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See also: last week's Announcements page.


Linux Myth Dispeller. Jon Tillman wrote to tell us that he would like to take over the Linux Myth Dispeller page from Kenneth R. Kinder, who has not updated it since 1997 and is not to be found. So Mr. Kinder, if you are reading this please email Mr. Tillman (anti-spammed email address : tillmanj (at) sccoast.net). Others can send contributions to the same email address.

(Note that Christopher Browne also has an updated version of the Linux Myth Dispeller online).


Helpfile: Getting USB printers to work. LinuxNewbie.org has put up a new helpfile on getting USB printers to work. Since many users on 2.2 kernels will also have to make the USB backport work on their systems, that task is covered as well.

Linux filesystem hierarchy smart card. Firstlinux.net has put up a one-page "smart card" describing the Linux filesystem hierarchy.

Linux Website War!. HardcoreLinux is sponsering a "Linux Website War!" to promote Linux and related websites.


The Linux Superclusters Users Conference will be held in Albuquerque, NM, on September 11 to 15. There's a number of prominent speakers, and the grand opening of the Los Lobos cluster will happen as well. See the call for participtation for more information.

The Telluride Tech Festival. Here's an announcement for the first Telluride Tech Festival, to be held in Telluride, Colorado on August 11-14. The program includes Raymond Kurzweil, Richard Stallman, and John Perry Barlow. And, of course, Telluride is an amazingly beautiful place. See the festival web page for more.

Michael Dell at LinuxWorld. Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO of Dell Computers will deliver the opening keynote at LinuxWorld on Tuesday, August 15. The topic, "Putting Linux on the Fast Track".

LINUX Business Expo Moves. Key3Media Events announced that due to the tremendous growth of the LINUX Business Expo brand, the November event has been moved from the Las Vegas Hilton to the Sands Convention Center and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. LINUX Business Expo is co- located with COMDEX/Fall; both events run November 13-17, 2000.

2001 O'Reilly Conference on Java. O'Reilly & Associates has posted a Call for Participation soliciting masters of Java technology, who are interested in leading tutorial and conference sessions at the 2001 O'Reilly Conference on Java.

Pictures from the Ottawa Linux Showcase. Dana Echtner has posted an extensive set of pictures taken at the Ottawa Linux Symposium in July. Some of them are quite nice.

Additional events can be found in the LWN Event Calendar. Event submissions should be sent to lwn@lwn.net in a plain text format.

Web sites

KinderStart.com. KinderStart.com utilizes Linux-based, custom-designed software. "KinderStart.com isn't for everybody, but it is for mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, expectant parents, teachers, health care practitioners, caregivers and anyone else interested in infants, toddlers, and children."

User Group News

AaLUG Linux Clustering Weekend. The Aarhus, Denmark Linux Users Group will be connecting desktop computers in a MOSIX Cluster at the Linux Clustering Weekend, August 19-20, 2000. You will find more info in Danish at http://www.aalug.dk/alcw/.

Omaha Linux User Group Meeting. The Omaha Linux User Group is meeting on August 20, 2000. The topic is network security, both "normal" firewalls and the Medusa DS9 system.

