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Linux and Business

Atipa acquires OpenNMS project. Kansas City, Missouri based Atipa announced the acquisition of PlatformWorks, the company behind OpenNMS, late last week. Atipa provides turnkey Linux-based solutions, including software, hardware, appliances, support and professional services. OpenNMS.org is an open source software consortium developing a next generation, truly functional network management tool for the enterprise.

Here is the announcement from the OpenNMS project on its acquisition by Atipa. "We are excited to announce that we've received the necessary funding to not only bring the Bluebird software to market, but to augment the core team with additional developers and continue toward our goal of building a world-class support organization to support Bluebird deployments." Here is Atipa's announcement.

Bluebird is currently the project name for the first of many open source projects that will be created by the OpenNMS consortium Bluebird is intended to be the flagship product in a suite of products. Atipa plans to position OpenNMS' Bluebird product as a scalable, open source alternative to HP's OpenView or IBM's Tivoli. Atipa also plans to keep the software open source and to make money on services and support. The OpenNMS Bluebird project is currently licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

S3 subisidiary frontpath(TM) announces ProGear. Yet another of the long line of information appliances hitting the market these days, ProGear touts a 10.4" TFT display, x86 compatibility, up to 128Mb of memory, 6.4GB (2.5") slim hard disk, and touch screen all running on a Transmeta(TM) TM3200 400 MHz processor. A Linux 2.4 kernel powers this latest gizmo, while Netscape 4.74 is provided as a front end.

Of course, it raises the question: where did they get the 2.4 kernel?

HotDispatch and Caldera to create knowledge exchange for Linux developers. HotDispatch.com is an online marketplace for buying and selling technical expertise and Digital Products and HotDispatch the company developed the technology behind the website. Now HotDispatch has announced an alliance with Caldera Systems to create "an online marketplace for Linux developers to purchase and sell technical expertise."

Two announcments from VA Linux Systems. First VA Linux announced the release of version 2.0 of its "VA Cluster Manager" (VACM).

VA Linux is also expanding its operations in Europe. Its recent moves include the acquisition of the Belgian consulting firm "Life" and the hiring of Wichert Akkerman, leader of the Debian Project.

New Books. O'Reilly has announced the availability of the "GIMP Pocket Reference," by Sven Neumann. It's "a remarkably petite" 97 pages, and covers GIMP 1.2. For those who want to see what this booklet looks like, O'Reilly has placed the chapter on the toolbox online as an example.

No Starch Press, publishers of the Linux Journal Press series of books, has put out a press release on the English publication of The Blender Book by Carsten Wartmann. The book covers the many intricate details of the complex yet powerful Blender 3D animation package from Not A Number.

Oracle to deliver database for Linux clusters. Oracle has announced what it claims is the first clustered database server for Linux systems - Oracle8i Parallel Server. It can currently handle clusters up to four nodes; it has been "validated and certified" by VA Linux Systems and NEC. It's currently in beta testing; availability is supposed to be by the end of the year.

Press Releases:

Distributions and Bundled Products

  • Linux2order.com has Red Hat Linux 7, now available on a custom CD-ROM. The 2-CD-ROM package is $12.95, plus shipping.

  • PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc. (HOUSTON) announced that it is shipping its 10 Point Security Check Up Report for Linux on Red Hat's Linux Application CD that comes with Red Hat Professional Server Version 7.

  • Terra Soft Solutions introduced Abria SQL, Linda, VAST & DEEP and BRU for Yellow Dog Linux and Black Lab Linux distributions for PowerPC.

Commercial Products for Linux

  • HIARC Inc. (ANAHEIM, Calif.) introduced its new online Centralized Archiving and Backup (CAB) data management software for Linux.

  • LinuxDevices.com has opened up the product listing area of its "Embedded Linux Portal" website for free product listings from companies in the Embedded Linux Market.

  • LinuxSolve (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) announced that it is shipping LinuxSolve Cache, the latest in a line of secure server appliance products with LinuxSolve's GuardWorks, a Linux-based secure server appliance OS.

  • Macadamian Technologies Inc. (OTTAWA) announced that the Developer Edition of Syndeo Collaboration Suite 2.1 now includes Hypersonic SQL, an open- source Java database.

  • Proven Software, Inc. announced the release of the Proven CHOICE Internet Toolkit designed to help developers integrate Internet applications to Proven CHOICE accounting.

  • SteelEye Technology Inc. (FRANKFURT, Germany) will demonstrate high availability (HA) Linux clustering solutions for mySAP.com at LinuxWorld. SteelEye will showcase its LifeKeeper for Linux reliability platform on Compaq's ProLiant CL380 cluster running business-critical applications on Linux from Red Hat.

