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A new version of the Linux System Administrator's Guide has been released, see the announcement for details.

Using TrueType Fonts in XFree86 is a mini-HOWTO by Ying Zhang for anyone that wants to get the Truetype font server up and running.

Jean Tourrilhes has updated his Linux Wireless LAN HOWTO.

Rob Slade sent in his review of "Upgrading and Repairing PCs", by Scott Mueller and Craig Zacker. To say that he liked the book would be a gross understatement. ...the book is without peer.

Meta-Slashdot effect. Steve Adler has put out another Slashdot effect paper, this one chronicling the effect of the appearance of his first paper in Slashdot...

Sang-Hyun Shim has provided a Korean translation of RMS's article "Why you should't use the Library GPL for your next library".


Comdex/Spring (April 19-22, Chicago) is setting up a special Linux Global Summit - a two-day affair headed by a keynote presentation by Linus Torvalds on the 19th. It appears that Comdex has decided to jump onto the bandwagon in a big way... (Found in Slashdot).

THE LINUX HAPPENING - TEL-AVIV '99 will be the first big Linux event in Israel. Scheduled Feb 25, 1999 as part of InternetWorld@Israel, the Linux Happening is sponsored by the Israeli Linux User Group.

Emacspeak at LinuxWorld. T. V. Raman, "Mr. Emacspeak," will be presenting his package for blind users during the conference. See their announcement if you're interested.

The folks organizing ApacheCon 1999 are looking for suggestions on how this year's event should go. Fill out their survey and help make a better conference.

Web sites

The Guide ("A Guide to India's Internet Services") has put together an extensive introduction to Linux which includes an overview, an FAQ, an installation guide, and a software map. The author is looking for feedback and suggestions, let's help him out.

User Group News

If the windows refund thing doesn't go your way, consider joining the Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group as they offer instead to exchange your unused Windows for a free Linux installation. The event happens on March 9 in Copenhagen; see their announcement for the details.