August 10, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
0verkill 0.6 A bloody action 2D deathmatch game in ASCII art.
3Delight 0.5.1 A RenderMan renderer.
3Dwm 0.2 A three-dimensional window manager.
ABClock 0.9 A clock that's clear even in very small bitmaps.
AcidGimp 0.5 Add effects to video footage using the metaphor of an analog synth.
actionpoll 1.0.0 A simple PHP-based polling system with customizable output (HTML, WML, etc.).
Akopia Interchange 4.5.5 Powerful ecommerce software based on MiniVend and Tallyman.
alienated.org Grabber 1.0 A simple PHP script to display news items from alienated.org.
ALSA driver 0.5.9 An alternative implementation of Kernel sound support
Alt+Connect 2.4.0/9 A program to manage dialup connections.
Antivore 0.9 An email server that manages encryption server-side.
Apache 2.0a5 High performance, UNIX based HTTP server
Apache Compile Kit 7.5 A compilation kit for Apache with PHP and other modules.
apacompile 1.0.1 A full-featured Apache compilation HOWTO.
APG 1.27 A Java app that generates Web photo galleries.
arla 0.34.1 A free AFS client and server for Linux, *BSD and others.
asp2php 0.75.3 Converts Active Server Pages (ASP) to PHP3 scripts
Aspell .32.1 Intelligent Spell Checker
Averist 0.5.4 Authentication layer to any web based application
AweMUD 0.4.4 A C++ based MUD server for fantasy settings.
Balsa 0.9.1 A GNOME mail client with support for local mailboxes, POP3, and IMAP.
BASHISH sr1.8 A modular Bourne-shell theme engine.
Beeyond BeeCenter 1.0beta13 A secure communication and transaction client.
Beeyond BeeHive 1.0beta13 A secure communication and transaction server.
bftpd 1.0.9 An inetd-based Linux FTP server.
Bind 9.0.0rc2 Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BioJava 1.0 Open Source Java components for biological computation.
BioMail 0.61 A program to send new references from a Medline database to its users.
Blocks 0.15 Anonymous distributed file sharing utility.
BlueJ 1.1 Java Development Environment aimed at teaching
Boa Lightweight and High Performance WebServer
Bomberman 1.0 A bomberman game in Java.
Bubbling Load Monitor Applet 0.9.10 Displays system load as a bubbling liquid.
BUGS 3.3.2 Private key algorithm and applications
ButtonBox 0.02 Executes shell commands with a single click.
C++ Debugging Support library 0.99.0 An output and memory allocation debugging library.
C++ Money Class r2 A C++ class for money denominated in decimal numbers.
CAEL 1.5 Cellular automata engine
Caller Id Presentation System 0.1 A system for loggin/presenting caller Id information.
cal_up.sh 3.3.0 Automate updates to any Caldera box.
CamStream 0.20 Tool for streaming and saving snapshots from a webcam.
Cannon Smash 0.4.4 3D tabletennis game
casse-tete 1.2 A little game.
CBE 0.2.5 Pure Java revision control system.
CDR-Toaster 1.09 Tk frontend for cd-burning. Uses mkisofs and cdrecord
cdrecord 1.10a02 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
Changepass.cgi 0.3 Web-based LDAP user password changer.
Checkservice 0.9.6 A service checker for multiple (remote) hosts.
Chessy 0.5.2 An Internet Chess Club interface for KDE.
Chinput 3.0 A Chinese XIM Server.
chkproc 0.3b Small process monitoring script
Classman 0.0.2 A tool for managing your classpath.
Claymore 0.2 Intrusion detection/integrity monitor, uses md5sum to verify a list of files.
comics.pl 1.8 A Perl script to download all of today's online comics.
Common UNIX Printing System 1.1.2 Internet Printing System for UNIX
CompuPic 5.1 build 1063 CompuPic Graphical Digital Content and File Manager for Linux
