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Software Announcements By License


· Apache style ·
Avalon3.0a2 The Apache Java Server Framework.
Insert Slashdot News Macromedia Generator Object.96 Insert Slashdot News into Macromedia Generator Template.
NeatSeeker1.0pre1 Simple collection of Java classes for constructing search engines.

· Artistic ·
Net::ICQ0.13 A Perl module to send/receive ICQ data.
Perl-RPM0.29 Perl bindings for the rpm 3.0.X API.
Phpmode0.7.0 A mode for editing PHP files in jed.

· Artistic & GPL ·
Pmp31.3 A Perl MP3 player.

· BSD type ·
Apache2.0a7 High performance, UNIX based HTTP server
CVSup16.1 CVS-Aware Network File Distribution System
Dante1.1.4 Free socks v4/5 implementation
Emerald Mine0.8 An arcade game for X11.
Home Library Information Manager0.2.8 Perl database front-end for tracking a home library (books, CDs, magazines, etc.
lukemftp1.5 the enhanced ftp client in NetBSD
PhLJ0.9 Official LiveJournal client for the QNX RtP.
phpftp1.5 A Web-based FTP client.
Pnuts1.0beta9a A scripting language specialized for Java.
rmtkinstall1.0 A secure remote kernel installation program.
security-script0.06 A script for checking security.
Sirius IRC Services1.10-fix From-scratch IRC Services for the StarChat and Unreal IRCds.
SNTS1.0.2 Simple Network Time Sync.
Stutter1.3 Streaming web-based chat.
TreeNotes1.6 A Java XML editor.
World.sh1.0b11 Helps newbies with upgrades and make worlds of FreeBSD.
XML Column Datasource Macromedia Generator Object1.0 Macromedia Generator Object that parses XML into Generator Column Format.

· free for non-commercial use ·
Darkbot5 final 28 An IRC help robot.
Distributed Lame0.9 A wrapper to encode MP3s in a distributed environment using lame.
HSX3.38 Hotline Server clone for Unix
Isabelle99-1 A generic theorem-proving environment.
UnixTree2.3.4 XTree-like console mode file manager.
WebSupport1.0 A trouble ticket system for Web hosting companies.

· free to use but restricted ·
AudioCutter Cinema0.91 Audio processing software with many effects and functions.
Big Brother1.5d2 Highly efficient network monitor
Condor6.1.16 A distributed batch system that takes advantage of idle cycles of computer
Diablo2.4 Fast and efficient NNTP newsfeeder software
Euphoria To C Translator2.2 alpha A translator from Euphoria to C.
harvest1.7.4 A Web-based document search system.
Java 2 Software Development Kit1.3.0 A Java development platform.
Open Motif Everywhere2.1.30-2_ics_devel A distribution of the Motif GUI toolkit built from The Open Group official sourc
SDSC/GT Secure FTP1.0.1 A Java-based secure FTP client.
SysOrbmilestone vi A network and server monitoring system.
Visual Molecular Dynamics1.6a3 Visual Molecular Dynamics
XML for C++3.3.0 An XML parser for C++ with Linux compatibility.

· freely distributable ·
gladepyc0.7 Generates low-level pygtk/Python code from Glade XML files.
Jack's Csv2SQL.php1.2a A CSV to SQL convertor.
larswm7.0.8 A tiling window manager built on 9wm.
libyama0.3 A leak tracking memory allocator.
phpChannel0.0.6 This class file produces a news ticker from a given Netscape channel file.
phpsls0.4 A small set of scripts that realize a shopping list, powered by MySQL and PHP.
Pyrl0.5 Allows coding of Perl with a Python-like syntax.
SETI@Home Client3.0 Distributed SETI data-analysis client
unrm0.9 A tool for recovering erased files/data under Linux environments.
XBattleAI1.0 Unix strategy game.

· Freeware ·
bugtrack1.4 Web-based bug tracking system.
djpim2.0 Web-based to-do list manager in PHP3/MySQL.
freecounter1.01 Scripts to help you run a free counter service.
hardmon0.7 An X11 hardware monitor.
International Kernel Patch2.2.17.7 Collection of internationally developed crypto for the Linux kernel
Mp3toMySQL0.1 Manages all your MP3s using a CGI-script and MySQL.
Open Reference0.5.1 A JSP-based Web application to manage your research references and notes.
website news manager0.31 Manage the news on your site.
śnapster0.85 alpha A Napster clone entirely written in Java.

