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Perfect beast perfected. Paul Everitt of Digital Creations has put an updated version of his talk Funding The Perfect Beast: Open Source, Business Models, and Venture Capitalism on the web. (Note that there is a table of contents on the left side, use that for navigation when in doubt). This talk will next be given at the Atlanta Linux Showcase; it is much worth seeing.

The Cash and the Calling is a paper by Brian Marshall which looks at the development of commercial artificial intelligence applications. He concludes that a hybrid approach - where parts of the system are developed in an open-source mode - could work well in this realm. "Programmers with a calling and/or a desire to make a name for themselves will do original research, write new open-source software and start open-source projects. Much unconventional thought will be brought to bear on various problems in artificial intelligence.... the effect of the open-source movement on the state of the art of AI may be the next great thing that happens in the world of computers."


Danish Demo Day pictures. 150 pictures from SSLUG's Linux Demo Day in Denmark have been posted by Hans Schou. "We had a great party with a lot of demo's, gifts and of course FreeBeer(tm). Free software, free entrance and free beer."

Linux Demo Day in Toulouse, France will happen on September 18. Details in the announcement, which is in French.

An installfest at will be held in Sergipe, Brazil on October 3. See the Linux-SE web pages for details.

Web sites

TuxFinder.com announced a new logo and a new look for their web presence.

User Group News

The Hellenic Linux Users Group, Hellug, will be one of the exhibitors in the Infosystem 99 expo, in Thessaloniki, Greece, from Thursday 7 to Monday 10 October 1999.

Linux Install Fest at Sergipe-Brazil
Finally, after the success of the first, the 2nd Install Festival is going to be done. It is going to take place in a hotel, in Aracaju-SE, on October 3rd 1999. The event is promoted by Linux-SE, which is a Local Linux User Group. More information on http://www.linuxstart.com/~linux-se/