Computer History Graphing Project 0.02 A computer family tree.
Courier 0.25 ESMTP/IMAP/POP3/Webmail server.
Coyote Linux 1.20rc5 A single-floppy distribution for sharing an Internet connection.
Crosstalk Analizer 1.0 A tool to find crosstalk problems in microcircuits.
CSSC 0.11alpha.pl4 SCCS clone
Cugar 1.0.3 C++ with Python-like formatting rules.
curl 7.1 Command line tool for getting data from a URL
Cyrus IMAP server 2.0.6 Full featured IMAP server
dbm 0.15 A command-line based DBM file editor.
detect library 0.9.70 A hardware detection library.
Dia 0.86 gtk based diagram drawing program. Much like Visio.
dillo 0.2.3 An HTML browser.
DimX 0.5 A dynamic form system.
djukebox 0.0.0 A distributed (streaming) MP3 jukebox.
DNSTools 1.0.9 A web-based and command-line tool to administer DNS
Downloader for X 1.18 Downloads files from the Internet via both FTP and HTTP
DragonFlyMail 0.9 A Webmail client.
dvgrab 0.86 A utility to save video data from a Mini-DV Video Camcorder.
DX0 pre1.0-3 Browser-specific Dynamic HTML from PHP
e-Squirt 1.0 Appliance interaction via the CoolTown protocol.
e2fsprogs 1.19 Ext2 Filesystem Utilities
EasyNet 1.2 Lightweight C++ TCP/IP stream class library
EasyTAG 0.9.6 A utility for tagging MP3 files.
ECLiPt Roaster 2.0b7 GTK Interface to MkIsoFs and CDRecord for writing CDs on the fly
EditTag 1.0 A Web-based semi-WYSIWYG Web page content management tool.
EJBWizard 2.2.1 Java GUI app to generate EJBs for the JOnAS system.
Elvin4 C library 4.0a10 C client library for Elvin notification/messaging service
elvind 4.0a2 Content-based notification service/message router.
Emacs JDE 2.2.1 A complete Java development environment for Emacs.
Email Security through Procmail 1.117 Email filter to remove remote security exploits of email clients
ENBD 2.2.25 An enhanced network block device for Linux 2.2.
Environ 1.0.3 An interface for manipulating your UNIX environment variables.
EO 0.8.7 Templates-based, ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library
Eteria IRC Client 20000803 An RFC-1459-compliant IRC chat client written in Java.
Ethereal 0.8.11 GUI network protocol analyzer
Fast Light File Manager 0.02-1 A small graphical X11 file manager.
FBShot 0.1c Takes screenshot from framebuffer devices.
FemFind 0.71 SMB and FTP crawler/search engine.
FireDog 0.6 Firewall for stand-alone machines with high-speed connections.
FireMasq 0.7 Masquerading firewall for securely connecting a LAN to the Internet.
FireWall Log Spawn 1.0.2 A firewall log reformatter.
foXcontrol 0.1 Control center for foXdesktop.
foXcontrol-desktop 0.0.6 Allows you to change FOX application settings easily.
Free Standard Game Server 0.7.1 Battle.net-compatible game server
FreeCheck 0.2 A free check-printing application.
FreeMind 0.1.0 A mindmapping tool.
frgpasswd 0.2 A utility to set both the Samba and shadow passwords.
FutureForum Web Discussion Software 1.32 Web based discussion forum written in Perl and MySQL
Fwctl 0.28 High level configuration tool for Linux 2.2 packet filters firewall
g3data 1.03 A program for extracting data from graphs.
gBootRoot 1.0.2 Tool to create a separate boot and root Linux system.
gdpc 2.00 Visualisation tools for molecular dynamic simulations.
GdrDAO 0.3 A simple GTK frontend for CDRDAO (including a TOC editor).
GeekLog 0.5.0 A PHP and MySQL weblog.
gFTP 2.0.7b A multithreaded ftp client for X Windows
Gibraltar Firewall 0.90pre2 A Debian-based router/firewall distribution runnable from a bootable, live CD-RO
Giram 0.1.7 Giram is a modeller, written in GTK+
Give 1.1 Utility to allow users to share files without worrying about file permissions.
