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Linux and Business

The Open Source Development Lab. "Enable Open Source developers to build data center and telco class capability into Linux, accelerating its growth into enterprise e-Business deployment and development.", reads the mission statement of the newly created Open Source Development Lab. The OSDL is a collaboration between HP, IBM, Intel and NEC, with additional support from Caldera, Dell, Linuxcare, LynuxWorks, Red Hat, SGI, SuSE, TurboLinux, and VA Linux Systems. This combination of companies should ensure that the lab will be well-funded and have plenty of technical expertise on hand. OSDL will be a non-profit development group that will support high end projects by providing access to high-end hardware.

The lab, expected to open at the end of the year according to this announcement, will provide open source developers with a centralized enterprise development environment for sharing development ideas and innovations. It will be based near Portland, Ore. Only Open Source projects using accepted Open Source licenses such as those defined by www.OpenSource.org will be supported by OSDL. OSDL will not create new projects, instead it will help accelerate existing or new projects developed by the open source community.

Open Source Initiative rejects defamation by DVDCCA. The Open Source Initiative has issued a release taking exception to the DVDCCA's statements about the open source movement ("...dedicated to the proposition that material, copyrighted or not, should be made available over the Internet for free.") in its trial brief. "We in the open source movement respect copyright; in fact, we use copyright law to underpin the licenses that define the social contract of our community."

The DeCSS art contest. An announcement has gone out for the DeCSS art contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best artistic submissions involving DeCSS; co-author Jon Johansen will be one of the judges.

Two German Linux service firms get venture capital. ID-PRO AG has announced the receipt of "between 7 and 10 million euros" in venture financing.

The firm innominate AG has announced the receipt of DM 16.2 million in venture capital.

LinuxWorld award winners. Atipa has put out a press release expressing its pleasure at having won three "Show Favorite" awards at LinuxWorld. They were chosen in the Servers, Hardware, and Software Utilities categories.

Here's an announcement from Loki Software, winner of the "Best of Show" award at LinuxWorld. Briefly mentioned in the press release is the PC-based motion simulator that probably had a lot to do with this win. This motion simulator was a prototype designed by independent inventor Ray Woodworth, utilizing a patented valve he developed.

Conoco Builds Next-Generation Geophysical Supercomputer. Conoco has announced the deployment of a large, Linux-based cluster to be used for seismic processing. There are few details, other than that the cluster provides 0.5 teraflops of processing power, and has 10 terabytes of disk storage.

Lineo and Opersys release real time Linux Trace Toolkit. Lineo and Opersys have announced the release of the Linux Trace Toolkit, a powerful debugging tool, for real time Linux.

Sun releases internationalization framework. Sun has announced the release of its "operating environment internationalization framework" under the X11 license. This code is intended to make life easier for programmers trying to support multiple languages in graphical applications.

Corel's Linux plans from the new CEO. Corel has posted a message from Derek Burney, Corel's interim CEO, on what's going on with the company. "Next year, we intend to release a server edition of Corel LINUX OS, followed by an enterprise edition. The enterprise edition will combine our Linux front-end with Rebel.com's OfficeServer software and GraphOn Bridges[tm] and GO-Between[tm] solutions to allow small to medium-sized enterprises to deploy Linux, Windows and UNIX®-based applications throughout their organizations with ease." (Thanks to John Alexander Yorke).

Press Releases:

Commercial Products for Linux.

  • Deskware has announced the availability of the CobolScript Professional Edition on Linux.

  • Etnus (FRAMINGHAM, Mass.) announced the rapid adoption of TotalView, parallel debugger and analyzer.

  • HELIOS Software GmbH (SAN FRANCISCO) will demo PDF Handshake Internet Printing, a feature of its forthcoming release of PDF Handshake 2.0.

  • InnoLogic Systems Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced release 2.0 of ESP-CV and ESP-XV. Key features are custom equivalence checking, enhanced core algorithms and Linux support.

