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Linux and Business

LinuxWorld wrap-up. LinuxWorld blew in on a blizzard of press releases and went leaving a mound of them left to plow through. Many were covered in last week's LWN on both the front page and on the commerce page. Of the remaining mound, most have been sorted into various categories in the Press Release section below. And here are the Award Winners for this year's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo:

Lineo acquires Embedded Power Corporation. Lineo has announced the acquisition of Embedded Power Corporation, a company which deals in real-time operating systems for digital signal processors.

LynuxWorks launches SynergyWorks, gets Bluetooth stack. LynuxWorks has announced the launch of SynergyWorks, its third-party partners program. The company has also announced that Rappore Technologies has ported its Bluetooth wireless networking implementation to BlueCat Linux.

Ximian GNOME to be HP standard desktop. HP has announced that it will adapt Ximian (formerly Helix Code) GNOME as its standard HP-UX desktop for the next major release after HP-UX-11i. Ximian will be helping out by porting the whole system to HP-UX on both the PA-RISC and IA-64 architectures.

Intel's PR on Will Swope's keynote. Intel has issued a press release on the LinuxWorld keynote given by V.P. Will Swope. "Swope outlined a series of steps that are necessary to move Linux into the mid-tier of data centers, including the establishment of industry-wide development projects that will ultimately enhance the OS with enterprise features. He cited the project to enhance the Linux OS to support 16 64-bit processors with near-linear performance improvement as one such project."

The release also announces the "Intel Advanced Network Services" for Linux - a load-balancing and failover system; they claim it's the first such program for Linux, which is pretty clearly not true. See, for example, the Linux Virtual Server Project, which is hardly new.

Brian Paul wins the Free Software Foundation Award. Here's the announcement that Brian Paul was awarded the Free Software Foundation Award for his work with the Mesa 3D graphics library.

Announcing the 'Whizzbee' web server. We just received an announcement for a new, proprietary web server called "Whizzbee." It is built on top of Apache, and is intended to operate in clustered environments. The web page claims that Whizzbee is "free software," but a quick look at the license agreement makes it clear that they are speaking in the "free beer" sense only. The Apache license, of course, allows the release of proprietary derived products.

January Netcraft web server survey. The January Netcraft web server survey is out. Apache has dropped a little, to "only" 59% of the servers on the net. More significant, however, is the constant increase of Microsoft servers handling sites that do SSL encryption. Some serious thought into why Apache is not dominant in that arena would be worth the effort; SSL servers are an important component of World Domination. (Thanks to Mike Prettejohn).

Linux Stock Index for February 02 to February 06, 2001:

LSI at closing on February 02, 2001 ... 41.03
LSI at closing on February 06, 2001 ... 41.68

The high for the week was 41.68
The low for the week was 40.97

Press Releases:

Open Source Products

Unless specified, license is unverified.
  • 3iNet (HOUSTON, TX) released its UIB 1-A, Universal Internet Box. UIB 1-A contains a full set of software tools that accelerate time-to-market. They include the company's own embedded version of Linux that fits into 8MB of flash memory, all necessary device drivers and a powerful software toolkit. The toolkit consists of a C++ class API that allows direct access to the LCD, push buttons, LEDs, modem, etc. All the source code for the device drivers and toolkit is provided under GPL public license.UIB 1-A contains a full set of software tools, including the company's own embedded version of Linux that fits into 8MB of flash memory, all necessary device drivers and a software toolkit. The toolkit consists of a C++ class API that allows direct access to the LCD, push buttons, LEDs, modem, etc. All the source code for the device drivers and toolkit is provided under GPL public license.

  • CYRANO announced the availability of version 1.0.0 beta 1 of OpenSTA (Open System Testing Architecture) which includes a re-designed User Interface.

  • Kargo, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced the release of Morphis, its transcoding platform for wireless content.

  • Sleepycat Software, Inc. (LINCOLN, Massachusetts) released its latest version of the Open Source embedded database Berkeley DB. The release includes a new port to the QNX realtime platform, and supports all major UNIX and Linux systems, Wind River's VxWorks and Windows.

  • SpeechWorks (BOSTON) announced the availability of an open source VoiceXML Interpreter, known as Open VXI, as a reference platform for developers.

Proprietary Products for Linux

  • CodeWeavers, Inc. and MusicMatch, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced the general release of MusicMatch Jukebox for Linux 1.0.

  • Enhanced Software Technologies Inc. (NEW YORK) demonstrated BRU-Pro, its newest data protection product for Linux-centric networks.

  • Linux Canada Inc. (ALBERTA, CANADA) announced the beta release of its new accounting application for business, Quasar.

  • Lotus Development Corporation (NEW YORK) announced the availability of Domino Workflow on the Linux platform.

  • LynuxWorks, Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced that FairCom Corporation's c-tree Plus File Handler V6.10, embedded database technology, and the FairCom database Server V6.10.34 will be supported on BlueCat Linux.