gmail 0.5.3 Gmail is an experiment in an sql vfolder-based email system.
Gnapfetch 0.3 Fetches opennap servers for gnapster.
gnomerar 0.4.4 A GUI frontend to rar.
GNU Light Desktop 0.0.3 A small, simple, user-friendly desktop.
GnuMICR 0.21 A Postscript Type 1 MICR font.
GnuPG.pm 0.06 Perl interface to the Gnu Privacy Guard
GNUSearch 0.0.6 A Perl search engine.
gnutrition 0.2 Nutritional analysis software for GNOME.
GotMail 0.6.1 A Perl script to fetch mail from a HotMail account.
GPLTrans 0.9.4 Web-based machine translator.
gPS 0.9.2 GTK-based process status reporting like ps, top and task manager
gpsim 0.20.1 A software simulator of Microchip's PIC microcontrollers
GPSMan 5.1 A graphical manager of Garmin GPS data.
gRustibus 0.42 A GNOME M.A.M.E frontend.
GtkLP for CUPS 0.4 A frontend for printing with CUPS.
GTKtalog 0.1.3 Fast Disk Catalog using a friendly interface.
gtktetcolor 0.4.0 A small Tetris clone for X.
Gtk_VCR.pm 0.29 An addition to GTK Perl to record/replay events.
GTuxNES 0.2.1 GTK based GUI lanuncher for TuxNES emulator
GuitarTex 1.0.3-online Create songbooks or sheets for guitarists.
hagelslag 0.8.1 A Gnutella clone.
HardDrake project 0.9.1 Tools for hardware configuration
HLmaps 0.94 A Perl/CGI script for Half-Life servers to present a list of loaded maps
hostup 0.0.6 Remote host update utility
ht://Check 1.1.0b2-utero A link checker that gets information through HTTP/1.1 and stores in a MySQL db.
HTML Include System 1.0 beta1 HTML Include System (Pre-Processor)
HtmlHeadLine.sh 12.8 Script that automatically fetches news headlines.
HTMLjar 0.2.0 Java HTML construction Package
Hu-Go! 1.28 A PC engine emulator.
i4lmondaemons 0.1 Monitoring daemons for ISDN calls.
IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder V4.0 for Linux 4.0 A WYSIWYG HTML editor for beginners and experts.
IDS 0.31 CGI that produces image galleries on-the-fly.
iGal 1.1 An image gallery generator for the Web.
InnerSpace 1.0 A text-based game framework.
inoize 1.07 MP3 sharing software with encrypted streaming to prevent copyright violation.
IntelliJ Renamer build 128 A Java source code management tool.
interdiff 0.0.8 Create incremental patch from two against a common source.
IpLogLed 0.0.2 An IP logger via keyboard LEDs.
IrNET for Linux-IrDA v2 Efficient and flexible TCP/IP over IrDA.
ISPMan 0.2 An ISP manager.
ISQL-Viewer 1.23.2033 An RDBMS independant console and morpher.
ixjiff ixbiff 1.1 A Java IMAP mail checker.
Jargon File 4.2.0 Description of common hacker words and phrases
Java Bomberman 06.aug.2000 A multiplayer game for Java.
Java Napster 0.76 Java GUI clone of the Napster client for downloading MP3s.
JChessBoard 1.0 A Java-based chess board.
JIGS 0.3.1 GNUstep Java Interface.
Jikes 1.12 Java compiler that translates Java source into bytecoded instruction sets
JOrbis 0.0.1 A pure Java Ogg Vorbis decoder.
Joyitas 0.5 A columns game for GNOME.
JStream 0.2 A Java MP3 streamer and player.
Just Another GTK Tetris 0.4 Small and simple GTK Tetris clone.
Kaim .41 An AOL Instant Messenger using the Qt library.
Karchiveur 2.0pre5 A little archiver for KDE, like ark but more powerful
kcd 4.18.0 Directory change utility.
kdbg 1.1.5 A graphical KDE front end to the GDB debugger. Also used by kdevelop.
KFontinst 0.7.1 KDE-based TrueType and Type1 font installer & previewer.
KGuitar 0.1 KDE guitarist environment
Kimberlite 1.0.1 Linux clustering technology software.
KIsdnmon 0.5 Monitoring tool for ISDN users.
KMovisto 0.2.0 A molecule viewer.
Koala Graphics 3.0 A 100% Java 2D graphics high-level toolkit.
KOF91 2D Fighting Engine for Linux 0.1 2D fighting game engine.
