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Linux and Business

MySQL and Sleepycat launch MaxSQL. "All of the VA Linux and Andover.Net web sites-including Slashdot.org, Freshmeat.net, SourceForge and Linux.com - have been built on MySQL," said Dr. Larry M. Augustin, president and CEO of VA Linux Systems, when MySQL was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and made available to developers on SourceForge.

Sleepycat Software builds, distributes, and supports the Berkeley Database (Berkeley DB). Berkeley DB is also an Open Source product.

Now the MySQL folks have joined up with Sleepycat Software to launch a new system called MaxSQL; see the announcement for details. Essentially, Sleepycat's Berkeley DB transaction engine has been grafted into MySQL, giving the latter the full transactional capability that it has lacked for so long. The result has been released under the GPL, and is available from MaxSQL.com. (Or it will be - that site still maps through to MySQL.com as of this writing).

Oracle Internet Application Server For Linux. Oracle has announced the availability of its Internet Application Server (iAS) product on Linux. The company has also set up joint marketing agreements with Caldera, SuSE, TurboLinux, and VA Linux Systems that include iAS. TurboLinux has put out an announcement of its own on its "TurboLinux DataServer Optimized for Oracle8i" product.

In a separate announcement, Oracle claims that Oracle's products for Linux are being downloaded at four times the rate of the Windows versions. Deja.com and NetLedger, among others, are listed as Linux Oracle users.

Email for Linux. Bynari Inc. has "focused the efforts of its resources on Linux, the Open Source paradigm and support of Free Software as advocated by GNU", according to its website.

The company has been working on a Linux/Unix alternative to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, and they have announced TradeServer, the latest addition to its TradeSuite. TradeServer is a standards based suite of mail, directory and collaboration services.

Hewlett Packard has announced that its OpenMail product for Linux now has over 1 million users. They would appear to be counting downloads to get a good part of that user count, but they also have deals with ATT and PSI which account for part of the total as well.

Debian wins IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award. IDG World Expo has announced that it is awarding the IDG/linus Torvalds Community Award to the Debian Project.

The Open Group launches Real-Time And Embedded Systems Forum. The Open Group has announced the creation of the "Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum," evidently another industry group for embedded systems providers. Founding members include Lineo, Montavista, and NASA.

Lineo has sent out its own announcement that it is a founding member of this group.

Mass of Linux press releases. The LinuxWorld flood of press releases appears to have begun a little early this time around. Here's a selection:

  • AbriaSoft is partnering with O'Reilly & Associates to put together a commercial packaged MySQL distribution.
  • Atipa Corporation has launched a new series of Linux-based firewall systems.
  • Candle Corporation is providing support for Linux users on the IBM S/390 mainframe.
  • e-smith announces that its Server and Gateway product is in use at Japan's Sagami University.
  • Linux Wizardry Systems has begun production of the "Wizard Penguin Linux PC," a Red Hat-based Pentium system.
  • VA Linux Systems announces the Open Source Printing Summit, recently held in California.
  • VA Linux Systems has also announced a new support offering; they will now provide support for a number of applications, including Apache, Squid, and the Linux Virtual Server system (with heartbeat).

eLinux debuts Compaq-compatible catalog and online store. eLinux has announced the publication of a 68-page catalog dedicated to Compaq's Linux-compatible products; there is an online version as well.

DVD-Cracking Lawsuit Targets T-Shirt-Borne Code . Here's a Newsbytes article about the addition of CopyLeft as a defendant in the DVD case. "[CopyLeft founder Steve] Blood said $4 from every $15 T-shirt is donated to the EFF to help cover its costs in fighting the lawsuits. So far, T-shirt sales have raised some $12,000 for the EFF, he said."

Redhat.com unveils affiliate program. If you run a Linux web site, here's your chance to make it big: Red Hat has announced a new affiliate program where they will pay two cents for every click-through that your site generates to redhat.com.

Press Releases:

Open Source Products.
Unless specified, license is unverified.

  • OpenMind Publishing Group (DURHAM, N.C.) brings textbook publishing to the web by incorporating an open source model.

  • SWsoft (SAN FRANCISCO) announced the beta release of ODBC driver for Btrieve based on the MySQL database engine. SWsoft will also develop OLEDB provider for MySQL to be distributed under open-source GPL license.

  • Webb Interactive Services, Inc. (DENVER) unveiled plans for Jabber, an XML-based instant messaging platform.

Commercial Products for Linux.

  • Apiva.com Web Corporation (VANCOUVER, British Columbia) announced the release of ezTerm 2.0, the newest version of its Linux terminal reference software.

  • Chilliware, Inc. (LOS ANGELES) announced Mentor, a Linux application designed to speed up the process of creating help-file documentation.

  • Digital River, Inc. (MINNEAPOLIS) announced the launch of an e-commerce site for Loki Software, Inc., a developer of Linux-based PC games. As Loki's e-commerce partner, Digital River hosts, manages and provides e-marketing services for Loki at http://store.lokigames.com.

  • Fonix Corporation (SALT LAKE CITY) announced the commercial release of its FAAST (Fonix Accelerated Application Solutions Technology) Text-To-Speech (TTS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Linux x86.

  • Mission Critical Linux has announced that its "Convolo" high-availability clustering solution is ready to ship.

  • Overland Data Inc. (SAN DIEGO) announced that its AIT LibraryPro enterprise tape library has been certified by Knox Software as compatible with Knox's Arkeia network backup software for Linux.

Products Using Linux.

  • Lineo, Inc. has a press release about products that use uCLinux.

  • M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. (FREMONT, Calif.) announced that its DiskOnChip 2000 is currently being used as the local storage device in Acer's Linux-based Altos SA50 server appliance.

