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Sebastien Huet announced that he is no longer able to maintain the site http://linux-embedded.com. As a result he is looking for a purchaser for the domian name. The money will be returned to the embedded development community. Please email Sebastien Huet for more information.


How to create a secure install (LinuxNewbie). LinuxNewbie.org has posted a document on installing secure Linux systems. "Package installation is the next area where you can really impact the future security level of your Linux box. It's very important that you choose to select packages individually, as every distribution I've seen installs a lot of software by default that you won't use."

Getting and Installing Command Line PGP (LinuxNewbie). LinuxNewbie.org has put up a new help file on installing PGP on Linux. Check it out for pointers on how to use this notoriously difficult utility.

Setting up multiple users in Kmail (LinuxNewbie). LinuxNewbie.org has put up a new help file on using Kmail to share a mail account between multiple users.


University of Michigan Symposium on Technology and Society. The University of Michigan has announced the John Seely Brown Symposium on Technology and Society, which will be held September 8-9; the keynote speaker will be Lawrence Lessig. There will also be a panel on "the implications of open source software."

Technical Meeting Week in Burlingame, CA. The Object Management Group has published this press release about its Technical Meeting Week in Burlingame, CA, USA, September 11-15, 2000. Guest speakers include Miguel de Icaza, project leader for the Linux desktop GNOME who will present GNOME's CORBA-based interoperability architecture.

Embedded Linux Expo & Conference speakers announced. LinuxDevices.com is carrying this announcement of the speakers at the second Embedded Linux Expo & Conference, to be held on October 27 in Westborough, MA. The event is headed up by Alex Morrow, leader of IBM's Linux wrist watch project.

First Annual Linux Users' Training Conference. The First Annual Linux Users' Training Conference and Awards Presentation has been announced for October 30, 2000 in Washington, DC. This event is very strongly oriented toward the U.S. federal government.

Alan Cox, David Miller to speak at Australian Linux Conference. The Australian Linux Conference, which will be happening in Sydney on January 18-20, 2001, has announced that Alan Cox and David Miller will be speaking. The conferences call for participation is open through the end of September, should others be interested in presenting there.

Marc Merlin's report from LinuxWorld. Marc Merlin has put up a report from LinuxWorld. As is usual for his conference writeups, the report is comprehensive and full of photos; worth a look.

LinuxWorld sets records for attendance. More than 20,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors turned out for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo.

A report from Geeks With Guns at LinuxWorld. We have one last LinuxWorld report that has rolled in. Eric Raymond's Geeks With Guns event was held, as usual, at LinuxWorld earlier this month. Dennis Tenney attended, and wrote up his impressions of the event. If you're not offended by the nature of this gathering, have a look to see what went on.

September events.
Date Event Location
September 5 - September 7, 2000. Embedded Internet Conference Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, CA.
September 20 - September 22, 2000. 7th International Linux Kongress Erlangen, Germany.
September 24 - September 28, 2000. Embedded Systems Conference 2000 San Jose, CA.
September 25 - September 28, 2000. LINUX Business Expo Atlanta, Georgia.

Additional events can be found in the LWN Event Calendar. Event submissions should be sent to lwn@lwn.net.

Web sites

Penguin Computing Unveils New Web Site. Penguin Computing Inc. announced its commitment to customer service with its new Web site. The site features the RAPTOR (Rapid configure-TO-ordeR) system, which allows purchasers to specify the comprehensive hardware, software and storage configurations.

Linux Technical Support Website. CTitek has developed a new technical support website at www.fixmylinux.com.

User Group News

LUG Events: August 31 - September 14, 2000.
Date Event Location
September 2, 2000. The Thailand Linux User Group Meeting Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
September 4, 2000. Baton Rouge Linux User Group Meeting The Bluebonnet Library, Baton Rouge, LA
September 5, 2000. Linux Users' Group of Davis Meeting Z-World, Davis, CA
September 6, 2000. Silicon Valley Linux Users Group Meeting Cisco Building 9, San Jose, CA
September 9, 2000. Linux Users of Victoria InstallFest Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.
September 11, 2000. Southeastern Indiana Linux Users Group Meeting Madison/Jefferson County Public Library, Madison, IN.

Additional events can be found in the LWN Event Calendar. Event submissions should be sent to lwn@lwn.net.

August 31, 2000



Software Announcements

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Software Announcements were unavailable this week. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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