LAME 3.86beta open source MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
lanoche 0.4 generates a report about laptop hardware in HTML
Laptop-Guide 3.1 How to make the best of Linux features with laptops.
larswm 5.6 A tiling window manager built on 9wm.
LCDmail 1.0 A client for use with LCDproc to show new mail.
ldapusersync 0.1 Synchronizes user info from/to LDAP directories.
Leafnode 1.9.15 NNTP server for small leaf sites
Lexmark Z11 Color Printer Driver 0.5 A Lexmark Z11 color printer driver for Linux.
LFS 1.2.0 Large file summit support for Linux 2.2.x
libfoXcontrol 0.1 libfoXcontrol is a library for writing foXcontrol components.
libhtmlparse 0.1.0 An HTML parsing library in C.
libmng 0.9.2 The reference library for the MNG image format.
libnode 1.1.0 Small library for vectors (automatically resizing arrays) and other miscellany
libstocks 0.4.0 A library for fetching stock quotes.
libsx 2.0.3 Simple X library toolkit.
libtcp++ 0.1.1 C++ class library to create TCP/IP clients/servers
Linebreak Converter 1.0b1 Converts linebreaks between Unix, DOS, and Mac.
LineControl Server 2.0.2 A remotecontrol for internet connections.
lineget 3.90 Receive newline terminated strings from buffer/stream/file.
LinkCAD 3.1.1 CAD drawing conversion software for DXF, GDS-II, CIF, PostScript, Gerber, and mo
Linux General Ledger r2 Bookkeeping and accounting software.
Linux Logo 3.9b1 Displays an ANSI or ASCII Linux penguin, along with some sytem information
LinuxFacile 2.1 An Italian manual for learning GNU/Linux.
lloop 0.1.0 Application server and portal framework in Python with wireless and HTML support
LoserJabber 1.9.6 livejournal.com online journal client.
ls -l 0.1 Graphical file-manager.
Lynx 2.8.4 dev 7 Fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser.
m2o.pl 1.8 A MySQL to Oracle create syntax converter.
Magick 2.0b2 IRC services.
mailTOfax 1.02 Sends faxes through your e-mail client.
Majordomo Stats 0.1 Generates statistics for majordomo archives.
Market Analysis System 1.3 market data analysis software
MartiCast 1.1.3 A libshout Perl wrapper and CGI suite for icecast.
Mathfun.py 2 A Python math library.
mcfeely 3.41 fault-tolerant, asynchronous, ordered remote job execution
mconv 1.1.18 Internet BBS working as an overlay on top of the UNIX file system
MemoPanel 6.8 A tiny memo applet on the GNOME panel.
METAGRAF-3D 1.0.4 A graphical editor for MetaPost.
MFMail 0.4.1 A command-line multiple file mail in Python.
Mike's Classifieds 1.0 A simple Perl CGI implementation of online classifieds.
Mike's Vote CGI 1.0 A simple Perl script for taking surveys on Web pages.
MiniGUI 0.3.06 A mini-GUI support library on the Linux console for embedded systems.
MiniVend 4.04a Powerful freely redistributable shopping cart package.
MisterHouse 2.24 Home Automation with Perl
MixMagic 0.1.6 A hard drive sound mixer for GNOME.
mjpeg tools 0.4b1 Tools for MJPEG/MPEG capture/editing/compression.
mmake 2.0 mmake will generate a Makefile for your Java programs.
ModLogAn 0.5.1 A modular logfile analyzer.
Mojo Mail 2.0 An html based mailing list manager.
Mojo Nation beta 0.8241 Data sharing system with micropayments and reputation filtering.
moodss 8.23 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
Mork 0.2.5 A stream processing tool.
MOSIX 0.97.7 for linux 2.2.16 Single-system-image clustering software for Linux.
motion 1.5 A motion detector for video4linux devices.
Mozilla m17 A Web browser for X11 derived from Netscape Communicator.
MP3Master 0.1.4 A Web-based MP3 jukebox with ID3 tag support.