  • Metrowerks (NEW YORK) has enhanced its CodeWarrior software development tools for Linux, with new functionality including full Java support, native debugging, and concurrent and distributed compiling.

  • Oracle Corp. (REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.) announced Oracle Business Components for Java and Oracle Internet File System.

  • Oracle Corp. (REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.) announced a special promotion to help developers get started on Linux using Oracle9i Application Server and the latest version of the Oracle8i database by downloading Oracle's Linux Fast Start Kit.

  • RidgeRun, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced its Open Multimedia Interface (OMI), an API and multimedia plug-in for Linux.

Products and Services Using Linux

  • Cirrus Logic Inc., Austin (NEW YORK) announced that Maverick microprocessors now support IBM's compact relational database, DB2 Everyplace on embedded Linux devices.

  • Lineo, Inc. (NEW YORK, LinuxWorld) launched the SecureEdge hardware brand, the OEM development platform for Linux-based appliances and devices.

  • Merlin Software Technologies International (NEW YORK) announced Arcana, a family of Linux appliances for small business networking.

  • Merlin (NEW YORK) also announced Brigade, a Linux appliance that provides firewall services for both the home and small business.

  • PLX Technology, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif.) announced the PLX PCI 9056 I/O Accelerator, silicon that enables 32-bit, 66MHz PCI operation in CompactPCI adapters, PCI adapters and embedded systems that incorporate Motorola MPC 850/860 PowerQUICC processors or generic 32-bit, 66MHz local bus designs. Linux drivers are available with source code.

  • Red Hat Inc. and Wincor Nixdorf (PADERBORN, Germany) announced that they have developed a Linux-based, JavaPOS solution platform for retail point-of-sale (POS) systems.

  • Tuxia, Inc. (AUGSBURG, Germany and BLOOMFIELD, N.J.) announced that its embedded system, TASTE, provides a Linux-based operating system for National Semiconductor's Geode family of high performance, low power consumption integrated processors.

  • VA Linux Systems, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced expanded technical support and onsite service options as part of its "Total Linux Coverage (TLC)" program. In addition, VA Linux has signed an agreement with Logicon to deliver onsite installation and warranty support.

  • WARP Solutions Inc. (NEW YORK) announced the launch of its Linux-based WARP Intelligent Content Distributor and WARP Load Balancer.

Products with Linux Versions

  • Dirig (NASHUA, N.H.) announced that it has released a new Specific Application Manager (SAM) for proactively managing MySQL.

  • Empirix, Inc. (WALTHAM, Mass.) announced that its Bean-test offering has been optimized for IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 3.5.

  • ExperVision (FREMONT, Calif.) announced the availability of Open RTK 6.0 for Unix/Linux, with over 50% improvement in recognition accuracy and 100% improvement in speed over the previous version.

  • Hummingbird Ltd. (TORONTO) announced Exceed onDemand version 3.0, a solution to facilitate remote and low-bandwidth UNIX application connectivity.

  • IIT GmbH (BREMEN, Germany) announced the production release of version 2.0.0 of its free JMS system SwiftMQ, which now contains native I/O support for Linux and Solaris platforms.

  • Managed Objects (MCLEAN, Va.) announced that its Formula software now includes adapters for NetIQ AppManager and Hewlett Packard VantagePoint Operations, as well as support for the Linux operating system.

  • MPI Software Technology, Inc. (STARKVILLE, Miss.) announced the official release of MPI/Pro Version 1.6.3. This version of MPI/Pro supports Linux for TCP and VIA (Giganet only) networks and PowerPC, x86, and Alpha processors.

  • SERENA Software (BURLINGAME, Calif.) announced that its eChange Man solution supports all Hewlett-Packard Company server platforms running Linux and other operating systems.

  • TASKING (DEDHAM, Mass.) announced the M16C Tool Suite V2.0, with advanced compilation and error-checking capabilities.

  • Trinagy (TORRANCE, Calif.) has developed the VANTAGEwatch family of agent products. The VANTAGEwatch suite -- TRENDwatch, SYSwatch APPwatch and RMONwatch.

  • UniPress Software, Inc. (EDISON, N.J.) announced FootPrints, the company's web-based issue tracking and help desk system.

  • XYZFind Corp. (SEATTLE) released XYZFind Server 1.0, its new repository, search, and query engine for XML. Trial versions for Solaris, Linux, and WinNT/2K are available for download on the company's website, www.xyzfind.com.

  • YesSoftware (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) announced the release of CodeCharge, a code generation application for database publishing on the web.

Java Products

  • appGate, Inc. (DURHAM, N.C.) announced the rollout of appGate Connect, a new Java-based client software that will be bundled with the latest release of their appGate software.

