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Michael Hammel at The Graphics Muse sent us an announcement of new features on the site, including "backend and MyNetscape support, updates Q and A and Reader Mail sections".

David Lloyd has followed up his recent creation of a Linux C mailing list with the creation of a Linux C++ mailing list. Of course, other resources, such as comp.lang.c++, are also available.

LinuxLinks.com has announced the Linux Package Guide, a freely available database of packages available in Red Hat, Debian, Caldera and SuSE.


Linux India, the organization of Linux LUGS in India, will be hosting a Linux Pavilion at Bangalore IT.COM '99 in Bangalore, India, November 1st through the 5th. Check their press release for more details.

Those of you who are going to be at SuperComputing '99 next month will want to pencil in the Beowulf Extreme Bash, happening on November 15.

Web sites

Web sites for Children. Martin Skjöldebrand dropped us a note to mention that he has put up a website, called Children's Linux, on which to record Linux applications suitable for children. He's only got one entry up there now and there must be more ... Send him a note if you have suggestions.

Note that LinuxForKids is another web site that was announced a while ago that is also trying to centralize information on software for Linux for children. The author of that site has dropped Martin a note, so hopefully they can get together to collaborate.

Another place to look for similar information is seul-edu, the educational project partnered with Simple End User Linux (SEUL).