  • LinuxWizardry Systems, Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) launched three new products, the Apprentice Router, Magic Passage VPN and the Wizard Penguin series PCs.

  • NeTraverse, Inc. (AUSTIN, Texas) announced that the Win4Lin Server 2.0 is now available for download from the NeTraverse website www.NeTraverse.com under a pre-release program.

  • NuSpectra Multimedia, Inc. (ALAMEDA, Calif.) announced SiteProxy version 1.0, designed to push Webcam video broadcasts from a low-bandwidth origination and Webcast them to large numbers of concurrent Internet viewers.

  • Software Forge Inc announced LinuxCAD software, a drafting program for Linux.

Products Using Linux.

  • Broadband Access Systems, Inc. (WESTBOROUGH, Mass.) announced that it has adopted the Linux operating system for its Cuda 12000 IP Access Switch.

  • Intel Corporation (SAN JOSE, Calif.) introduced the Intel XScale microarchitecture chip for wireless Internet and networking infrastructure applications.

  • Shuffle Master, Inc. (LAS VEGAS) announced that it has received Gaming Laboratories International, Inc. (GLI), approval for its Press Your Luck video slot game and for its Linux- based gaming device operating system.

  • Splash Technology, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) will demonstrate its T Series color servers at Seybold San Francisco 2000. The Splash T Series product line features a Splash-Linux architecture that combines Splash's advanced compression and color technologies with the Linux operating system and standard Intel processors.

  • VA Linux Systems, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif.) announced the availability of the VA Linux 4450 server, offering fast data-processing power in a rack-optimized 4U (7-inch-high) form factor.

Products with Linux Versions.

  • AbleCommerce announced the release of Linux and Solaris compatible editions of AuctionBuilder 1.0.

  • Aether Systems, Inc. (OWINGS MILLS, Md.) announced availability of ScoutSync and Scout IT v.3.5 for Unix. ScoutSync and ScoutIT are the core components of the company's ScoutWare product family, providing advanced synchronization and comprehensive data management functionality for mobile and wireless applications.

  • Anacom Communications, Inc. (DALLAS) announced the release of their new payment processing module for the latest version of the Miva Merchant Storefront Development and Management System.

  • BIAP Systems, Inc. (LEESBURG, Va.) announced the release of the go'trieve platform. Versions for Linux x86 and Linux PPC available soon.

  • Cohesion Systems, Inc. (WOODSIDE, Calif.) announced the release of Cohesion System Designer product for system designers and architects that face an increasing level of complexity in electronic systems.

  • Computer Automation Systems Inc. (PLANO, Texas) announced its new "off-the-shelf" NEBS-400 product line.

  • Essentus International Inc. (NEW YORK) announced that the Essentus Supply Chain Management Suite now supports Linux.

  • IngenieurbÅro Liebhart Interactive Solutions (Switzerland) launched webfeedback, their debut web decision support system, under their trade name Cyberware-neotek.

  • Lilly Software Associates (HAMPTON, N.H.) announced release 2.0 of VISUAL DCMS, its advanced Radio Frequency-enabled Warehouse Management System.

  • LizardTech Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) launched its DjVu technology and software.

  • Logitech (FREMONT, Calif.) announced that its two new racing wheels, WingMan Formula Force GP and WingMan Formula GP, are now available.

  • Pixami, Inc. (SAN RAMON, Calif.) announced it will now begin offering its complete suite of online photo enhancement technologies on the Linux operating system.

  • Rational Software (PHILADELPHIA) announced Rational SiteLoad, a Web-based load testing product designed to help e-businesses avoid costly and highly visible Web site failures.

  • Rave Computer Association, Inc.introduced the redundant 5U-rackmount system integrated with SPARCengine UltraAXmp which can be ordered with Linux.

  • Software AG Inc. (SAN RAMON, Calif.) is now shipping EntireX 5.3, a powerful message-oriented middleware for fast, mission-critical application integration.

