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Linux and business

TurboLinux has launched TurboCluster Server with a flurry of deals. Announced as "the world's first software Linux clustering solution", TurboCluster is the focus of deals announced in press releases with: Compaq to support developers, Cubix to deliver an integrated solution to enterprise server farms, Giganet to include cLAN drivers to support virtual interface (VI) architecture and LinuxCare to ensure enterprise support.

This is a well orchestrated product launch combining Open Source and proprietary technology with solid commercial partnerships. TurboLinux has orchestrated the important components of a successful product launch focused on commercial needs: big name partners, developer support, user support, bundled hardware solutions and an emphasis on performance

LWN described the busy times at TurboLinux recently with a prediction of some big announcements when TurboCluster launched. In an interview for that article, TurboLinux North American Vice President Lonn Johnston claimed that the portions of their clustering solution which are currently proprietary will be released under an open source license after 6 to 9 months. Long enough to gain a market lead but quickly enough to nurture the Open Source model.

Melding Open Source and commercial practices to build businesses that support the community and realize financial success is still a relatively new business model. As funds from IPOs, outside investors and profitable operations provide more working capital we can expect to see lots of attempts to strike the right balance between all iterests. For a not-optimistic viewpoint on TurboLinux' efforts, check out this ComputerWorld article and the resultant Slashdot commentary. "TurboLinux's approach could put the compatibility of the different brands or ``distributions'' of Linux at risk, Weiss said. " However, not a lot of people are showing fear and consternation. The changes to the kernel are all under the GPL as well, they have to be.

TurboLinux is backed by investment from Intel Corp., August Capital and Broadview International, LLC.

Here is some more detail on TurboLinux's recent alliances.
  • The announcement from Giganet, Inc. about their strategic relationship with TurboLinux to package cLAN drivers with TurboLinux's TurboCluster Server.

  • The announcement about the alliance with Compaq Computer Corporation to support companies developing applications to run on TurboCluster Server.

  • This one is about the agreement with Cubix Corp. to bundle TurboCluster Server software in the company's Density Series servers for enterprise server farms.

  • and this one is about their agreement with Linuxcare Inc. to partner on enterprise support, services, training, and hardware certification and testing for TurboLinux software, including TurboCluster Server.

  • Finally, SCO allied themselves with TurboLinux following up its recent investment in LinuxMall with the announcement of a joint initiative with TurboLinux where SCO will provide consulting services to TurboLinux customers "in planning, cost analysis and deployment of their TurboLinux systems".

Press Releases:

    Products for Linux:

  • Boca Research, Inc. announced the BocaVision JNC205 Java Network Terminal, with a customized Linux operating system and a full implementation of Infomatec's Java Network Technology.

  • Entera, Inc. announced a RTSP/RTP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol/Real-Time Protocol) content streaming solution on Cobalt Networks new RaQ 3i Linux-based server appliance.

  • Intel announced the availability of a Linux driver for its gigabit ethernet adaptor. This driver is available in source form, with a very liberal license.

  • LinuxBerg announced the availability of the "Tower Theme" collection. They appear to be mostly WindowMaker themes, with some KDE and Enlightenment thrown in as well.

  • Macmillan USA dominated the Linux retail software sales in August for the second consecutive month, according to figures from PC Data.

  • Mission Critical Linux LLC announced the first of three foundation tools that will support its technical services for the Linux platform.

  • ON Channel Inc., a developer of embedded Linux software for consumer Internet access devices and the embedded industrial market, announced it has begun integrating and customizing its OS 2000 embedded Linux software for specific consumer solutions.

  • ParaSoft announced the latest version of their automatic runtime error detection tool, Insure++ v5.1 for Red Hat Linux.

  • Progressive Systems, Inc. announced that its Phoenix Adaptive Firewall has received certification from the International Computer Security Association ("ICSA"). The Phoenix supports Caldera, Red Hat,TurboLinux, and S.u.S.E. Linux distributions.

  • Rt-Control of Toronto announced the release of the uCsimm Embedded Microcontroller Linux platform.

  • Trend Micro, Inc. announced InterScan VirusWall 3.01 for Red Hat Linux 6.0.


  • Cobalt Networks, Inc. introduced the RaQ 3i, Cobalt's third-generation server appliance which comes pre-configured with Linux.

  • Compaq Computer Europe, Middle East and Africa announced its new Linux thin client product, the Compaq T1500.

  • ON Channel announced that it will start shipping its embedded Linux system this quarter.

  • StarBox Netsystems introduced the iBox, an ultra-thin rackmount server, using the Intel Pentium III processor. StarBox delivers the servers with Linux, NT or Solaris preinstalled.

  • TruSOLUTIONS announced "the world's smallest rackmount Pentium III server" which fits into a 1U slot. It can come with either Red Hat or TurboLinux installed.

    Also comes in Linux:

  • Atypon Systems Inc. announced the release of a redesigned version of IDEAL, the new online publishing platform of Academic Press.