· GPL ·
Achilles0.0.4 Evolution simulation based on Larry Yaeger's PolyWorld
AeroMail1.40 PHP based e-mail client
aimirc0.97 AOL Instant Messenger to Internet Relay Chat gateway
Akopia Interchange4.5.7 Powerful ecommerce software based on MiniVend and Tallyman.
Aleph One/SDL0.10.6 A 3D first-person action game, based on Bungie's Marathon series.
AleVT1.6.0 A videotext/teletext decoder and viewer.
Apmiser1.0 Automatically switches IBM Thinkpads from power-save mode to normal and back.
APSEND1.59 TCP/IP packet sender
apt-proxy1.1.0 A simple apt-get proxy cache.
Ariadne2.0b8 Web Application Framework in PHP
Arping0.95 ARP level ping utility.
ArsDigita Community System3.4 DBMS backed Web collaboration tool
asp2php0.75.9 Converts Active Server Pages (ASP) to PHP3 scripts
Austin PM0.2.0 Project Management in XML.
AutoTrace0.25 Converts bitmap to vector graphics
Babylon1.4.2b1 Remote access PPP software for Linux.
BacteriuM0.1.0 Non-realtime analog software-synthesizer.
BannerKiller1.0.0 A filtering HTTP proxy.
bbs1001.1.6 A BBS for chat and messaging accessable via telnet.
bibelot.pl0.5 A script to format and convert text documents to PalmDoc files.
Bit::Vector6.0 Provides an efficientimplementation of arbitrarily large bit vectors and sets
bitlog0.6.3 Cookie-based Web statistics.
Blackbox0.61.1 WindowManager for X11 written in C++
CADC0.5 device driver for cheap serial 8 Channel DAC
Calamaris2.37 Statistics for Squid, NetCache, Oops, Inktomi Traffic Server, Compaq Tasksmart
capircvd0.2.36 Receive fax/voice with CAPI and AVM B1.
Catweasel to DMK1.3 Use a Catweasel to copy any SD or DD floppy to TRS-80 emulator image format.
cfv1.4 Tests and creates .sfv, .csv, and md5sum checksum verification files.
CGIPasswd0.1 A CGI password changer that works through PAM.
chbg1.1 A desktop background changer and manager.
Clustering Daemon0.1 A reliability-oriented clustering package for Linux.
Common UNIX Printing System1.1.4 Internet Printing System for UNIX
ctagserver0.2 Provides tags file operations to vi-style editors.
CueCat PAM Module0.03 A PAM module that enables a system to use a CueCat for authentication.
Cuehack.02 Software that decodes the CueCat barcode scanner's output.
Curses General Player0.1 A multiformat audio player interface.
cvs admin0.5 A CVS user's administration tool.
dELT (Embedded Linux Toolkit)1.0rc1 A linux distribution optimised for space.
diet libc0.4 A library for creating small, statically-linked binaries.
dircproxy0.7.4 A detachable IRC proxy with logging support.
DirList2.6 Web-based user directory system with ODBC.
Distributed Artificial Life0.0.10 Use spare CPU cycles to create life.
djukebox0.0.2 A distributed (streaming) MP3 jukebox.
dnsconf0.5 A simple shell-script for setting up DNS.
Dnsmasq0.6 A DNS forwarder for small networks using IP masquerading.
Drall1.1.5.15 Allows users to access their directories and files remotely via a web browser
E-Webcamenlightenment epplet 0.1 A Webcam epplet.
E-Who0.1 Monitors the number of terminals and users on the system.
Emacs JDE2.2.5 A complete Java development environment for Emacs.
ENBD2.4.14 An enhanced network block device for Linux 2.2.
Environ1.0.4 An interface for manipulating your UNIX environment variables.
Eteria IRC Client20001005 An RFC-1459-compliant IRC chat client written in Java.
exiscan0.6 An email virus scanner for the Exim MTA.
fetchmail5.5.3 A free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility.
fgetty0.1 A very small getty for Linux.
File::Cache0.13 A Perl module that enables the sharing of object data between processes.
Firedial0.0.3 An easy way to let Windows clients make a Linux firewall dial-in.
fireparse1.9 ipchains log analysis with HTML e-mail reporting