February 18, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
AbiWord 0.3.3 Fully featured word processor
ALSA driver 0.3.0-pre4 An alternative implementation of Kernel sound support
Apache::Session 0.99.5 Session manager for web applications
Arrow 1.0.1 An elegant, powerful, graphical interface to electronic mail
ascpu 1.3 A CPU load monitor.
asGin 0.2 Linux Today headlines in your AfterStep root menu
asp2php 0.63 Converts Active Server Pages (ASP) to PHP3 scripts
asRum 0.2 segfault.org headlines in your AfterStep rootmenu
AutoLink 2.11.2 Provides functions to the user for transfering dynamic MPI
barrendero 0.1 Program for keeping free space in the mail spool dir
BFS Filesystem for Linux 19990214 read-only BFS modules for Linux
BigBrother WebStats 0.17 Counter for websites that produces some statistics based on the info gathered
bison 1.26a GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
BladeEnc 0.76 Freeware MP3 Encoder
Bugzilla 2.2 mozilla.org's bugtracking system
bvi 1.1.0 Editor for binary files using common vi commands
C-Forge IDE v1.1-12 Multi-user C/C++ integrated development environment
cdda2wav 1.0c A CD ripping application
cdrecord 1.8a17 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
Cistron Radius Server Free Radius Server with many features
Coral Tree Library Set 1.3.11 Set of abstraction libraries covering both UNIX and Win32
COSA 1.04 Linux driver and tools for the COSA and SRP synchronous serial boards
ctBLD 1.3.11 A platform independent builder similar in purpose to make.
ctGUI 1.3.11 GUI development portion of the Coral Tree Library Set
ctNET 1.3.11 Networking abstraction portion of Coral Tree Library Set
CUP 0.10h CUP is a LALR arser Generator for Java
Directory Stack 1.2 Directory Stack is a very CSH-like pushd/popd for both Korn and Bourne shells
DLDialog 0.15 Displays dialog boxes in terminal and X11 mode to interact with scripts
DOSEmu 0.99.8 Application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs
edna 0.1 tiny HTTP server for selecting and streaming MP3 files
EHeadlines 1.0 Root Menu news system.
eject 2.0.2 eject removable media
ELKS 0.0.75 A subset of the Linux kernel that runs in 8086 real mode and 286 protected mode
EPIC 4pre2.001-NR15 ANSI capable textmode IRC Client
esh 0.6.5 New Unix shell
exdump 0.1 exdump watches/dumps/logs TCP/IP network packets.
exscan 0.4 An enhanced network/Internet port scan utility
FakeBO 0.3.2 Fakes trojan server responses and logs incoming requests
flwm 0.16 The Fast Light Window Manager
Free Trek 0.0.10 Star Trek type space battle simulator
Freebirth 0.2 Integrated bass synthesizer/step sequencer/sample player
fsh 0.3 Fast and secure remote command execution.
fvwm2gnome 0.4 Clean, efficient window manager configuration with GNOME functionality
Galway Html Editor 0.0.75 Guile-gtk HTML Editor
Ganymede 0.97 GPL'ed Network Directory Management System
gdict 0.1 GTK Online Dictionary Program
geg 0.99.0 Simple GTK+ 2D-function plotting program
Generic Graphical Server Daemon 0.1 Generic Graphical Server Daemon
GeneWeb 1.11 A combo web interface and genealogy program combined on steroids
gFTP 1.12 A multithreaded ftp client for X Windows
GGUI 0.3.1 An easy multi-purpose, multi-program GUI.
GHX 2.40 (98/02/12) GTK clone of the Hotline software
gIDE 0.0.16 Gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C
GILT 0.1.0 Vector drawing program based on openGL and gtk
Giram 0.0.6 Giram is a modeller, written in GTK+
GNOME 0.99.8 GNU Network Object Model Environment
gnome2wmaker 1.0 gnome2wmaker is a GNOME to Window Maker menu converter.
GnuDIP 2.0.3 Dynamic DNS package. Includes everything to run your own ml.org equivalent.
GNUJSP 0.9.8 A free Java Server Pages implementation
grep 2.3 GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.
gShMap 0.1.2 GTK/Linux 2.2 Shared Library Monitor
gTick 0.1.1 GTK+ based metronome
GtKali 0.1.10 Gtk+ interface to Kali.
GtkICQ 0.60 GtkICQ is a clone of Mirabilis' ICQ program based on Gtk/GNOME
GTKstep 1.4 Improves the default look and feel of the GTK+ widget set
gView 0.1.0 GTK/ImLib Image Viewer
Heretic for Linux 0.9.5 Port of Heretic to Linux
HSX 99/02/12 Hotline Server clone for Unix
icod 1.0 Converts .ico files to .xpm
Install Toolkit for Java 1.0 A Java program for writing install programs for Java or non-Java programs
ippl 1.0 IP Protocols Logger
ip_masq_icq 0.49 ICQ masquerading module for Linux
isapnptools 1.18 ISA plug and play configuration utility
Java weather 1.0.0 Access realtime, local weather information from Java code.
jEdit 1.4pre4 Powerful text editor
Jikes 0.42 Java compiler that translates Java source into bytecoded instruction sets
Jiten 0.4 Perl DICT Server
KJukeBox 0.1.3 KJukeBox is an MP3 Player which can handle big MP3 archives
klm 0.5.0 KDE frontend for the LM SENSORS linux kernel
KMySql 1.1.1b A MySql client for KDE.
KNewKDE 0.2 Puts the What's New from KDE's page in your KDiskNav
KPackViewer 0.50 Package viewer to ease package administration
Krabber 0.3.2 KDE audio cd grabber and mp3 encoder front-end
KSniffer 0.1.5 KDE Network Sniffer/Monitor and Stats Collector
Kticker 1.0.0beta1 News ticker widget that downloads news headlines and displays them periodically
KTimeMon 0.3 Yet another system usage monitor for KDE, with nifty features.
ku 1.1p2-4 Autmp based shell admin utility for maintaining shell logins
Launcher 0.62 One-stop filetype/application mapping solution
Leafnode 1.9 NNTP server for small leaf sites
Linux Virtual Server 0.7 Linux Load Balancing and NAT
Listar 0.118a Mailing list managementsoftware