  • BiT Microsystems, Inc. announced the availability of E-Disk SUX35, an Ultra SCSI (8-bit) solid state flash disk.

  • Computing Associates announced that Linda, its parallel and distributed computing development tools, are now available for Alpha/ Linux.

  • Data Fellows Corporation announced F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux.

  • Etnus announced that a Linux version of its application debugger, TotalView, will be released early next year.

  • Excalibur Technologies Corporation announced Excalibur RetrievalWare WebExpress 2.0.

  • GraphOn Corporation announced it is repositioning and renaming its family of server-based, Web-enabling software.

  • Hewlett-Packard Company announced the HP ProCurve Networking strategy.

  • This press release from Lotus covers several announcements. The interesting one is several paragraphs down and says, "Lotus also announced the imminent availability of Domino Release 5 for Linux which will deliver Domino's capabilities on the rapidly growing Linux operating system."

  • O'Reilly & Associates announced the publication of the "JavaScript Application Cookbook" by Jerry Bradenbaugh.

  • PowerQuest Corporation announced the release of PartitionMagic 5.0.

  • Pulsecom announced that its integrated, user-initiated, standards-based service selection capability, Dynamic Connect, now supports Linux.

  • REBOL Technologies announced REBOL/Core 2.1, a platform independent Internet communications language, is now available with the Red Hat Linux 6.1 Application CD.

  • ServInt Internet Services announced the new arrival of ServInt Custom Built Servers, fully customized dedicated servers. Various options are available, including customized Linux servers.

  • Sybase, Inc. announced it has a deal with the US Department of Defense (DOD). The first delivery order is for Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE). Sybase will offer ASE on NT, UNIX and Linux.

  • TakeFive Software announced SNiFF+ version 3.2, a source code engineering solution.

  • Verity, Inc. announced support for the Red Hat Linux platform.

  • Zero G Software announced the availability of InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition.

    Partnerships, Investments and Acquisitions:

  • Alpha Processor, Inc., (API) launched its strategic partner program to bring high-performance Alpha applications to enterprise customers worldwide. To expand the number of applications for Alpha, the program is focused on low to mid range server and performance workstations running Alpha Linux.

  • [Tux case] BeComputing announced that it has acquired Ornaco Technologies and that it intends to "become a leader in Linux solutions." They also announced an Athlon-based system. See also the cute "Tux Case" on their web site.

  • Ensim Corporation announced that VA Linux Systems, Inc. is a charter member of Ensim's ServerXchange Partner Programs.

  • internet.com announced that it has acquired LinuxCentral.com.

  • Internet Direct selected SiteAssure Suite by Platform Computing to monitor and ensure the availability of the organization's Linux powered Web hosting service, iDirectHosting.com.

  • Linuxcare, Inc. reached an agreement with NEC Software, the 3800-person Systems Integration arm of NEC, to provide in-depth Linux technical support for NES developers engaged in building Linux-based solutions.

  • Magic Software Enterprises announced that it has exercised its option to purchase the remaining 20% of Magic Software Japan.

  • nStor Corporation announced that VA Linux Systems has entered into an agreement to market nStor's new scalable and flexible RAID-Ready NexStor 8Le/LJ storage system with VA's Linux servers and workstations.

  • Red Hat, Inc. announced that Intel Corporation will bundle the Red Hat Linux operating system with Intel's server platforms the company markets through its recently created Internet Service Provider program.

  • SuSE announced an agreement with IBM to distribute, market and support selected IBM e-business software solutions for the Linux platform.

    More Third Quarter Reports:

  • Adaptec, Inc.

  • Brooktrout, Inc.

  • Business Evolution Inc.

  • Compaq Computer Corporation

  • eSoft Inc.

  • Informix Corporation

  • Insignia Solutions

  • Magic Software Enterprises, Ltd.

  • MSC.Software Corporation

  • Pervasive Software Inc.

  • SCO

  • Vixel Corporation

  • Webb Interactive Services, Inc.

  • White Pine Software, Inc.


  • Covalent Technologies, a supplier of commercial software for the Apache Web Server platform, announced the availability of several commercial support options for the Apache Web server.

  • A delegation of European industry leaders sponsored by the Eurolinux Alliance corporate members met with representatives of the European Commission to share views about a possible modification of the article 52.2 of the Munchen Convention that would allow software patents in Europe.

  • HotDispatch, Inc. introduced www.hotdispatch.com, the marketplace for web-deliverable technical services, designed to meet the needs of Java and Linux programmers.

  • Linuxcare Inc. announced that Regis McKenna has been appointed to its board of directors.

  • Mission Critical Linux LLC announced the addition of a senior IT executive as Vice President of Sales. The position will be filled initially by Paul Guyette.

  • NETmachines Inc. announced that the company wants to bring a new level of Linux-based server appliances to ISPs, small and medium sized businesses and vertical markets, such as education and healthcare.

  • SuSE opened an additional office in the Greater London area.

Section Editor: Dennis Tenney.

October 28, 1999


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