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Linux and business

S.u.S.E. announced its Office Suite 99 product this week. Articles on the subject were written up by news.com and Wired News. The amount of interest that this product announcement has received is very interesting, considering that the packages within Office Suite 99 have been available individually long before the release of the integrated product. However, many people were pleased to see the latest version of Applix, along with its support for Microsoft Office '97 formats.

S.u.S.E.'s work to make sure Office Suite 99 will install on most Linux distributions, not just S.u.S.E. 5.3, is also of note. Instead of marketing a product to distinguish S.u.S.E. from other distributions, they have marketed one that can be used on any. As a result, there is less of a need for each of the other distributions to market a competitor and any copy of the product purchased presumably puts money back into the hands of S.u.S.E. If other distributions choose to follow this model, it may provide fruitful results both for Linux users and for the revenues of the various Linux distributions.

S.u.S.E. now has its Sybase download page up and running. As with Red Hat and Caldera, registration is required first. For completeness, the download pages are:

As far as we know, the product is the same from all three vendors.

The LinuxWorld press release is out, you can read it here.Note that the LinuxWorld web siteis already on line, with some preliminary information. (Amusingly, they apologize for having hosted it on a Sun, claim that a Linux server is on its way).

They also plan to run yet another Linux conference, this one to be held next March.

Corel has released its third quarter results. CMP's Tech Investor comments on them in this article. Corel has returned to profitability. About the future: "The company plans a major push to sell versions of its software for Linux. 'We see a huge bandwagon heading towards Linux and a big growth market for us,' Cowpland said. 'There are other Linux competitors out there, but they don't have the recognition we've got with our 30 million users.'"

dynamis EDV-Consulting is a new Linux VAR in Germany. They sell ready-to-run Linux systems running either S.u.S.E. or Red Hat.

Press Releases:

  • Applied Information Systems (AIS) announces the xsBasic Add-In to the XESS Spreadsheet
  • Metrowerks has licensed its Java Acceleration Technology for PowerPC(TM) to the Linux community
  • Netbeans and KL Group announce inclusion of KL Group's Chart Lite with Netbeans IDE for Java
  • TUCOWS announced that ISPCon Fall '98 attendees can get special pre-orders of Corel's Wordperfect for Linux
  • Cyclades teams with S.u.S.E.
  • Caldera announces OpenLinux 1.3
  • Caldera announces Caldera OpenLinux Systems Administration courses
  • Computer Associates International, Inc. announced shipment of Enterprise and Workgroup editions of Ingres II
  • Hewlett-Packard introduced HP Firehunter 1.5
  • CRYPTOCard begins shipment of CRYPTOAdmin 3.1 and easyRADIUS

October 1, 1998


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