FreeAmp2.1.0rc2 Open Source MP3 player
FreeLords0.0.3 A turn-based strategy game.
Freemed-YiRCmark i A PHP-based Youth in Residential Care package.
FunLog0.0.1 A colorful IP logger via standard output.
gaim0.10.2 GTK based AOL Instant Messenger
game control program1.0.1 Helps administrate game servers, especially automated kicking of players.
gChartman0.1.1 A GNOME program for technical stock analysis.
gEDA20001006 gEDA is an collection of tools which are used to make electrical circuit design,
gimp-print4.0b2 Print plug-in for the GIMP and GhostScript driver for Epson printers.
GLcpudr1 Networked OpenGL-based loadmeter.
gnome seti_applet0.3.2 Gnome applet which displays the state of a seti@home process.
GNUJSP1.0.1 A free Java Server Pages implementation.
Gnumeric0.57 Spreadsheet, a new foundation for spreadsheet development, part of GNOME
Goats0.3 A post-it note applet for GNOME.
gPS0.9.3 GTK-based process status reporting like ps, top and task manager
GPSUTIL0.05 An NMEA and Magellan GPS utility.
Greenstone2.26 Digital library creation, management, and distribution.
GScriptWriter0.1.2 A Perl-based GNOME program to simplify writing dramatic scripts.
GtkTiLink3.42 A TI calculators <-> PC communication program using a GTK interface
hagelslag0.11 A Gnutella clone.
htsserver0.5.8 Server application of the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
HybServ1.6.1 Services for the Hybrid IRCD server
IceBreaker1.0 An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins.
id3ed1.10.2 ID3 tag editor for mp3 files. Interactive and command line modes.
IMP2.2.3 IMAP and PHP3 based webmail system
ImPress1.1b5 WYWIWYG publishing and presentation tool
Insert Date / Time Macromedia Generator Objects1.05 Generator objects which insert date and time into a Generator template.
IRM1.1.0 HelpDesk, IT asset tracking system w/jobs.
IrssiBot the IRC bot1.0 rc1 A platform-independent IRC bot.
ivcall0.1 An ISDN voice caller.
j0.6.1 A programmer's editor written in Java.
Jasper Servlet Engine0.4.0.b1 Java Servlet Engine.
JavaScour0.0.4 Java application for sharing files using the scour exchange system.
jEdit2.6pre8 Powerful text editor
Jicra1.2.1 Java IRC chat room applet.
joyd0.2.2 Execute programs via joystick.
jPhoto0.3.3 Digital Camera access from Java, with support for PTP/USB.
JPythonJB0.1 An OpenTool which integrates JPython in JBuilder.
JSX0.1 Java Serialization to XML
JunkEx1.2.3 A content-filtering HTTP proxy.
KCPULoad1.90 A simple CPU meter which displays usage percentages and docks into KDE's Kicker.
kdbg1.1.6 A graphical KDE front end to the GDB debugger. Also used by kdevelop.
KJukeBox0.9.3 KJukeBox is an MP3 Player which can handle big MP3 archives
KMAGO0.2.1 A KDE2 download manager, built as a frontend of wget.
knetfilter1.2.1 A KDE frontend to iptables.
KNETLoad1.90 A small network throughput meter for the KDE panel.
Koha1.06 A library and collection managment system.
KQuick0.9 A single-click translator.
KYahoo0.3 KDE port of Yahoo Messenger.
L4KA microkernelrc1 A portable microkernel and application suite.
lbdb0.21 Address database for the mutt mail reader.
LBreakout001006 Breakout-style aracade game using SDL.
LeanEdit1.6.17-pre1 XML editor written in Java.
Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver0.3 A Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver.
libaudiooss0.9.10 An OSS audio emulation on top of NAS.
liblinkedlist0.1.0 linked list library support
Licq1.0 Advanced graphical ICQ clone and more for Unix
LinCVS0.3beta1 A graphical frontend for the CVS-client.
Linux Intrusion Detection System1.0.1 for 2.4.0-test8 Linux Kernel-Based Intrusion Detect System
Local Domain Search Engine0.5.0 A distributed, local search engine, written completely in Java.