October 28, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
4DOM 0.8.2 A CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C's Document Object Model in Python
AbiWord 0.7.6 Fully featured word processor
acro 2.1.02 Random character-sequence generator
ALSA driver 0.4.1d An alternative implementation of Kernel sound support
Amaya 2.2 Ttest-bed browser/authoring tool of the W3C
Apache JServ 1.1b3 Java servlet engine
Appletalk Configurator 1.2 GTK+ GUI for Netatalk package
asDrinks 1.9.4 News headlines from nerd/UNIX type sites in your AfterStep startmenu
asfatm 0.75b Hardware monitoring wharf/dock app
atsar 1.5 system activity report
AutoCD 1.0.0 Autostarts audio/data/mixed CDs when they're inserted.
AutoConvert 0.3.2 Chinese GB/HZ/BIG5 encoding auto convert
Automatic Todo List 1.2 To-do list program for bash
BibleReader 0.1.1 Bible browsing program using Gtk
Big Ben 0.1 Spiffy themed clock
bip 1.3.4 Send messages to pagers using the Internet
bk2site 0.9.0 Transforms Netscape bookmark file into yahoo-like website.
Brain 0.5.1 Prototype based, object-oriented scripting language
C2HTML 0.1.6 Makes HTML files that show the souce code of a program
Cabinet Library 0.30 Portable Cabinet Library and Utilities
Calculator 0.8.9B Simple Command Line Calculator
CAMP 1.4.2835 Console Interface for command-line MP3 players
camserv 0.20 Streaming webcam server for Video4Linux with filters.
Carrito 0.3.3 It's a console game, it can be played via internet.
ccirc 0.82.7a An irc client written in shell scripts and telnet.
CD-ROM Control for Linux 2 CD-Rom control panel
CDPlayer.app 1.5 CD player with CDDB support.
centerICQ 1.10.7 a textmode-based ICQ clone for Linux
CMC 0.3.1 Chaos Mail Checker
Cohesion 1.01 Java-based Plugable Application Framework, including Modelling Plugin and others
Common UNIX Printing System 1.0.1 Internet Printing System for UNIX
Configure-it 1.1 Perl script to configure bash aliases
cowsay 3.0 An easy way to add speaking and thinking cows to anything.
Cryptix 3.1.1 Strong cryptography for Java
Cryptix SASL alpha1 Implementation of the SASL Java language bindings and some SASL mechanisms.
curl 6.2 Command line tool for getting data from a URL
dagrab 3.3.3 Extracts digital audio from CD and stores it in WAV files (incl CDDB)
DBIx::CGI 0.05 Easy to Use DBI Interface for CGI Scripts
DDUpdate 1.6 A cross-platform update client for dyndns.org's DynamicDNS Service
demcd 2.1.1 CDPlayer for Linux
Dieresis Newsboy 1.0.5 Web-Based News and Announcements Publishing Perl Script
dips 0.0.1b Distributed IP simulator
Disc-Cover 0.9.3 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
DNRD 2.1 Proxy DNS server for home networks with multiple ISPs
Doom Sysadmin .60 Remote Windows System Administration Tool with Doom Front End.
dopewars 1.4.5 Drug dealing game set in New York
dosfw 0.1 Denial-of-Service firewall for Linux/netfilter
dproxy 0.1 Caching DNS proxy
DPS-FTP 0.5.4 Bulletproof-like ftp client
Drall 0.15.1 Allows users to access their directories and files remotely via a web browser
Dual Protocol File Server 2.0beta1 Hybrid FTP/HTTP file server
DWUN 0.4 Controls PPP link by client requests for connection
DynamicJava 1.0beta5 Java source interpreter
E-Grail 2.0 Server-side Web Content Management Software
e2fsprogs 1.17 Ext2 Filesystem Utilities
Easy TcpIp library 0.2 TCP/IP developer library
Eddie 1.3.2 Robust, clustering, load balancing, high availability, web server tool.
elknews 0.1.7 Usenet Newsreader
ELSA 1_0b-016 RTSP/RTP Streaming Media Server
eMixer 0.05.2 MP3 Mixing Software
Energymech 2.7.0 Bot for irc with eggdrop like features to manage a channel
EnRus dictionary tools 1.0pre Tcl/Tk scripts for manipulating textual (plain or gzipped) dictionary base.
Epeios 19991024 Collection of general purposes C++ libraries working under UNIX and Windows.
Ethereal 0.7.6 GUI network protocol analyzer
eud2mbox 1.1 Eudora Mailbox (.mbx) to standard mbox converter
Euphoria Programming Language 2.2 Beta Simple, flexible, powerful programming language for Linux, DOS and Windows
evilwm 0.2.7 Yet Another 9wm-based Window Manager
Exmh 2.1.1 An X user interface for MH mail
eXtace 1.2.9 ESD FFT visual plugin, eye-candy
Eye of Gnome 0.2 The GNOME image viewing and cataloging program
farsh 1.0.0 Find and Run shell
fbgetty 0.1.4 An extended mingetty for Linux
Filesystems HOWTO 0.7 HOWTO about filesystems and accessing filesystems from several OSes.
Flash Mount Menu 1.0 Automounter/umounter
Flight Gear 0.7.1 Flight simulator
Flowersol 1.00 Oonsoo and other flower card games for PySol
FreeAmp 2.0 beta 2 Open Source MP3 player
FreeMarker 1.5 HTML templating system for Java servlets
freemed 19991021 Free medical management software in a web browser