Java Products.

  • Evergreen Internet Inc. (CHANDLER, Ariz.) announced ECential 3.1 for the Open Commerce Framework (OCF). The Open Commerce Framework is an open industry environment designed using Java J2EE(TM), EJB(TM), and XML technologies. Evergreen's ECential delivers pre-built B2C and B2B components that adhere to the Open Commerce Framework.

  • Imperial Software Technology (PALO ALTO, Calif.) announced the availability of Visaj Personal Edition (Visaj PE), a freely downloadable version of the visual application builder for the Java language.

Books & Training.

  • No Starch Press (San Francisco, CA) announced the release of "Steal This Computer Book", a book about computer viruses, Trojan Horses, electronic con games and such.

  • O'Reilly announced the release of the "CVS Pocket Reference", a quick reference guide covering most aspects of CVS setup and use.

  • O'Reilly announced the release of "Lotus Domino Administration in a Nutshell".

  • Red Hat has announced the availability of its first "e-Learning" courses, which cover C, C++, Java, and Perl. The cost of the courses appears to be in the $300-500 range.

Partnerships & Mergers.

  • Advanced Management Solutions (REDLANDS, Calif) announced that it has joined the VA Linux Solution Partner Program. Advanced Management Solutions develops and markets AMS REALTIME, enterprise project management suite soon to be available on Linux.

  • Advants, Inc. (MINNEAPOLIS) announced that it has signed an agreement to add the FreeDesk.com Virtual Office Suite, on-line storage and PC Share to all Advants Internet terminals. Greg Johnson, president and CEO of Advants, Inc. said, "No laptop required, and no need to search for that Internet plug-in. This service will also introduce Linux to Advants users, a systems operating platform we plan to feature in the near future."

  • InfoNow Corporation (DENVER) announced that Red Hat, Inc. has implemented InfoNow's iLeads solution, a closed-loop lead management system that increases the conversion rate of Red Hat's sales leads generated by their international system of partners, distributors and resellers.

  • LinkUp Systems Corp. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) and PalmPalm Technology announced that the LinkUp L7200 system development board will support PalmPalm's Tynux (embedded Linux-based operating system).

  • National Semiconductor Corporation (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) announced a worldwide strategic relationship to deliver the National Geode WebPAD technology to power several of ViewSonic's new family of Internet appliances.

  • Omnis Technology Corporation (SAN CARLOS, Calif.) and PickAx, Inc., the parent company of PICK Systems, announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement.

  • Penguin Computing Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) and Bramasol Inc., an SAP America, Inc. Certified Business Solution Provider, announced that Penguin Computing has become one of the first Linux companies in the U.S. to implement and use an SAP solution in production on Linux.

  • SpellCaster Telecommunications Inc. (TORONTO), developer of connectivity and remote access technology for the Linux operating system, announced that it had received an order from Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, California for its TeleScope ASBA 1027 load simulator.

  • Tripwire Inc. (PORTLAND, Ore.) announced its partnership with SecurityFocus.com.

  • Wacom Technology Corp. (Mountain View, California) is partnering with Sensiva, Inc. to offer its clients interactive symbol recognition functionality in all their tablet products. Sensiva software is available for Linux.

Investments and Acquisitions.


  • VA Linux Systems, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif.) announced that Ali Jenab has joined VA Linux as Senior Vice President and General Manager of its Systems Division.

Linux At Work.

  • ArsDigita Corporation (CAMBRIDGE, Mass.) announced that the ArsDigita Community System (ACS) suite of open source, collaborative commerce applications powers the leading comprehensive cancer services company, Lifespire.

  • SGI knows how to have fun...it has announced that it is sponsoring the RoboCup Foundation through the donation of Linux systems and technical support, beginning with the Robot Soccer Championship in Melbourne, Australia. RoboCup has recently decided to shift over to Linux in general.


Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

August 31, 2000


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