, the MachZ System on a chip, and much more.


Wine Weekly News for February 5, 2001. The February 5, 2001 edition of the Wine Weekly News is available. This issue only contains the wine-devel discussions since the Wine project leader was at the Paris LinuxExpo.

Network Management

OpenNMS Update. The OpenNMS Update for February 6 is out. Topics include the introduction of a new project member, SNMP Data Collection, and more.

Office Applications

AbiWord Weekly News. After taking a bit of a break, the AbiWord Weekly News is back. Have a look for the latest news in the development of the AbiWord word processing system.

On the Desktop

Bonobo 0.32 released. Bonobo 0.32, the 'Slicker quicker monkey' release, has been announced, Lots of bug fixes are included.

Multihead Support for KDE 2.1. Bradley T Hughes has announced a patch for KDE 2.1 that adds support for multiple displays.

On a Kollision Kourse (LinuxToday). LinuxToday's Bill Bennett takes a look at KDE 2.1. "It was only at the end of October when I wrote about the launch of KDE 2.0. This was a major step forward for desktop Linux - quite possibly THE major step forward for desktop Linux. With a graphical desktop, fully integrated Internet capability and an unfinished, but nevertheless promising application suite, KDE 2.0 meant Linux users could have most of the functionality of Windows and Office 2000 combined, but at no cost and with full access to source code."

Qt 2.2.4 Is Out. Trolltech released Qt 2.2.4. This is a bug fix release.

Web-site Development

ZODB/ZEO Programming Guide (alpha). Andrew Kuchling has announced the alpha release of his ZODB (Zope Object Database) programming guide. It's well done, and gives a good view of how the ZODB and ZEO (Zope Enterprise Objects - the network-distributed objects system) work. Worth a look even if you never plan to program with it.

Midgard 1.4.1-beta1 released. The first beta of Midgard 1.4.1 has been released. This release of the "Midgard Content Management and Application Serving system" includes PHP4 support, enhanced replication support, and more.

Mason 1.0 released. Version 1.0 of Mason has been released. "Mason is a powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine. With Mason you can embed Perl code in your HTML and construct pages from shared, reusable components." The Perl Journal also published a review of Mason.

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

February 8, 2001

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High Availability

Open Source Code Collections
Le Serveur Libre



Programming Languages

Which language is right for you? (Regular Expressions). Regular Expressions has featured an article that compares various scripting languages. Perl, Python, REBOL, Ruby, and Tcl are compared. "You can largely expect to be able to do the same things with Perl, PHP, Python, Rexx, Scheme, Tcl, and other such languages: script dynamic Webpages, build administrative utilities, prototype graphical user interface applications, glue together legacy data and processes, and so on. "


Jacks: Java compatibility testing, the open source way (IBM developerWorks). Maya Stodte writes about the use of Jacks an open-source regression testing suite. "The Jacks test suite checks a Java compiler's conformance to the JLS (Java Language Specification). It's made up of a large number of small test cases, with each test focused on a specific section of the JLS. Eric Blake, a principal contributor to the Jacks project, describes the benefits of this type of testing in terms of its detail-oriented scope. 'By generating small test cases with specified compilation behavior, then automating the execution of each of these cases, a compiler writer or debugger can quickly pinpoint problems in the translation of Java source to bytecodes.'" (Thanks to Mo DeJong)

Markup Languages

Quick Start with SOAP (Perl.com). Paul Kulchenko discusses SOAP clients and servers in an article on perl.com. "SOAP specifies a standard way to encode parameters and return values in XML, and standard ways to pass them over some common network protocols like HTTP (web) and SMTP (email). This article, however, is merely intended as a quick guide to writing SOAP servers and clients. "

xml-i18n-tools released. The XML internationalization team has released the initial version of xml-i18n-tools. "The module contains some utility scripts and assorted auto* magic for internationalizing various kinds of XML files. This supersedes the earlier scripts that I (Kenneth) distributed to be checked into each module. In addition, it has an additional merging feature, currently only for oaf files."


Perl5 Porters for February 6, 2001 . The February 6, 2001 edition of Perl5 Porters is out. Topics include the Perl 5.6.1 release schedule, Test::Harness, CHECK blocks, and more.


Python 2.1 alpha 2 released. The second alpha release of Python 2.1 is out. Check out the announcement for a full list of changes and new features.

There is also a separate documentation release that covers this alpha release of Python 2.1.

The Tkinter 3000 Widget Construction Kit. An alpha version of the Tkinter 3000 Widget Construction Kit is now available. "The Tkinter 3000 Widget Construction Kit library (WCK) provides an extension API that allows you to implement all sorts of custom widgets, in pure Python. The WCK is designed to work with the existing Tkinter library, as well as the new Tkinter 3000 bindings."

PyUnit 1.3 released. Version 1.3 of PyUnit has been released. PyUnit is a Python port of the Java JUnit testing framework.

Mod Snake 0.5.0 released. Version 0.5.0 of Mod Snake has been released. "Mod Snake is an Apache module written for the purpose to give Python developers the same power that C module writers have. It currently runs in both Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.0, providing access to new functionality such as writing protocol modules and filtering. It includes modules for Python CGI acceleration, embedded Python in HTML, and other example modules." Along those lines, Auth DBAPI 0.10, an authentication plug-in for mod_snake has also been announced.

This week's Python-URL. Here is Dr. Dobb's Python-URL for February 6 with the latest from the Python community.


Ruby talk, CAML consortium. For those of you who are tired of languages that start with "P": Dave Thomas has made available the slides from his presentation on Ruby which give an overview of the language. Daringly, he presented this talk to the Dallas Perl Mongers meeting, and "no fruit was thrown."

On the Caml front, we have an announcement for the creation of the Caml Consortium, "whose aim is to federate the design and development efforts around the Caml programming language." Scroll down for the English version of the announcement (Thanks to David Mentrè).


This week's Tcl-URL. Dr. Dobb's Tcl-URL for February 5 is out with the latest from the Tcl/Tk development community.

Software Development Tools

DDD 3.3 Released. Version 3.3 of DDD, the Data Display Debugger, is now available. New to this version are data themes, debugger interaction on running programs, support for JDB 1.2, and bug fixes.

XPCOM Part 1: An introduction to XPCOM (IBM developerWorks). Rick Parrish writes about the Mozilla component framework, XPCOM, in an IBM developerWorks article. "What's XPCOM, you ask? XPCOM, which stands for Cross Platform Component Object Model, is a framework for writing cross-platform, modular software. As an application, XPCOM uses a set of core XPCOM libraries to selectively load and manipulate XPCOM components. XPCOM components can be written in C, C++, and JavaScript, and they can be used from C, C++, and JavaScript with extensions for Perl and Python that are under development.

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

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