FreeWRL 0.21-alpha2 Free VRML browser for Linux
Frotz 2.32 release 1 A Portable Z-Machine Interpreter
FSViewer 0.2.3 File Viewer lookalike for Window Maker.
ftpcheck 0.32 Searches for anonymous ftp sites on given nodes/networks
FvwmKb 0.3.2 Fvwm module for comfortable work with several keyboard layouts
FWT 1.2.6 Web based configuration tool for ipchains and more
Gaby 1.9.14 A small personal databases manager using GTK+
gbox_applet 0.2 mbox watcher
gcc 2.95.2
GdkMagick 0.5 Image conversion and communication library for the ImageMagick and GDK toolkits
gEdit 0.5.5 GTK+ based text editor
Generic Colouriser 0.2 Colourises any files or outputs of commands.
Gentry 0.1.3 GTK application for data entry into a MySQL database
Getent 1.1.0 passwd/group/services lookup utilities
ggitv 0.0.8 TV-application on ggi
gif2png 1.2.1 converts GIF image files to PNG format
GIMP Imagemap plug-in 1.3 GIMP plug-in for creation of clickable imagemaps.
Glimpse 4.12.5 Indexing and querying system
gmail 0.4.6 Gmail is an experiment in an sql vfolder-based email system.
GNOME QuickRes Applet 1.0.1 GNOME panel applet to change the X11 video mode
Gnome Toaster 10-21-1999 create CDRs the easy way with Gnome/Gtk
gnome-pilot 0.1.40 Palm Pilot integration for GNOME
gnotepad+ 1.2.0pre2 An easy-to-use, yet fairly feature-rich, simple text editor
GNU cfengine 1.5.3 A tool for administering Networks of Diverse Machines
GNU parted 0.0.8 A partition editor, for creating, destroying, resizing and copying partitions.
GNU Pth 1.2b8 GNU Portable Threads
GNU Sather 1.2.0 Object Oriented Programming Language
GProc 0.5.0-pre1 Managing process from the Gnome panel
Grace 5.0.5 (gamma) a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool
GRASS 5.0beta4 Public Domain GIS software
gTans 0.1 Tangram puzzle game
Gtk-- 1.1.2 C++ interface for the popular GUI library gtk.
GtkExText 0.0.10
GtkShadow 0.3 web-oriented graphic tool
GTKtalog 0.08 Fast Disk Catalog using a friendly interface.
GtkTiLink 0.21_1.81_devel A TI calculators <-> PC communication program using a GTK interface
gxsnmp 0.0.15 snmp managment frontend
Helpdesk 5.1 An SQL based job tracking system with a web fronted.
Heretic for Linux 1.0.1 Port of Heretic to Linux
htsserver 0.5.1 Server application of the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
httpmanage 0.3 PHP3 tool that provides functions to manage two versions of HTML files
icewm 0.9.49 Window Manager designed for speed, usability and consistency
ICI 2.1.3 A dynamic, interpretive language with C-like syntax
ICRADIUS 0.10 Powerful cross platform radius server
ifhp 3.3.10 A Great Printfilter for HP printers
imlib 1.9.8 Advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm
infobot 0.44.3 Pseudo-AI IRC bot written in Perl
International Kernel Patch Collection of internationally developed crypto for the Linux kernel
IPAD 0.10.00 Intelligent vector drawing package
isapnptools 1.19 ISA plug and play configuration utility
jEdit 2.1final Powerful text editor
jftpgw 0.0.2 small ftp proxy
jwhois 2.2 A collection of Perl programs for the whois service
Jzip 2.0.2 beta Infocom z-code adventure game interpreter
kaffe 1.0b5 Complete, PersonalJava 1.1 compliant Java environment
Kapm 0.3.1 An APM-BIOS monitor for the KDE desktop.
Katy 0.1 Text editor inspired by UltraEdit
Kazlib 1.12 Robust ANSI C data structure library.
KBriefcase 0.01 Briefcase for KDE similar to Windows briefcase.
KCommander 0.50 Windows Commander Clone for KDE
KDevelop 1.0Beta4 KDevelop is a new C++ development environment for Unix/X11.
kdiald 0.1beta1 KDE interface to diald and pppd
kernel configurator 1.0 Tool to help building Linux kernel
knetstart 0.5 Simple Ethernet card setup with network map
KNode 0.1.8 Online-newsreader for KDE
Komba 0.2.1 Samba share browser
kTFXshell 2.3 KDE frontend for tfmx-play
ku 1.1BETA4 A utmp based shell admin utility for maintaining shell logins.
LANdb 0.72 Provides network managers with a means of cataloging network connections.
Latte 2.1 Better web authoring language
Lazy Solitaire 0.3 Solitaire card game for lazy people
Leech 0.25 Recursive download automation tool
lftp 2.1.4 Sophisticated command line based FTP client
libGLobs 0.2.6 A set of C++ OpenGL object manipulation classes
libmcrypt 2.2.4 A library to access various encryption algorithms
libmikmod 3.1.8 Full-featured sound library
Libsigc++ 0.8.5 Callback framework for C++
libtcp++ 0.0.4 C++ class library to create TCP/IP clients/servers
libxmi 1.1.1 2-D rasterization library
Linux Memory Technology Device project 19991025 Support for Flash and RAM devices under Linux
logcolorise 1.0.7 Ssyslog log colourising PERL script