September 16, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
AAFID2 0.10 Framework for distributed system and network monitoring
acl 0.6.0 Colorizes log files using advanced parsing capabilities.
aimirc 0.25 AOL Instant Messenger to Internet Relay Chat gateway
Alien 6.47 Converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, andslackware tgz file formats
Anachronism 0.5.noSound RTS strategy
Anaglyph Schlecht's 1.2 anaglyph stereoscopic red/blue glasses 3d cyan blue
APIsingularity 0.0.4 Portable OpenGL C++ API based on GLUT
Artistic Style 1.11.2 Indentation and reformatting filters for C, C++, Java
asfatm 0.41a Hardware monitoring wharf/dock app
asmem 1.4 Memory utilization monitor for X.
August 0.42 A free html editor for Linux/Unix.
Autoclose 0.1 This utility automatically closes one app when another is finished
BabyTrans 0.2 GTK front-end for Windows Babylon Translator
bdist 0.8.8 Build distribution file containing all relevant files in a programming project
BestCrypt 0.2b Creates and supports encrypted virtual volumes for Linux/Windows/MSDOS.
binutils Provides programs to assemble and manipulate binary andobject files.
bmdraw 0.21 ANSI creation tool
Brass Monkey 0.0.3 PHP scripts that let you maintain an online journal
cdrecord 1.8a27 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
cfingerd 1.4.2 The Configurable Finger Daemon
CGI::Formmail 0.5 Better HTML form email mousetrap
CGICQ 0.1 pre A CGI Application that sends CGI input to a configurable UIN.
CGIProxy 1.2 Anonymizing, filter-bypassing HTTP proxy in a CGI script (in Perl)
chbg 0.6pl2 Desktop background changer and manager
CINQ 0.1.5 Portable BASIC Compiler
cipherczar 0.51 ncurses environment that helps solve simple substitution ciphers
Clobberd 4.10 Monitors users. used by ISP's to metre resources
Code Crusader 2.1.3 complete code development environment, inspired by MetroWerks CodeWarrior
Crue Cat 1.00 Cruecat is a text based multi player fighting game with animation
csv2html 0.3.0 Converts CSV files to HTML tables
curl 6.0 Command line tool for getting data from a URL
DBInspector .93 Easy-to-use front end to Oracle Databases written in Java.
demcd 2.0.8 CDPlayer for Linux
dfcolor 0.42 Colourized df with graph and monitoring option
Disc-Cover 0.9.2 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
DNSTools 1.0 A web-based and command-line tool to administer DNS
Double Choco Latte 19990913 Software Configuration Management/Bug/Enhancement Tracking Software
DPS-FTP 0.5.1 Bulletproof-like ftp client
dusk 7.47 irc script that ports BitchX commands and documentation to portuguese
DWUN 0.2a Controls PPP link by client requests for connection
DynDNS 0.4 Dynamic DNS server
EasyTux 0.1.3_dev05 Easy configuration tool, based on scripts
ecasound 1.5.12r6 Sound processing, multitrack recording and mixing
Ecology-HOWTO 0.2 Linux as a mean to protect our environment.
egrep-finger 1.28 Extended finger program using extended regular expressions
Energymech 2.6.2 Bot for irc with eggdrop like features to manage a channel
EO 140999 snapshot Templates-based, ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library
EPIconf 0.3 A GTK+ based configuration tool for EPIwm.
epssplit 1.0.2 A program to split encapsulated postscript files
ESM 0.01 A system monitoring tool.
exepak 1.2.1 Linux ELF executable packer.
FastGL 1.40 A very wonderfull C/C++ graphics library
fetchmail 5.0.8 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mailretrieval utility
fetchnews 0.4 'fetchmail' for NNTP protocols
finddups 1.1 Find duplicate files by way of MD5 signatures irregardless of file renames.
fletch 0.43 Non interactive, multiplexing FTP/HTTP client.
Flight Gear 0.7.0 Flight simulator
FLTK 1.0.5 C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL
Fm 0.1 Gtk+ lightweight file manager
freeLoop 0.3 Create/modifies (drum-) loops
freemed 19990910 Free medical management software in a web browser
Funbot 1.0.2 Modular Perl bot for IRC
Galway 0.24 Guile-gtk HTML Editor
gbasm 0.0.5 gameboy assembler
GCD 2.7 A cd-player with a gtk+ interface
GCO 0.1.1 A database for keeping track of your comic collection.
GdkMagick 0.2.1 Image conversion and communication library for the ImageMagick and GDK toolkits
Geek Code Generator 1.4 Generates a Geek Code using a series of qeustions
GeomPrm 0.0.1 Linear Geometric Library- Solutions to generic linear geometric needs
Getleft 0.6.4 Tcl/Tk site grabber powered by Curl
gifc 3.1 The GIF compiler
GKrellM 0.6.8 System monitor package
gnome-o-phone 0.2 Internet telephone with a gtk interface