Products Using Linux

  • MSC.Software Corp. (LOS ANGELES/COSTA MESA, Calif.) announced a partnership with NEC Computers Inc. to deliver extreme performance in turnkey MSC.Linux2Go appliances, such as a fully configured NEC Express5800 server with dual Intel Pentium III processors.

Products with Linux Versions

  • APPX Software, Inc. (JACKSONVILLE, FL) announced APPX Rapid Application Development Release 4.1, now with the capability to design and run applications with either a character mode interface or a Java-based graphical user interface.

  • Bridge Information Systems (NEW YORK) announced the release of BridgeFeed 4.11, a new version of its datafeed service, with enhanced historical data features and support for the Linux operating system.

  • Brooktrout Technology (NEEDHAM, Mass.) received TMC Labs Innovation Award for its TRxStream Series.

  • CoCreate Software Inc. (FORT COLLINS, Colo.) announced ME10 2000+, the latest version of its 2-D CAD software, now with a Linux version.

  • Extended Systems (BOISE, Idaho) announced that it has reached an agreement with IBM to integrate its mobile data synchronization and management software, XTNDConnect Server, into a new IBM server software offering called WebSphere Everyplace Suite.

  • eye media, inc. (DALLAS) announced that it has recently released is web-based Virtual Auctioneer version 3.0 eCommerce software and toolset.

  • HydraWEB Technologies (NEW YORK) announced the introduction of HydraRADIUS, a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) load balancing solution.

  • IBM (ARMONK, N.Y.) announced IBM eServer, a new generation of servers featuring mainframe-class reliability and scalability.

  • Computer Associates International, Inc. (ISLANDIA, N.Y.) announced support for IBM's new family of eServers.

  • IBM (SOMERS, N.Y.) unveiled the IBM eServer zSeries 900, the 64-bit eServer. It runs z/OS which should support most Linux applications.

  • Computer Associates International, Inc. (ISLANDIA, N.Y.) announced a suite of eBusiness management software for IBM's new eServer zSeries 900 mainframes.

  • Leapfrog Smart Products, Inc. (ORLANDO, Fla.) announced that it has completed the design of the Biothentic SCR100, its first member of the Biothentic family of biometric (fingerprint) Smart card readers.

  • LeaseExchange (SAN FRANCISCO) introduced Global Data Broker, a technology that enables LeaseExchange to seamlessly interface with a variety of platforms, including Oracle on Linux.

  • LoadVideo.com (NASHVILLE, Tenn.) announced that they have achieved the "next level in internet video streaming", full-screen dvd quality video streaming. A Linux version is expected soon.

  • OceanLake Commerce Inc. (TORONTO) announced the release of its proprietary mScope wireless engine, wireless enabling technology.

  • Oracle Corp. (SAN FRANCISCO) unveiled Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, which allows IT departments to add computers to a cluster without other changes to either the application or the data.

  • PeopleSoft Inc. (PLEASANTON, Calif.) announced that PeopleSoft 8 pure Internet applications are shipping with IBM's DB2 Universal Database.

  • Planet 7 Technologies Corp. (BOTHELL, Wash.) launched its flagship XML Network Server 2.0 product.

  • SAFLINK Corporation (REDMOND, Wash.) announced that it plans to incorporate both the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) standard and the BioAPI specification standard in its expanding product line of multi-biometric software solutions.

  • Sensiva, Inc. and Wacom Co., Ltd.(Mountain View, California) announced Sensiva will be bundled in all Wacom product lines: Intuos intelligent graphics tablet system; Graphire pressure-sensitive tablet with the cordless mouse and pen; and the PL-400 and PL-500 LCD pen tablet systems.

  • SynergyLink, Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced the availability of a new ASP e-service offering called Hosted Application Integration Service (HAIS). It will allow ASP clients to design, test and deploy application integration, real-time, over the Internet.

  • Telxon Corporation (CINCINNATI and CHICAGO) announced it will offer the PowerNet product line from Connect, Inc. as an addition to its wireless networking products and professional services capabilities. PowerNet is a suite of Windows- and Linux-based host connectivity tools that provides real-time access to terminal emulation.

  • Unibar, Inc. and SATO America (ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.) announced a solution to print compliance labels from a Web site through a browser.

  • Verisity Ltd. (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) announced the immediate availability of Specman Elite version 3.3, featuring improved integrations with third-party verification tools.

Java Products

  • Delano Technology Corporation (TORONTO, ONTARIO) announced the Java Edition of the Delano e-Business Interaction Suite, an e-business platform that enables organizations to rapidly develop and deploy e-business applications. This version supports Red Hat Linux.