logController 0.4 Console-log size controller
lold 0.1.15 The LameOver Linux Demo Project
LPRng 3.6.11 The Next Generation of LPR
maildrop 0.74 maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent
makeself 1.3 Script to create self-extractable gzipped tar archives
MasqMail 0.0.8 Offline Mail Transfer Agent
MaxiWeb 1.3.1 C++ ASP compiler and embedded web server for Linux and Win32
Metagroup 0.0 Utility which adds hierarchical structure to Linux groups.
Mexx 1.0.3 Shoot'em up for Linux/Win32/BeOS
mfm 1.1 A graphical frontend for mtools
mhash 0.6.1 Provides an easy to use C interface for several hashalgorithms
Midgard 1.2.4 A PHP Application Server Suite - Web building with Web-based tools
Midnight Commander 4.5.40 Unix file manager and shell
MindTerm 1.1.1 SSH-client in pure Java, includes stand-alone ssh- and terminal(vt100)-packages
mll2html 1.1.0 Reformats mailinglists file to a HTML file.
mod_jive ALPHA-3 Automatic jiving of static HTML as an apache module
mod_ssl 2.4.6 Apache Interface to OpenSSL
Mp3 Commander 0.2 A tool to search and play mp3 collections and generate playlists
mp3d 0.2.2 Client-server MP3-player
MRTd 2.0.1a Routing protocol daemon (BGP, RIP, OSPF) and tools
MSWordView 0.5.38 Microsoft Word 8 document viewer
Mutt 1.0 Small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operatingsystems
MyODBC 2.50.27 ODBC for MySQL
ncps 0.46 ncurses based process killer
NeoStats 1.1.2 IRC Statistical Services
Net::RawIP 0.09 Perl module for easy manipulation of raw IP packets directly from Perl
NetHirc 0.04 Nethack-inspired IRC client
Network UPS Tools 0.42-pre1 Multiple vendor (APC, Powercom) UPS monitoring software
NFTP 1.60 Powerful, full-featured FTP client
ngrep 1.35 network grep
Nightfall 0.16 Eclipsing binary star program
NSBD 1.3 patchlevel 1999/10/22 Not-So-Bad Distribution (automated free software distribution)
nullmailer 0.39 A simple to configure relay-only MTA.
nwfiir 0 HiFi quality digital equalizer
ODBC-ODBC Bridge Provides ODBC access from Unix to remote ODBC data sources
omega Implementation and extension of the M-Technology (MUMPS) standards
OpenMap 3.3.4 JavaBeans tool kit for building applications/applets with maps
OpenNaken 0.60 Tcl/Tk client for Naken Chat
OpenSSH Linux Port 1.0pre2 Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release to Linux
OpenVerse Visual Chat 0.6-4 Free Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK
openWAP 0.0.0 WAP GNU Open Source Project
pcmcia-cs 3.1.3 Card Services for Linux is a complete PCMCIA or ``PC Card'' support package.
Perl Composer 0.3p1 Perl/Gtk integrated visual programming environment
pftp 1.1.1 A tool for IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP data transfer.
Phantom Cipher 1.1 Symmetric block cipher reference implementation.
Phorum 3.0.7 Phorum is a web based discussion software written in PHP
php-LugMembers 1.0 Interface to access a members database written in php3/MySql
PHPLIB 7.2 Web Application Development Package for the PHP language
Picview 0.3 Thumbnail preview, image viewer and slideshow program for Gnome.
PIKT 1.7.0 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
pinfo 0.5.8 Hypertext info file viewer
pingirva 0.1.b2 GTK+ interface for the ping command.
pk 0.9.2 An Open-Source POSIX Threads embedded real-time kernel
ploticus 1.3 data display engine
Pocket Frog 0.1a (Keroyon) Green Frog Linux for the Mobile Gear
PowerPak 991023 An attempt at a high-level game SDK
Powertweak-Linux 0.1.4 System performance enhancer.
pppsum 0.4 A PPP daemon log analyzer
ppptime 0.9 Prints out the time a ppp connection has been active
Prism Metaprogramming Tool v1.0.0a3:3 Tool for creating interoperable metaprograms (compilers, parsers, etc.)
ProFTPD 1.2.0pre9 Advanced, incrediblyconfigurable and secure FTP daemon
PTlink Services 1.4.0 IRC Registration Services
QCad 1.2.0 CAD Program
qmHandle 0.4.1 A tool to manage the qmail message queue
qpasswd 1.0 POP3 password changing utility for qmail+poppasswd
QtEZ 0.82.5 Qt based rapid application development environment
Quicktime for Linux 1.1.5 Low level Quicktime library for *NIX
Rabid Squirrel Linux 0.1 A Linux distribution for power users and sysadmins
Raceway 0.6 Embedded interface for ZENamp
Ramp Music Player 0.7 A front end to mpg123 with next-generation playlist capabilities
Record Management 0.7beta2 Program to manage large sound carrier archives (LPs, CDs, MP3s, singles, ...).
ResCafé 1.0 Mac Resource Fork reader written in Swing Java
RFCutil 2.0 fast util to search the rfc-index for a topic and display it with lynx
Ricochet 0.92 Automated Agent for Tracing and Reporting Internet Junk eMail.
ROCK Linux 1.3.4 Linux Distribution for high skilled Linux User and Admins