  • Insignia Solutions, Fremont (NEW YORK) announced that it will offer its accelerated, Java-compatible Jeode Embedded Virtual Machine technologies to design engineers and Linux programming developers on DevelopOnline.com.

  • PointBase (NEW YORK) announced that it is partnering with DevelopOnline to offer the PointBase 100% Pure Java object-relational database management software through DevelopOnline's Web-based open platform development site.

  • Tower Technology (NEW YORK) announced the general availability of its TowerJ Java deployment platform on Linux/Intel Itanium based servers.

Books and Training

  • CompTIA (LOMBARD, Ill.) announced that its Linux+ certification program has three new sponsers, Course Technology, Intel Corporation and SuSE.

  • Learning Tree International (RESTON, Va.) announced the release of a new Hands-On IT Course, UNIX and Linux Optimization and Troubleshooting.

  • O'Reilly (Sebastopol, CA) released "Learning XML", by Eric T. Ray.

  • Sair Linux and GNU Certification (OXFORD, Miss.) unveiled its curriculum for Level II certification, a flexible educational program that will produce a Sair Linux and GNU Certified Engineer (LCE).


  • 3ware, Inc. (LINUXWORLD, NEW YORK, NY ) announced strategic partnerships with three providers of Linux solutions. eLinux, TheLinuxStore.com and Linuxcare, have partnered with 3ware to deliver storage solutions to Linux users.

  • DevelopOnline Corp. (NEW YORK) announced that developers using the STMicroelectronics' STPC platform online can soon take advantage of the Lineo Embedix operating system.

  • Eazel, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced a partnership with WorkSpot Inc., an Open Source Application Service Provider (ASP), to demonstrate Eazel's Nautilus software.

  • eMonitoringSolutions.com and Zoran Corporation (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) announced it has formed a strategic alliance with Zoran Corporation to develop Linux drivers for Zoran's USB Vision II chip.

  • Menta Software, Inc. (REDWOOD CITY, Calif.) announced a technology partnership with the New Internet Computer Company. They demonstrated the Linux-based NIC (New Internet Computer) with Menta's WinToNet server-based software at LinuxWorld.

  • Pixo Inc. and OLOTEK (CUPERTINO, Calif.) announced an agreement that will enable mobile device users to access rapidly changing financial information via Pixo's Linux-based Internet Microbrowser and the OLOStock site.

  • RidgeRun, Inc. (NEW YORK) announced that it is partnering with DevelopOnline to offer RidgeRun's DSPLinux SDK, based on Texas Instruments' TMS320DSC21 digital signal processor (DSP), through DevelopOnline's Web-based open platform development site.

Financial Results

  • Corel Corporation (OTTAWA, CANADA) announced results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended November 30, 2000. Revenues for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2000 were $40.4 million, producing a net loss of $8.6 million.

  • Santa Cruz Operations, Inc. (SANTA CRUZ, Calif.) announced fiscal first quarter financial results for the period ending December 31, 2000. Revenues for the first fiscal quarter of 2001 were $26,455,000 compared with $32,797,000 for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2000.


  • Caldera Systems, Inc. (OREM, Utah) announced the hiring of Julie Thornton to work with Linux Internation and Linux Professional Institute.

  • Magic Software Enterprises (OR YEHUDA, ISRAEL) announced that it has named software veteran Menachem Hasfari as its new Chief Executive Officer.

  • Merinta Inc. (AUSTIN, Texas) announced that Camillo Martino has joined the company as chief executive officer. Merinta offers complete Linux based end-to-end IA software solutions.

  • SlashTCO (UK) announced that Richard Morrell and Lawrence Manning, two of the leading figures in the UK Linux movement, are joining the staff of SlashTCO Limited.

  • TimeSys Corporation (PITTSBURGH) announced the appointment of Francis X. Dougherty as CEO.

  • Turbolinux, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced that Jerry Greenberg, senior vice president of Marketing, has been elected to the board of directors of the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL).

Linux At Work

  • MODCOMP, Inc. (FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.) announced that Invensys ENE, Inc. has selected MODCOMP's ScadaBase E-business System to provide a real-time environment monitoring and reporting. ScadaBase runs on Linux.


  • eWEEK (MEDFORD, Mass.) announced that an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 individual hackers failed to penetrate three platforms, Sun Solaris 7, IBM AIX 4.3.3 and Red Hat Linux, each of which was secured by Argus's proprietary PitBull intrusion-prevention system.

  • I-Logix Inc. (ANDOVER, Mass.) announced the launch of its Center for Pervasive Computing. I-Logic hopes the site will provide embedded developers with a single source for all material that closely ties pervasive computing and embedded development.

  • Sun Microsystems Inc. (PALO ALTO, Calif.) announced that the NetBeans Open Source Project (http://www.netbeans.org) has received a Crossroads 2001 A-List Award in the Open Source Java IDE (integrated development environment) category.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

February 8, 2001


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