GnomeTREK 0.4.0 Search tool for the 1998 Star Trek Encyclopedia.
GNUstep 0.6.0 GNU OpenStep API
gnuvoice 1.0.0 Voicemail/speakerphone/caller ID program
Gpasman 1.3.0 Keeps track of all your passwords in a secure way
GPM 1.18.0 A mouse server for the console and xterm.
GProc 0.3.2 Managing process from the Gnome panel
Grace 5.0.4 (gamma) a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool
Graph Lm_Sensors (GLS) 0.2a Makes graphs and html file from lm_sensors output.
Grip 2.7 A gtk-based frontend for CD-rippers
Groovy Java Filesystem 1.0.2 A Java minifilesystem for records storage
gSentinel 1.0.1c GTK based graphical frontend tool for Sentinel
GTKeyboard 0.98 Graphical Keyboard for the physically disabled
GtkGraph 0.4.5 Graphing calculator for X
GtkPortScan 1.2 A simple yet very useful GUI port scanner done with Gtk+ for Linux.
GTKWave 1.2.18 Wave viewer for Verilog simulation
gtml 3.5.3 An HTML pre-processor specially designed for maintaining web sites.
gView 0.1.12 GTK/ImLib Image Viewer
gvnd 0.0.3-15.0 Graphical Unix information/network environment
GXAnim 0.45 GTK+ front end for Xanim movie player
HB 1.8.0 Simple language to create dynamic web content
hc-cron 0.12 A modified version of Paul Vixie's widely used cron daemon
HDE-WUI 1.0.0b Web-based Administration Tool for Linux Servers
HHexen 1.0 A hacked version of linux Hexen
HTML::Embperl 1.2b8 Embed Perl into HTML Pages with a lot of features especialy for dynamic webpage
HTML::Pager 0.01 Perl module to handle CGI HTML paging of arbitary data
HTML::Template 0.05 A simple and fast HTML Template module for Perl
htsserver 0.4.2 Server application of the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
I4LRH6 0.4.1 Scripts and a FAQ on how to use I4L with Red Hat 6.0 Systems
IcePref 0.11 A graphical configuration tool for Ice WM written with PyGTK
icontact 1.5 Image contact sheet maker
icqmail 1.2 ICQ->Email gateway
ifhp 3.3.9 A Great Printfilter for HP printers
InfView 0.2.5 TUI info files viewer, good replacement for info with nice user interface
interpcom 2.0.1 Command interpreter Library
Intrasite DialUp Firewall 1.1.0 An easy to configure DialUp Firewall script with transparent proxy support etc.
iplog 2.0 tcp, udp, and icmp logging utilities for Linux.
IPSC 0.3.2 IP subnet calculator (GNOME/CLI)
irssi 0.7.16 GTK+ based IRC client with GNOME panel support
isectd 1.0 middleware daemon for client/server, dist. processing, & multi-tier programming
jac 0.7 Command line CD Player
javawrapper 1.2.1 Java wrapper for binfmt_misc under Linux
jdfetch 0.4.0 A set of tools to fetch and format news boxes
JDHCP 1.1.1 API for writing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) applications in Java
JDring 1.1 A cron-like and at-like alarm scheduler
Jetty 2.2.7 HTTP/1.1 Servlet server written in Java
Jigsaw 2.1.0 W3C's leading-edge Web server platform
Jikes 1.02 Java compiler that translates Java source into bytecoded instruction sets
jMon 0.3 Distributed Resource Monitor
jpilot 0.95 Palm pilot desktop software for Linux
Kazlib 1.10p1 Robust ANSI C data structure library.
KDE 1.1.2 Powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.
kernel-alert 0.3 Perl script to send e-mail as new kernels become available.
Keystone 0.60.04 Web-based problem tracking system, rewrite of an older system called PTS
KHeisePro 1.4 Lets you search the Heise Register
kidentify 0.3.1 KDE utility to show more file details, magic, used shared libraries, ...
kmuser 0.9.3 User-Administration-Tool for the KDE-Desktop
KMySQL 1.2.0pre1 A MySql client for KDE.
KPooka 0.1 Logic game for KDE
ktail 0.4.4 KDE app to monitor log files
KUrlRec 0.1 Keeps URLs and converts the links to an HTML file to use with lynx.
KWebWatch 0.72 Utility to monitor web pages, looking for updated content
LANdb 0.62 Provides network managers with a means of cataloging network connections.
latencytest 0.42 benchmarks scheduling latencies (of audio apps) during high system load
Lesstif 0.89.0 LGPL'd re-implementation of Motif
Libgraph 0.0.3 A library to build graphs in gif format.
libsock s19990912a High performance multi-threaded socket C library.
libstash s19990912a Thread-safe C Library of algorithms and support routines.
libxml 1.4.0 The libXML library.
Licq 0.70 Advanced graphical ICQ clone and more for Unix
Link Site 0.1 Weblication to store bookmarks and make them available on the web
LinPopup 1.1.0 Linux port of Winpopup, running over Samba.
Linuxconf 1.16r3.1 Sophisticated administrative tool