LPRngTool1.02 An LPRng printer and queue management toolkit.
Magic Mounter0.9 User-space auto-mounter.
MagicStats2.0pr8 A fast and customizable HTTP log analyzer.
mail2sms1.0 Convert a mail to a short message
MasqMail0.1.6 Offline Mail Transfer Agent
Matt's MySQL Control Panel0.5.0 A MySQL control panel written in PHP.
Matt's Weather0.4.9 A PHP script for retrieving current weather conditions.
Matt's Whois0.4.1 A highly configurable and feature-laden whois lookup script.
MemoPanel7.0 A tiny memo applet on the GNOME panel.
MiniDIR0.11 Web directory software written in PHP.
MODEL0.9 A C++ library to model rate equations.
mod_virgule1.0.1-beta1 Community site-building tool
moodss11.20 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
mp3dave0.2 mp3 player and WWW interface.
mp3tools1.3 Utilities for managing MPEG audio files
mrtg2.9.0pre33 Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Multiscan0.6 A simple console portscanner.
MultiSeti0.5 Seti@Home Utility to manage multiple seti@home packets
MuSE0.3.0 Multiple Streaming Engine
Narval1.0beta2 A personal network assistant based on AI and agent technology.
NeoMail1.20pre3 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
net-check1.5 Internet connection monitor and redialer
netmon_applet0.1 A simple textual network load monitor for the GNOME panel.
nhtsclient0.5.1 An ncurses-based client for the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders.
NJAMD0.8.0 Not Just Another Malloc Debugger.
Nmap2.54beta6 A full-featured, robust port scanner.
nscache0.4 Simple manager and browser for Netscape(tm) cache directories.
NSS-MySQL0.21 NSS library for MySQL.
Nuitari's Promisance10.00n A Web-based strategy game.
Number Theoretic bc0.25a A fast protoyping scripting language for use in number theory.
OBM0.3.2 Intranet application to help manage a company or a contact database.
oops1.4.22 An HTTP/FTP proxy.
Openurl0.0.15 A replacement for Netscape's Openurl function.
Pad1.0.4 Command-line utility to perform PAD encryption/decryption.
Pan0.9 Gnome/GTK Newsreader
Panda PDF Generator0.2.2 A PDF generator in the form of a C library.
PartyTime Photo Community0.6.2 An interactive digital picture sharing system.
pdnsd1.0.11 A proxy DNS server with permanent cache for dial-up systems and small networks.
penemo1.0 beta A Network Monitor which supports SNMP, ping, http, and can take plugins.
PgMarket0.99.4 An e-commerce solution based on PHP4 and PostgreSQL.
Photo Archive1.3.4 Web-enabled photo archive.
PHP Submit0.5.0 An automated search engine submission script.
PHP Weather1.42 Shows the current weather conditions on your Web page.
php(Reactor)1.0.4b Integrated Web applications.
PHPBoard1.0-pre3 A PHP based messaging system.
PHPix Photo Album1.0.0 A PHP photo album generator/viewer.
phpMyBuilder1.0 A RAD tool for PHP and MySQL.
phpMyChat0.13.3 chat system based on PHP and MySQL
PhpMyExplorer1.1.5 HTML site update without FTP access.
phpslash0.6-rc2 slash rewritten in PHP.
phpWebLog0.4.0 A weblog/news site framework written in PHP.
PIKT1.12.0pre3 An innovative new systems administration paradigm.
PIMP4.0 A Web mail client.
pmidi1.5.0 Command line midi player for ALSA
pmt0.0.2 Poor Man's Telnet
PonG0.3 A library for creating configuration dialogs.
ppp-counter1.0 A PPP activity logger.
PPPOEd0.48 A PPP over Ethernet daemon.
Prometheus-Library4.0 Object-oriented PHP API
pwiki0.7.2 Web-based collaboration tool.
Pybber0.0.2 A Jabber client written in Python.
pyportal0.0.1 A Python script/library for creating portals.
Query3.0-test A Perl based address book.
RearSite1.9 Tool for updating personal www pages
Refugee0.98 A usable file encryption utility.
Root-Portal0.4.6 Background Desktop System Logger
