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Linux and business

The Burlington Coat Factory will be installing Linux on 1150 computers in its 250 stores, according to this ComputerWorld article. "Despite Burlington's adventurous reputation, Aberdeen analyst Sandra Potter said such a large company's willingness to base a substantial amount of its operations on Linux could send a strong signal that it's a low-cost option that other companies should consider." A strong signal indeed. This development, along with the Jay Jacobs deployment, indicates once again that there are few places where Linux can not go.

Real-time Linux CD's are now available from Zentropix. Their product is essentially a version of Red Hat 5.2 with a real-time kernel added. $35 gets you the set. They have also put out a real-time Linux roadmapshowing what products they intend to come out with in the near future.

Silicon Graphics is releasing their GLX (OpenGL/X window system integration) source under an open source license. See their press release for details. The immediate target, of course, is allowing high-performance graphics under Linux on their hardware, but this release will be of general benefit to anybody doing serious graphics. Very good news. (Thanks to Jeremy Allison).

Advice from the Gartner Group for companies contemplating Linux. This report suggests a very cautious approach at this time, and questions the sincerity of vendors in the Linux market. "...while PC server vendors are seriously considering a Linux strategy, fears of cannibalizing their own Unix strategies and concerns about the chaotic nature of the market will limit their sincerity to opportunistic sales." (Found in Slashdot).

Linux-installed UltraSparc systems have been available from EIS Computers for a while. They have just announced a new line of systems based on 350- and 400-MHz processors. These look like nice, fast systems, and you can get them with Linux. No need to organize a "Solaris refund day" here...

Pacific HiTech has rolled out a server version of their TurboLinux product - at least in Japan, according to this AsiaBizTech article. "TurboLinux Server version 1.0 is the first corporate server product provided by the company. The company is preparing for the sales by creating corporate alliances with system integrators and arranging support services. To date, system integrators selected for providing support services are Fujisoft ABC Inc. and a company in the Otsuka Shokai group."

On-site support from Linux Hardware Solutions has been announced, see their press release for details.

Sun Microsystems has released a Samba benchmark result on their hardware; from the Samba web page: "We have measured Netbench performance of Samba on Solaris 2.6 on an E450 at 231.954 Mbits/Sec. While not officially supported by Sun, Samba has been found by many of Sun's customers to be a high quality, acceptable solution." (Thanks to Jeremy Allison).

LinuxWorld is a commercial success. IDG has put out a press release crowing about the success of the upcoming LinuxWorld conference (9,000 attendees, over 100 exhibitors). "Based on the response from the Linux community, space has already been secured for the twice-per-year LinuxWorld/US conference for the next four years. Internationally, LinuxWorld Singapore will be held this March 5-7 at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and plans are currently underway to launch conferences and expos in Europe and Japan."

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February 18, 1999


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