localecho 0.1 pre News discussion system ala slashdot.org
LPRng 3.6.10 The Next Generation of LPR
MagiCapture 0.3.2 Screen capture and preview utility for the X Window System
Magick++ 0.8.7 Object-oriented C++ API to the ImageMagick image-processing library.
makeMP3 0.1 Makes ripping MP3s even easier
Mangle 1.22 C/C++ Source de-formatter/de-commentor
Market Analysis System (MAS) 1.1 market data analysis software
Mason 0.13.0 An automated firewall builder for ipfwadm or ipchains firewalls.
Matt's MP3 Selector 0.84 Ncurses based mpg123 frontend
mcal-drivers 0.4 Calendar drivers for libmcal
Metaverse 0.3 Free Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK
MG 1.2.1 A suite of programs for compressing and indexing text and images.
mgeupsd 0.7 MGE Pulsar UPS monitor
mgrep 1.00 mailbox grep
Midgard 1.2.2 A PHP Application Server Suite - Web building with Web-based tools
Midnight 0.9.6 Midi/Karaoke player and C++ midi library
MindTerm 1.0 SSH-client in pure Java, includes stand-alone ssh- and terminal(vt100)-packages
mod_dav 0.9.11-1.3.6 DAV protocol extensions for Apache
mod_perl Calendar System 1.1 Web-based calendaring system in mod_perl
Moonshine 0.1.9 An application development environment for Linux.
mrDBC 0.9beta2 python database classes for easy creation of database applications
MSWordView 0.5.14-bw6 Microsoft Word 8 document viewer
Multi-vendor UPS Monitoring Project 0.41.4 Multiple vendor (APC, Powercom) UPS monitoring software
MySQL 3.23.3-alpha SQL (Structured Query Language) database server
Name Server Configurator 2.2 A set of scripts for easy DNS configuration.
NetWoorms 1.5 Multiplayer, networked game, similar to 'nibbles' that runs on the console
new 0.9.6 A simple template system.
News Clipper 1.17 Integrate dynamic information into your web page, in your own style.
Newsrunner 1.1 Fetches pictures from newsgroups, with a neat X-interface.
nib2gmodel 0.6.1 Tool for conversion of OpenStep nibs to GNUstep gmodels
nmap 2.3BETA5 Full featured, robust port scanner
omega 0.6.5 Implementation and extension of the M-Technology (MUMPS) standards
Oracletool 0.93 A web based tool for Oracle DBA's written in Perl.
Orgasm 0.02 Machine code assembler for 6502 microprocessors
OSP Tourney DM for Quake2 v2.5 Tournament mod for Quake2
Paralogger 0.85 Script to ease the process of setting up a root tail window
passwdd 0.08 Password synchronization server/client
pbm2l2030 1.3 Driver for the Lexmark 2030 printer
Penguin Saviour 1.3 2D rpg engine (Playable)
Perl Mailer 1.0 E-mails the contents of any form, while doing basic data validation and auth.
pgp4pine by Marcin Marszalek Bash script that allows using PGP under PINE
PinePGP 0.11 PGP and GnuPG filters for pine for both PGP 2.6.x and 5.0
Pingus 0.2.2 Lemmings clone with penguins.
Planet-Intra 3.62-1 Instant intranet portal
play688 1.5 Play tunes for Ericsson GH688 cellular phones on Linux boxen
PoPToP 0.9.17 PPTP Server for Linux
Portaloo 19990911 Web Portal Engine
Portslave 1.2.0pre12
Postfix 19990906 Patchlevel 02 The Postfix MTA
PowerPak 990915 An attempt at a high-level game SDK
ppmtofb 0.25 Display graphics on universal framebuffer devices.
pppctl 0.0.1 A suite of simple programs of use for controlling a ppp connection.
ProFTPD 1.2.0pre6 Advanced, incrediblyconfigurable and secure FTP daemon
pscal 1.7 shell script to create PostScript calendars
PTlink ircd 3.2.0 New featured ircd with a great services integration
PulseTLM 0.2 A full featured 3D Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) simulator
pvmpov 3.1e.2 POV-Ray raytracing in a parallel environment
pvmsync 0.45 Extends POSIX-like synchronization mechanisms to a Linux Beowulf cluster
Pybliographer 0.9.2 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
pydf 0.6 colourised df(1)-clone
PyORBit 0.0.1 Python/ORBit (CORBA) Bindings
Q10 1.0 A basic Qt GUI for manipulating X10's Firecracker devices
QpThread Library for C++ 0.7.1 Thread library for C++ with support for signals, exceptions, timer etc.
QtArchitect 1.4.4 Dialog Creation Interface for Qt
QtGPS 1.0 GPS moving-map software for Linux
QuickList 0.8.2 MS Works like database application
Quicktime for Linux 1.1.2 Low level Quicktime library for *NIX
RedHat CD Kit 1.1 Tools for creating bootable RedHat installation CDs.
Rel 1.4 Determine the relevance of text documents to a boolean expression of keywords
Remembrance Agent 2.06 Remembrance Agents are an augmented, associative memory.
rh-isdn 0.5-2 A few scripts and documentation to set up ISDN on RedHat
roaming.pl 0.01 Program to parse maillog and update btree for remote sendmail relaying