mrtg 2.9.0pre14 Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Musicale 0.6 A MIDI playlist builder and player.
Mutt 1.3.7 A small but very powerful text-based mail client.
MyNapster Webclient 1.0 A Web client into the MyNapster, Napster, and OpenNap networks.
mytop 0.2 An application similar to top for monitoring a MySQL server.
nabou 1.2 Perl file integrity checking tool.
nail 9.20 A MIME-capable version of the Berkeley Mail user agent.
nano 0.9.15 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
NeoMail 1.11 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
Nessus 1.0.4 A free, open-sourced and easy-to-use security auditing tool
NetPBM 9.7 The classic image manipulation/conversion utils
Netscape Communicator 6 preview release 2 All-in-one browser and communications suite
NetStream2000 Linux Driver MPEG-2 decoder driver and DVD player.
new_script 1.0.4 A shell script template generator.
nget 0.11 auto-resuming command line nntp file grabber
Nicq 0.4.0 A new clone of the popular ICQ messaging system for Linux.
noflushd 1.8.5 Daemon that sends idle disks to sleep (for kernels 2.2.11+)
Object-Oriented MPI 1.0.3 An object-oriented interface to the Message Passing Interface (MPI).
oMail-admin 0.90.3a A PHP/Perl-based qmail+vmailmgrd maildomain administration Web interface.
OpenMap 3.6.1 JavaBeans tool kit for building applications/applets with maps
OpenSales AllCommerce 1.0.1 An e-commerce package, content manager, and shopping cart written in Perl.
otarie 2.2.4 An IRC bot with C plugin capabilities.
p5-Palm 1.1.12 Perl modules for manipulating Palm databases.
palette 0.70 A program to adjust the palettes of colors.
Pan 0.8.1 beta 3 Gnome/GTK Newsreader
passwdGen 2.01 A console-based random password generator.
PCP 1.34 Stubborn upload/download program
pdnsd 1.0.7 A proxy DNS server with permanent cache for dial-up systems and small networks.
PeeWeeLinux 0.48 A small linux distribution for embedded applications.
Per-User Bandwidth Monitor 0.1 SImple script to monitor per user bandwidth.
Perl-RPM 0.27 Perl bindings for the rpm 3.0.X API.
Photo Collection 0.3.1 A web-based picture organizer.
Photoaddict 0.4.3 A Perl thumbnailing script.
PHP Class Generator 0.1.1 A class generator that takes a XML file and generates SQL and PHP source files.
PHP-Nuke 2.5 PHP Interactive Web Portal System
PHP-ORBit 0.0.1 A CORBA interface module for PHP4.
phpESP 1.0 Design/create/use/report surveys online.
PHPGem 1.8 A generator of PHP-scripts for working with tables on SQL-servers.
PHPGem-PhotoAlbum 1.4 A PHP-powered photo album generator.
phpGroupWare 08072000 A Web-based software suite.
phpMyAdmin 2.1.0 Handles the basic adminstration of MySQL over the WWW
phpmyfortune 0.0.1 Show a cookie fortune via the Web.
PHP_Fourier 0.0.3 A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) routine for PHP.
PIMP 3.0 beta A Web mail client.
Pnuts 1.0beta8 A scripting language specialized for Java.
PontisCTRL 0.2 A console interface for controlling mp3 player from pontis
POPular 1.2 POP3 server and proxy for large mail systems.
PoPy 1.3.3 A Postgresql driver for Python.
Postaci 1.0.5 A POP3 Webmail application with multilanguage and multidomain support.
ppp 2.4.0
PresTiMeL 20000805 A tool to create HTML presentations.
Prometheus-Library 4.0-beta Object-oriented PHP API
Pronto! 2.0.1 A full-featured Perl/GTK+ mail client.
ProZilla A download accelerator for Linux.
Pspell .11.1 Portable Spell Checker Interface Library.
PTimeTracker 1.6.0 Track the time spent on different activities.
PTlink Services 2.10.0 IRC Registration Services
PyGCS 1.5.0 A very stripped down MUD-like chat-server written entirely in Python.
