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Report from the Embedded Linux Consortium meeting. The Embedded Linux Consortium, celebrating its first birthday, held a meeting at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. LWN's Forrest Cook was there, and has sent in a report from the gathering. There is much optimism in the embedded Linux community...

O'Reilly's P2P Summit. Summaries of the O'Reilly sponsored Peer-to-Peer summit are now online. The summit, held in San Francisco on September 19th, was designed to discuss technologies similar to Napster. " The music industry is positioning peer-to-peer as if it were an attack on copyright, when in fact, it's a technical approach that is fundamental to the architecture of the internet. "

Real-time applications with Linux. Karim Yaghmour, author of the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT), will talk about real-time applications development (in French) using the Linux Real Time Application Interface (RTAI) and LTT. The technical differences between RTAI and RTLinux will be addressed. Wednesday October 11, 2000 at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

ApacheCon Europe 2000. Here's an announcement (in French) about ApaceCon, happening October 23 - 25, 2000 in London.

Software Development Conference & Expo. Presentations by Kevin Mitnick, Larry Augustin, Gloria Gery and Martin Fowler are scheduled during SD 2000 which runs October 29 - November 2, 2000 in Washington, D.C.

October/November events.
Date Event Location
October 3 - October 7, 2000. NetForum 2000 New Zealand.
October 5 - October 7, 2000. LinuxWorld Conference and Expo Frankfurt, Germany.
October 10 - October 14, 2000. Atlanta Linux Showcase Cobb Galleria, Atlanta, Georgia.
October 15 - October 19, 2000. 2nd Annual Linux Storage Management Workshop University of Miami, Miami, Florida.
October 16 - October 18, 2000. Wireless Developer Conference Santa Clara Conference Center, Santa Clara, CA.
October 23 - October 25, 2000. ApacheCon Europe 2000 Olympia Centre, London, England.
October 27, 2000. Embedded Linux Expo & Conference Wyndham Westborough Hotel, Westborough, MA.
October 29 - November 2, 2000. Software Development Conference & Expo 2000 East Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.
October 30 - October 31, 2000. Open Source Database Summit Hayes Mansion Conference Center, San Jose, California.
October 30, 2000. First Annual Federal GNU and Linux Users' Conference And Awards Presentation Washington, D.C.
October 30 - November 1, 2000. Linux Expo Canada Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario
November 7 - November 9, 2000. Embedded Systems Conference Europe Maastricht, Netherlands.
November 13 - November 17, 2000. LINUX Business Expo Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.
November 25, 2000. Australian Open Source Symposium Adelaide, Australia.
November 28 - December 1, 2000. IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing Technische Universität Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany.

Additional events can be found in the LWN Event Calendar. Event submissions should be sent to lwn@lwn.net in a plain text format.

Web sites

Sensiva's new Web site. Sensiva launched Sensiva.com, a free content and information portal, that also links to the company's multi-platform software. Sensiva's new Web site is offered initially in English, French and Japanese; with more languages to follow.

User Group News

The Linux Users' Group of Davis. LUGOD announced that they will be demonstrating the Linux operating system on Saturday, October 7th and the following day, LUGOD and the UC Davis Computer Science Club will be hosting an Installfest in Davis, California.

Long Island Linux Users Group. LILUG announced a LAN PARTY on October 10, 2000. So bring computer, bring a hub, plug in and have fun.

LUG Events: October 5 - October 19, 2000.
Date Event Location
October 7, 2000. Roanoke Valley GNU/Linux Users Group, Virginia Tech Linux/Unix Users Group and Red Hat, Inc. host a Linux Installfest Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia
October 12, 2000. Boulder Linux Users Group NIST Radio Building, Boulder, CO
October 12, 2000. Phoenix Linux Users Group Sequoia Charter School, Phoenix, AZ
October 12, 2000. Linux Introduction Delfzijl, Netherlands
October 15, 2000. Omaha Linux User Group Omaha, Nebraska.
October 15, 2000. Beachside Linux User Group Conway, SC.
October 16, 2000. Linux Users' Group of Davis Z-World, Davis, CA
October 17, 2000. Bay Area Linux Users Group Four Seas Restaurant, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA
October 17, 2000. Kansas City Linux Users Group Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, MO.
October 18, 2000. Linux User Group of Groningen Groningen, Netherlands
October 18, 2000. Arizona State University Linux Users Group Tempe, AZ
October 19, 2000. Rice University Linux Users Group Rice University, Houston, TX

Additional events can be found in the LWN Event Calendar. Event submissions should be sent to lwn@lwn.net in a plain text format.

October 5, 2000



Software Announcements

Here are this week's Freshmeat software announcements. Freshmeat now offers the announcements sorted in two different ways:

Sorted by section and Sorted by license


Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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