  • Inprise/Borland (SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.) announced its support for BEA's WebLogic product line with its JBuilder 4 enterprise productivity environment.

  • Qarbon.com (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced the launch of ViewletBuilder2 Version 2.1, the company's free development tool for creating Viewlets. The Linux version is new with this release.


  • Conxion Corporation and Tripwire, Inc. (SANTA CLARA, Calif. & PORTLAND, Ore.) announced a partnership to create a security service designed to assure the integrity of the extensive amount of client data managed by Conxion. Linux will be among the supported operating systems.

  • dataSafe Informatica and Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (PHOENIX) announced that synergistic measures are being jointly undertaken to harvest the emerging Linux backup market opportunity in Brazil.

  • Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc. (SAN MATEO, Calif.) announced an alliance with Linux NetworX Inc., in which Linux NetworX will resell Enlighten's EnlightenDSM systems monitoring and administration product. EnlightenDSM is a complimentary product to Linux NetworX's ClusterWorX cluster management tool.

  • eOn Communications Corporation (MEMPHIS, Tenn. and HAYWARD, Calif.) announced an expanded partnership with Reliance Telecommunications. Reliance will now market, install and service eOn's newest line of Linux-based communications systems, servers and software.

  • Metro Link Inc. (FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) has joined the Wind River Systems Inc. WindLink Partner Program.

  • OPTX International (CHICO, Calif.) launched a partnership with EZY-Tech, Ltd., a Hong Kong reseller, to offer ScreenWatch 3.0 software, which runs on a variety of platforms including Linux, to the Chinese market.

  • Quintalinux has announced an agreement with Red Flag Software wherein the two will jointly market their products and services.

  • Sendmail, Inc. announced partnerships with ActiveState, Brightmail and Trend Micro to deliver secure Internet messaging solutions.

  • SteelEye Technology Inc. (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) announced a strategic alliance with NetCentrix Ltd., which will allow NetCentrix to incorporate SteelEye's reliability clustering software "LifeKeeper for Linux" to its comprehensive server and data storage offerings.

Investments and Acquisitions

  • TeamLinux Corporation (Dayton, Ohio) announced that it has launched a new kiosk, specialized device and e-commerce solutions business unit resulting from its acquisition of NCR's Design Center and Gem City Solutions.

Financial Results

  • Netgem (NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE, France) was admitted to the Forward Market (Systhme de Rhglement Diffiri), which has replaced the Monthly Settlement Market of the Paris Stock Exchange. Netgem is a developer and provider of solutions offering Internet services through television using Linux-based software. Here's Netgem's third quarter results.


  • AMIRIX Systems Inc. announced the addition of Mark Jollymore as Product Manager for Embedded Linux.

  • Red Hat, Inc. (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.) announced the appointment of Kevin Thompson to the position of Vice President of Operations.

Linux At Work

  • Computational Engineering International (CEI) (MORRISVILLE, N.C.) has won a three-year, $1.4-million contract to research the use of a Beowulf computer cluster to visualize large-scale models for the Department of Energy's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI). CEI will use Red Hat Linux, and an MPI processing library to allow the systems to communicate in parallel.

  • Coollogic Inc. (DALLAS) announced that it will integrate its Coollinux AE software platform with solopoint.com's next-generation online personal marketing solution.

  • Forlink Software Corporation (BEIJING) announced that it has obtained a contract to provide a customized search engine for CCIDNET. Forlink is a Chinese company providing Unix and Linux based software tool-suites.

  • Linux NetworX, Inc. (SANDY, UTAH) announced that the National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI) at Baylor College of Medicine will use the company's clustered computers in its world-renowned molecular imaging research center.

  • LinuxWizardry Systems, Inc. (BOCA RATON, Fla.) announced that its Magic Passage VPN Appliances were used by Lineo for its Internet Access at the Embedded Systems Conference.

  • Oracle Corp. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced that 1stUp.com has standardized on Oracle database and Oracle Intelligent WebHouse technologies on the Linux operating system.

  • Perforce Software, Inc. (ALAMEDA, Calif.) announced that SciTech Software has selected the Perforce source code control system to manage the Open Watcom source code base. Perforce Software makes its Fast Software Configuration Management System available at no charge to organizations developing freely available software, such as OpenWatcom.org.

Open Source in Education


  • Linux NetworX announced the Evolocity cluster server received Best of Show Award for Network Servers & Peripherals from InternetWeek and Network Computing at NetWorld+Interop 2000 Atlanta.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

October 5, 2000


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