PyGTK 0.6.6 A set of bindings for the GTK widget set
PyGuiXml 0.4 Generates wxPython interfaces from XML specification.
PySol 4.60 A Python-based Solitaire card game
Python X Library 0.2 An X library for Python, written entirely in Python.
QtHello 1.0 Othello game and toolkit.
Quadra 1.1.4 A shareware, TCP/IP multiplayer T*tris-like game.
Quick and NASTY 1.00 Allows non root users to increase the priority of certain approved tasks
Radiator 2.1.1 A hierarchical radiosity package.
rawrec 0.95 A utility to record and play back raw audio data.
ReactOS 0.0.16 A GPL open source implementation of an operating system like Windows NT
Recovery Is Possible! 1.8 A floppy Linux boot/rescue system.
reiserfs 3.5.24 A filesystem which stores the files themselves in a B*-tree, gaining speed.
Relay Tester 0.2 A relay testing program.
Replicator 1.5pre4 Automatic replication of a Debian GNU/Linux installation.
Return-RST 1.0 ipchains tool for returning RST packets in firewall rules.
RHU .2 Keeps a Red Hat installation in sync with released updates.
Robust Audio Tool 4.2.7 An RTP audio conferencing and streaming application.
Rodian 0.6.6 Layer for handling, representing and storing information objects in a tree
ROX-Filer 0.1.26 Drag-and-drop based filemanager.
rpmproc 1.6 simple Perl wrapper to help manage and build RPM packages
rproxy 0.5.5 Improves web performance by the way of caching and differential updates.
Rudiments 0.12 C++ foundation classes.
runas 3.11.1 Execute a process as any user and/or group in a non-interactive manner
sawfish 0.30.3 An extensible window manager.
saydate 0.3.0 Speaks the date and uptime.
ScriptBasic Cross-platform BASIC scripting language.
SDL 1.1.4 SDL is a library that allows you portable low level access for graphics/sound
SDL Perl 1.07 An SDL wrapper for Perl.
Search And Rescue 0.3 Helicopter rescue simulation
sfront 0.64 Translates MPEG 4 Structured Audio to C
Siag Office 3.4.0pre1 Free office package for Unix
Site in a Can 0.3 A PHP- and MySQL-based news backend.
Small Window Manager 1.1b A small and fast windowmanager for X11.
Smart BootManager 3.5-1 A OS Independant boot manager.
sms-queue 0.3 An SMS queue handler.
Snoopy Logger 1.00 An execve() wrapper that allows logging for system administrators
snortstart 0.15 a wrapper to snort that aims at install snort in a chroot jail
Solfege 0.7.17 GPL'ed eartraining for Gnome
Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture 0.2 Make photos/films using the camera in your SONY Vaio C1XS.
Soth DPE 0.1 Distributed Processing Environment with inverse client server philosophy.
Spruce 0.7.3 A simple email client coded for X with the GTK widget set.
SQL Relay 0.17 A persistant database connection daemon with C, C++, and Perl APIs.
Squid 2.4devel4 High performance Web proxy cache
SquirrelMail 0.5pre1 A PHP4 Web-based email reader.
Stellation 268.281 A Web-based space conquest game.
Surfraw 0.5.6 Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Against the World wide web.
svgalib 1.4.2 Low-level graphics library that provides VGA and SVGA modes in a console
SWARM 0.32 Simulation of an ARM processor in C++.
swigphp 0.1 PHP extension for SWIG
sysstat 3.2.4 The sar and iostat commands for Linux
TARP 0.3 PHP-based web template engine
tcpify 0.0.0 TCP enablement for simple commands.
tcsysmon 1.42 System monitor dock app for WindowMaker/AfterStep
Terminality 1.3 A cross-platform terminal manipulation library.
tgif 4.1.35 Vector-based draw tool
ThatPHPware 0.3 A PHP/MySQL news backend.
The HACK Project 1.0801 A Computer simulator for learning computer architecture.