logi.crypto 1.0.2 Pure Java Strong Encryption Package
lpe 1.0.0 Featureless, small editor
Lynx 2.8.2dev16 fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser
M 0.10a Powerful, user-friendly, scriptable mail/news client
mcl 0.50.00 MUD client for Linux
mcrypt 2.1.10 A replacement for the old unix crypt(1). Uses several block algorithms.
mg^2 0.1.8 3D modeller for X11 using Gtk, Glib, Imlib, Gtk glarea, andMesa/OpenGL
midentd 1.4 identd with masquerading support
Midnight Commander 4.5.14 Unix file manager and shell
mmake 1.25 mmake will generate a Makefile for your Java programs.
mod_hosts_access 0.9.0 causes Apache to respect the rules in hosts.allow and hosts.deny
mod_perl 1.18 Brings together the full power of Perl and the Apache HTTP server
Moneydance 2.0b6 Personal finance application written in java
MOSIX 2.2.1 BETA-3 Single-system-image Clustering Software for Linux
mp3tools 0.5 Utilities for managing MPEG audio files
mpEDIT 1.14 A moderately featured text editor written in Java
mrtg 2.6.4 Multi Router Traffic Grapher
mSQL 2.0.6 Mini SQL implementation
muLinux 4r0 A tiny implementation of Linux, which can reside on a single floppy
Mutt 0.95.3 Small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operatingsystems
MySQL 3.22.16a SQL (Structured Query Language) database server
NcFTP 3.0 beta 17 UNIX application program implementing the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
NcFTPd 2.4.0 High-performance File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for UNIXsystems
netcomics 0.2 A perl script that downloads today's comics from the Web
Netscape Flash Plugin 0.4.3 A Netscape plugin to view Macromedia-Shockwave-Flash files.
newplayer 2.0 ncurses based mp3 player.
newsbody 0.1.3 Run a program on the body of a mail or news message
nss 1.3 Netscape Startup Script. Script to handle Netscape launches.
NumExp 0.0.3 Numeric methods implementation for Linux
OpenLDAP 1.2 LDAP suite of applications and development tools
OpenShare Linux 1.0b OpenShare Linux - Full distribution of Linux Server or Workstation Editions
OSKit 0.97 Software kit for easily building new OSes
Perl 5.005.54 High-level, general-purpose programming language
plextor-tool 0.1.0 tool for querying and setting options of Plextor CD-ROM drives
Poor Man's Cam 1.1 PMCam allows you to set up a web cam on a remote site.
procinfo 16
ProFTPD 1.2.0pre2 Advanced, incrediblyconfigurable and secure FTP daemon
Python/Tk Empire Interface 0.35a Cross Platform Empire GUI Client
QuickPlanning 1.0 Planning software for X11
Quicktime low level library 0.5.0 Low level Quicktime library for *NIX
RAPID 5.10 Commodity and stock graphing for technical analysis trading decisions
rc.virt 2.50 perl script to automate adding ips for ip aliasing
RealTimeBattle 0.9.6 RealTimeBattle, a robot programming game for Unix
Request Tracker 0.99.3 Web, command-line and email based trouble ticketing and bugtracking package
Robo Rally 29 An Excellent 90% completed Robo Rally server needing an equivalent client.
rpm.cgi 0.21 A Perl CGI script frontend to the Red Hat Package Management (RPM) System.
Sambaconfig 0.4 Edit your smb.conf file with you web browser. CGI scripts & C++ source code.
site-dater.pl 0.9.2 Generates a table of web links within a local hierarchy sorted by date.
SLinux 0.3.5 Security enhancement suite for RedHat
snes9express 0.99-6 Gtk GUI front-end for snes9x
Socket Script 1.16
sourceit 0.5 A perl script for publishing source code examples on the Web
SplitFire 1.0 Complete IRC script for IRCII-EPIC.
Squid 2.2.DEVEL3 High performance Web proxy cache
stamp 1.3 Adds a graphical timestamp to a jpeg image
Sula Primerix 0.05.5a Extensible multi-server IRC Client for X
Swift Inspector 0.1 Flash file editor
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler 4.02 A compiler for Haskell 98
tictactoe 0.1 A simple console perl script that plays a coordinate-based tictactoe game
TiMidity++ 1.3.2 Experimental MIDI to WAVE converter
tkRunIt 0.94 A simple, but featureful run dialog box for executing commands without an xterm
TkWho 0.8 Graphical frontend to the Unix who, ps, and finger commands.
TkX10 0.91beta Perl/Tk frontend for HEYU X10 control
TkX10 0.91beta Perl/Tk frontend for HEYU X10 control
traffic-vis 0.31 Network analysis tool
TThread 0.2.3 A Cross-platfrom Threading library.
TWIG 0.1pre2 A web-based IMAP client written with PHP3
VelociGen for Perl (VEP) 1.1b High performance server programminglanguage
VFU File Manager 1.43 Extensivelyl featured console (text-mode) file manager.
Video Server 0.5.4 indexing, searching and video streaming mpeg data across the network
Where's Your Grammar? 1.0 A simple config-file-and-command-line-parser generator.
Wine 990214 Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
wmakerconf 1.7 GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
WMGlobe 0.5 The whole Earth spinning on your desktop
Wolfenstein 3d for Linux 0.1 A Linux port of Wolfenstein 3D
WWWThreads beta1 WWW based discussion forums
x11amp 0.9 alpha3 Mp3 player for Xwindows
xcallerid 2.1.3 callerID program that pops up incomingphone numbers in an X-window
xnetload 1.6.0 Displays packet traffic and uptime in an X window
xplay 1.00 WAVE/AIFF/au audio player
xtet42 2.21 Two-player tetris with a twist
Zope 1.10pr1 Web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites.
ZorkCit 0.50 A CGI-based Web approximation of the Citadel BBS system.
Zsid 1.00 Zsid, a C64 music player

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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