  • Rackspace Managed Hosting (SAN ANTONIO) has developed a new proprietary online configurator for multiple servers.

  • Wann Connection Devices Inc. (OTTAWA, Ontario) announced the release of its CD62, a Serial to TCP/IP conversion device that internet-enables legacy serial based products.

Products with Linux Versions.

  • The Computer Systems Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. (TAIS) (IRVINE, Calif.) announced new SCSI hot-swap models for the company's M500D entry-level server series. Red Hat certified.

  • Dirig Software (NASHUA, N.H.) announced RelyENT, an intelligent, real-time monitoring and proactive application management solution.

  • I-Link, Inc. (DRAPER, Utah) announced the GateLink open-API programming and testing platform.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.) announced the shipment and immediate availability of the Inprise Application Server 4.1.

  • InterVideo (MILPITAS, Calif.) and Panasonic announced that InterVideo's complete product line of DVD and MPEG-2 video editing, production and playback solutions support Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM drives and media.

  • Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif.) introduced the ControlShell version 7.0 application development environment.

  • RightNow Technologies (BOZEMAN, Mont.) announced RightNow Metrics 2.0, a new survey tool for Web customer service.

  • SafeStone Technologies (PRINCETON, N.J.) announced the release of SuperCypher, a 1024-bit encryption tool for use on multiple applications across multiple platforms.

  • SiS (TAIPEI, Taiwan) announced the SiS730S, a 3C integrated single chip which optimizes the performance of AMD Athlon and AMD Duron CPUs.

  • Vertical Computer Systems Inc. (LOS ANGELES) announced the official beta release of two of its MLE (Markup Language Executive) Solutions Suite products: the XML Catalog Enabler Agent and the XML Database Agent.

  • Vicarious Visions is shipping Terminus, a space RPG game.

Coming to LinuxWorld Expo (Aug. 15 - 17).

Java Products.

  • eOneGroup (OMAHA, Neb.) announced the release of jCommerce, version 2.1, its 100% Java web development software.

  • SilverStream Software, Inc. (BILLERICA, Mass.) announced the general availability of SilverStream Application Server 3.5, the latest version of its Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server. Now with Linux support.

Books & Training.

  • REBOL Press and Osborne/McGraw-Hill, announced the publication of REBOL: The Official Guide, the first and only official book about the REBOL Internet Communications Language.

  • Wave Technologies International, Inc. (ST. LOUIS) has partnered with Information Quarry Systems (IQS) in Tokyo to provide Linux training to the IT industry in Japanese.


  • eOn Communications Corporation (MEMPHIS, Tenn.) announced an expanded partnership with Johnston Communications, Inc. (NORTH ARLINGTON, N.J.) Effective immediately, Johnston Communications will market, install and service eOn's Linux-based eNterprise line of communications servers and software, including the eOn Web Center software suite.

  • Linux NetworX, Inc. announced an agreement to utilize API's (Alpha Processor, Inc.) high memory and I/O bandwidth Alpha technology to deliver high-performance, Linux-based clustered solutions.

  • Pogo Linux (UNION CITY, Calif.) announced that it has finalized an agreement with VMware, Inc. to bundle and preconfigure VMware's desktop software with a Pogo Linux desktop system.

  • ProLogiX Distribution and Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) (PHOENIX) announced that ProLogiX will distribute EST's line of BRU backup and recovery solutions in Germany and the surrounding region.

  • Schneider Electric's Automation Business and Control.com announced a web services based partnership that will focus on a technical and marketing collaboration in online community services. Control.com is driving the creation of an open source PLC to run under the Linux operating system.

  • SolutionInc Limited and inter-touch Pty Ltd (HALIFAX, Canada & SYDNEY, Australia) have executed a Commercial Agreement that will see inter-touch purchase a number of Linux-based SolutionIP VBN Server Software products from SolutionInc over the next two years.

  • Trolltech, too, will be working with Ericsson on its wireless "Screen Phone," according to this announcement. Troll will be providing the embedded version of the Qt toolkit for this application.

Investments and Mergers.

  • EBIZ and LinuxMall.com have announced the finalization of their merger agreement. The balance of power would appear to have moved a little toward EBIZ during the negotiations: the headquarters of the company is now in Scottsdale, AZ, and LinuxMall's founder Mark Bolzern now has the role of "open source community evangelist."

  • MediaQ, Inc. (SANTA CLARA) completed its third round of venture capital financing, securing $23.4 million. MediaQ plans to use the capital to fund the development of integrated circuits (ICs) for Web terminals/pads, handheld PDAs and communicators, and smart phones. The products will be available for Linux.

Financial Results.

  • Ariel Corp. (CRANBURY, N.J.) reported net sales of $1,097,211 for the three months ended June 30, 2000.


  • Cybernet Systems (ANN ARBOR, Mich.) announced the appointment of Gena Lodolo as chief executive officer of Cybernet's NetMAX Division.

  • MandrakeSoft has announced that Henri Poole, former CEO of Vivid Studios, has been brought in as MandrakeSoft's CEO, replacing founder Jacques Le Marois.

  • Metro Link Inc. (FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) is hiring "the best X Window System programmers" in the industry.

  • Red Hat, Inc. (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.) announced that Gene McDonald, "a seasoned executive with broad experience in finance and investment management", has joined its board of directors.


  • Lineo, Inc. (LINDON, Utah) announced that USE, the 100 percent Lineo-owned Japanese engineering subsidiary, has been reincorporated as Lineo Japan, Inc.

  • Linux NetworX announced the opening of its Houston office.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

August 10, 2000


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