Thermal 0.1 Thermal monitoring with LMSensors; plots daily graphs.
tin 1.4.4 Curses based threaded NNTP and spool based UseNet newsreader
TkNotePad 0.7.6 A simple notepad editor written in Tcl/tk
TkPasMan 1.2 Personal Password Manager, easily store and paste usernames and passwords
tmk 0.9beta Cross-platform, Tcl-based software development tool
TNT Packet Radio Terminal 1.9.1 A curses-based Packet Radio Terminal for Linux, Solaris, NetBSD.
ToDoList.php 0.9.3 PHP-based todo management system.
TradeClient 0.3.0 A graphical email/calendar application for Linux.
Trebuchet Tk 1.0a83 A powerful cross-platform GUI MUD client written in TCL/Tk.
Trianii 0.1.2 Script to create a Pine address book from an LDAP directory
TSambaClass 1.4 Cross platform C++ class library for accessing smb.conf file.
Tunez 0.8 An MP3 Web jukebox with voting.
TutorShooter 1.0 An educational game for kids.
Typhon 2.1.0 Unix utilities: text/file/directory processing, systems administration utilities
UdmSearch 3.1.3 Fast WWW search engine for your site
UESQLC 0.8.0 Universal Embedded SQL Compiler for C++
Universal Toolkit 0.1.1a A layer between a program and different toolkits such as Gtk or Qt.
UW Imap Server 2000 release-candidate 4 Univerity of Washington Imap server
VA Cluster Manager 2.0.0 beta 2 A cluster management software toolkit.
VA-CTCS 1.2.6 VA Linux Systems' Diagnostics Package
VAMP Webmail 1.9.9-3 Flexible PHP-based Web mail.
var'aq 080200 A Klingon programming language.
VeePee 0.3 GUI-enabled scripting for GNOME and KDE applications.
Video4linux loopback 0.2 A video4linux driver providing video pipes.
VideoLAN 0.1.99f A software MPEG2 and DVD player.
VIP 0.1 Perl ICQ Web Pager.
Vis5d+ 1.0 Volumetric visualization of scientific data.
vmanpg 1.1 svgalib man page viewer.
VSound 0.3 Allows you to record the audio stream of most sound applications
wayV 0.1 Create gestures/draw shapes with your mouse to start programs.
Web-FTP 1.3.3 A lightweight Perl/CGI FTP client
web2ldap 0.7.9 A Python LDAP-client running as a CGI-BIN.
WebCalendar 0.9.21 A multi-user PHP/MySQL-based calendar.
WebCPULoad 0.1 Small CGI that displays the CPU usage on a web page.
WebNap 1.0.0 A Web-based Napster client written entirely in PHP.
Weborama 0.9.3 Automatically display all the pages of a Web site.
website news manager 0.15 Manage the news on your site.
Webtools 0.7 Useful CGIs, C++ classes, Javascripts, and images for Web-based apps.
WeSQL 0.27 An HTML extension for SQL.
whatsnewfm 0.0.3 A filter for the Freshmeat newsletter.
wi 2.1 A simple console interface to the new 'whois' format.
Winie 1.0.5 HTTP/1.1 Put Tool
wmNetscapeKiller 0.3 A WindowMaker dockapp to Netscape when it freezes.
xdmphoto 2.03 An xdm clone with user photos and X/WM configurability.
xfax 2.13 X-Windows fax program with TeX/LaTeX/PS support.
xfs 08012000linux-2.4-test5 A high-performance journaling filesystem.
XML for SCRIPT 0.21 A simple, fast, non-validating XML parser, written in JavaScript.
XMPS 0.1.2 A fully skinnable Gtk Video MPEG-1 player with playlist support.
Xplanet 0.73 An Xearth wannabe
xprintutil 1.5 A collection of X utilities for printing ASCII and DVI files.
xpuyopuyo 0.9.1 Tetris-like puzzle game with AI
XRally 1.0.pre3 An X11 clone of the Rally X arcade game.
xreversi 2.0 A networked Reversi/Othello program.
YIFF Sound Server 2.9.0 Sound server with multi-client and network-transparent io library.
Zorp 0.5.4 A proxy firewall.
ZPoPyDA 0.6.1 Postgresql database adapter for Zope
ZZplayer 0.6 An MPEG-I video player.

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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