Rocks'n'Diamonds 1.4.0 Arcade style Boulderdash/EmeraldMine clone for X11 with stereo sounds
Rodian 0.6.0 Layer for handling, representing and storing information objects in a tree
Root-Portal 0.3.1 Background Desktop System Logger
RSS Maker 1.0 Perl-based RSS file creator & maintence tool
SAUCE 0.5.0 ALPHA Paranoid anti-spam mailserver
sawmill 0.14 Extensible window manager
ScryMUD 2.0.6 Original MUD Server and Java Client
SCWM Scheme Constraints Window Manager
Secure FTP 0.1 FTP replacement over ssh/rsh
Sendmail 8.10.0.Beta6 Powerful and flexible Mail Transport Agent
Setedit 0.4.39 An editor for C/C++ programmers with a nice text interface.
setup.sh 0.1 Package management aware source code installation script
SLiRP 1.0.8 SLIP/PPP emulator over shell/telnet/ssh/etc.
Spruce 0.5.6 Simple email client coded for X with the Gtk widget set
squishdot 0.3.2 Zope-based weblog (Slashdot-like forum)
star trek ency reader 0.7.1 Reads the star trek encyclopedia under linux
sysinfo.sh .1 A bash script to gather system specs
syslog-ng 1.2.0 A portable syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme.
System Info 0.8 System Information Perl Script
tailbeep 0.43 Watches an open file for a string and beeps the console if it sees it.
TAPIIR 0.2.3 Multi-tap-delay audio effect processor
TCFS 2.2.3 Transparent Cryptographic File System
Test Environment Toolkit 3.3c A toolkit for test development and management
TeXmacs 0.2.3 (beta) W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor
The Linux Console Tools 0.2.3 Allows you to set-up and manipulate theLinux console
tinc 0.3.1 Virtual private network daemon
TinySID 0.92 A small C64 SID music player featuring X11 (50kb) and console (10kb)
tkMOO-light 0.3.21 Powerful cross-platform chat client.
tksqlbind 0.1 tksqlbind is a perl script that will edit sqlbind zones
TkZip 1.0.15 X front end to standard archiving/compression programs
Turbo Vision 1.0.9 Nice and complete console TUI (Text User Interface) for C++
TurboCluster Server 4.0B7 High availability load-balancer for IP applications, works w/ heterogeneous nets
TWIG 2.0.0 A web-based IMAP client written with PHP3
txt2pdf 2.4 A very flexible and powerful PERL5 converter from text files to PDF
UAE 0.8.10 Software emulation of the hardware of theCommodore Amiga 500/1000/2000
Unreal Tournament demo 348 Unreal Tournament demo (client/server)
uptimer 1 Adds the current uptime to your .sig file
USBView 0.4.0 USB device and topology viewer
UxFeR 2.1 External X/Y/Z BBS File Transfer Protocols [front-end]
Virtual X68000 X68000 emulator
vpnstarter 0.pre2.0 (build 40) A light-weight VPN suite with keep-alive utilities using free software.
vux 0.0.7 Highly configurable logging system. (CGI)
WebCal 2.0 A simple browser based calendar program.
WebEvent 3.2b2 WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.
webfs 0.6 Lightweight HTTP server for static content
WebGlimpse 1.7.6 Adds search capabilities to WWW site automatically and easily
WebRun 1.13 Simple Java application distribution tool
weedlog 1.0.0-pre1 A packet logger to help debug network connections.
WEEDS 2 Java application that converts XML files describing plants into an HTML flora
windsock 0.1.0 SOCKS4/5 server in Java
Winie 1.0.1 HTTP/1.1 Put Tool
WipeOut 1.5.4 IDE for C++, Java, Eiffel, and Fortran
wmdctrl 0.4.0 diald control application for windowmaker dock
wmfire fire in a window maker dock applet
wmpinboard 0.10 Window Maker pinboard dock-app
WRMF-PGM 1.0.7 Reliable Multicast Protocol framework and Cisco PGM implementation
Wroonian 0.6.0 A script which will help you create and maintain knowledge, information and FAQs
wsmake 0.5.7 Website make tool written in C++
WWWdb 0.0.3 Database-access over HTTP with consistency-check
X-Chat 1.3.5 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
X-Tract 1.0 Build 404 XML Script processor
XCuteALL 0.1 File finder for X
XEBOT 0.5.00 Visual GUI application builder and self contained execution environment
Xenon 0.6.4 A simple X-based text editor
XFMail 1.4.0 Email client for X11 based on XForms
Xmerge redhog.4.1 Xmerge merges two windows, creating a new window, with two
XMMS VQF Plugin 0.1 VQF Plugin for XMMS
XMovie 1.1.0 Play Quicktime movies in stereo
Xplanet 0.41 An Xearth wannabe
XShipWars 1.20 Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
Xwhois 0.3.9 Small and fast GTK+ X11 client for the internet whois network services.
ZAngband 2.3.1 Rogue-like roleplaying game
Zebedee 1.0.1 Encrypting, compressing TCP/IP tunnel
Zebra 0.80 Route Server and Route Reflector daemon
ZENamp 1.1(alpha) Embedded MP3 audio engine
ZMech 1.1.00 State machine development tool



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