ROCK Linux 1.3.2 Linux Distribution for high skilled Linux User and Admins
sawmill 0.6 Extensible window manager
scd 0.5 Internet time server client for GNOME
SCWM 0.99.2 Scheme Configurable Window Manager
Sentinel 1.2.0c Fast system file scanner
sersniff 0.0.1 Program for tunnelling/sniffing for between 2 serial ports.
Setedit 0.4.35 An editor for C/C++ programmers with a nice text interface.
Sgraph 0.5 Stock chart creation utility
shasum 1.3 Generates SHA1 hashes
si 0.7 /proc system information viewer
Sigrot 1.0E Simple signature rotating program
Slashdot Reader 1.22 Slashdot article and comments reader.
Sleuth 1.1 A utility for checking DNS zones for bugs
SNES9x 1.23 Portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) emulator
Snoopy 0.1d Snoopy is a PHP class that implements web client functionality.
SoundTracker 0.3.3 A music tracker for X / GTK+
Spellcast 1.0-2 Two or more players try to vaporize each other with wizard spells.
Sporum 1.1.3 A better web-based dicussion board software
Squaroid 0.46 Make points by creating squares on a 8x8 fields board
SSH Buddy Beta1.03 Expectk Wrapper for secure shell, saves connections and passwords
star trek ency reader 0.6.9 Reads the star trek encyclopedia under linux
StripCmt 0.1.0 Strips comments from C, C++, and Java source code
Sula Primerix II 0.09.5b Extensible multi-server IRC Client for X
susi pre-091199 An easy user-interface management
swap 0.1.2 Allows one to easily change CD-ROM media with one command or click.
Swish 0.1 CGI news engine
tcpdump2ascii 1.00 Perl program which decodes tcpdump hex output to ASCII
Terraform 0.4.1 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
Tetradraw beta2 Full featured linux ansi editor
tetris NCurses-based tetris game.
tgif 4.1.18 Vector-based draw tool
The Gimp 1.1.9 The GNU Image Manipulation Program
The KSI Scheme Implementation 3.1.5 An implementation of the Scheme programming language
TheBox 0.01 Set of scripts for and installing managing IP Masq and Transparent caching.
treeutils 0.1 Set of shell scripts for managing software installed from source distributions
Tsinvest 0.6 Quantitative financial analysis of equities.
Turbo Vision 1.0.8 Nice and complete console TUI (Text User Interface) for C++
TuxNES 0.71 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator
txt2pdf 2.3 A very flexible and powerful PERL5 converter from text files to PDF
Type decomposition library 0.4 C++ library for discovering compile-time type information.
UDF 0.8.9 UDF filesystem kernel module
UnrealIRCd 2.1.6-tCx Advanced IRC daemon based off EliteIRCd with numerous of new features
upd 1.7 Makes hiscores of your best five uptimes, ready for when showing off!
vmailmgr 0.95 Powerful qmail addon package for virtual domain email
waspchat 0.0.1 Human to computer chat prog
WebAlbum 0.36 A perl script which produces html photo albums.
WebFetch 0.10 Perl5 module infrastructure to export and retrieve news for web display
Websuite 0.98.3 Suite of CGI applications in C
WHAMp 0.5.0 An mpg123 frontend using the gtk-toolkit
whichman 1.7 whichman, ftff and ftwhich are fault tolerant search utilities.
Window Maker Theme Install 0.51 Window Maker theme installation program written in Gtk
wmbp6 1.7 DockApp monitoring sensors for temperatures and fans speed.
wmdctrl 0.3.0 diald control application for windowmaker dock
WMpop 0.42 WidowMaker DockApp for monitoring a POP3 mailbox
WMTune 1.1c Premier dockable radio tuner
Worker 1.3.1 Highly configurable graphical Filemanager for X
WPP 2.0.10 Small perl5 script that allows preprocessing of HTML files
WSoundServer 0.1.2 Sound Server for Window Maker
wvDecrypt 1.1.0 microsoft word 97 password validator and *almost* decrypter
X ARCHON 0.30 A clone of the classic ARCHON game
X-Chat 1.3.2 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
XBoard 4.0.3
XDBM 19990915 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
XEmacs 21.2.19 Internationalized text editor
xlHtml 0.1.2 XLS to HTML converter
xmms-ahx 0.1 An AHX player for xmms (synthetic music)
XSane 0.35 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE, also a GIMP plugin
xwpe-alpha 1.5.19a A programming environment for UNIX systems
XZX 2.9.1 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 emulator
yafc 0.4.7 Yet Another FTP Client
Zebra 0.79 Route Server and Route Reflector daemon
Zfm 15sept99 A new, very extensive and portable filemanager

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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