root-tail0.0.7 Allows printing of text directly to the X11 rootwindow
rpc0.91 A full-screen console-based RPN calculator application.
rpmproc1.7 simple Perl wrapper to help manage and build RPM packages
samhain0.9.5 A distributed host integrity monitoring system.
Secret Agent0.9 Store secrets in a secure manner.
Secure Export System0.0 A Kerberos-secured NFS export system.
sh-httpd0.4 Very small shell script Web server with CGI 1.1 interface.
ShareWatch0.1 A utility which keeps you up to date with share prices (stock ticker and live da
SILC20001006 Secure Internet Live Conferencing.
Skipstone0.6 Gtk+ Web browser based on Mozilla.
Smash0.9 SMS server for sending text messages to mobile phones.
sms-queue0.5 An SMS queue handler.
SNAC0.3 SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator.
Snapper1.2 An XML-based rapid application development system.
Sodipodi0.20 A vector-drawing application.
Stellar Duel0.1.2 SVGA space action game.
sunclock3.11 A fancy clock that shows both time and geographical data.
t2t- text to table converter 3.0 An ASCII text to HTML table converter.
taglog0.1.15 Computerised logbook, reports time spent by project, todo manager.
Telephone Control Daemon0.1-5 A simple telephony daemon to provide remote control of a system via a telephone.
Terraform0.7.4 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
ThatPHPware0.4.1 A PHP/MySQL news backend.
The Gimp1.1.27 The GNU Image Manipulation Program
The Manhattan Virtual Classroom0.90 Web-based virtual classroom system.
TkSETI3.00 A GUI for automated control of the SETI@Home client for UNIX.
tnef0.14 Decodes application/ms-tnef attachments.
ToneFree0.3 Utilities for Line 6 guitar amps.
Tunnel20001010 A simple game involving a ball rolling down a tunnel.
UdmSearch3.1.6 Fast WWW search engine for your site
userman0.4 Script for managing user accounts.
VA SystemImager1.3.0 Linux replication and synchronization software.
VA-CTCS1.2.13 VA Linux Systems' Diagnostics Package
Vide0.2.8 File manager with vi keybindings
ViennaSQL0.11 A Java GUI SQL client.
VNC Tight Encoder1.1 Efficient compression scheme for VNC.
vpopmail4.9.4 qmail addon package for virtual domain email
vrrpd0.4 A userspace vrrp implementation
vtgrab0.1.6 A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
VTK-CFD0.4 A scalar/vector data visualizer.
Wavlevel0.2 Adjusts the volume of WAV files.
Wcal2.0 Web based calendar/planner especially suitable for multi-user setups
Webalizer2.01-05 Web server log analysis program
Whetstone Logic's Internal People Tracking System0.05 Perl-Online Employee Trakcing System
wmCube0.97 A 3D cube load indicator dockapp.
wmdropzone0.3 A download manager for your WindowMaker Dock
X-Chat1.5.8 GTK+ based IRC client, similar to AmIRC (Amiga).
xine0.2.1 A Unix video player.
XLogical1.0 A parallel thinking puzzle game with ray-traced graphics, music, and sound.
XMLTV0.2 Tools to process TV listings in an XML format.
xmms-alarm0.3.0-pre1 A plugin which allows XMMS to be used as an alarm clock.
Xtheater0.5.3 GTK-based MPEG-1 video & video/audio player
zgsmplay1.3 A curses-based realtime GSM file player with file selector.
Zorp0.5.24 A proxy firewall.
ZZT++0.8.45 A character-based game creation system featuring OO programmable objects.

· IBM Public License ·
Postfix20001005 The Postfix MTA.

· LGPL ·
Audio File Library0.1.11 Library for accessing most common audio file formats.
BingoX1.91 A Web development framework.
CoreLinux++0.4.29 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
CoreLinux++ Framework0.2.0 Abstract frameworks library for CoreLinux++.
Dreams Eternal0.0 A story-driven FPS game that is set in the dream world.
FOX0.99.132 C++-Based Library for Graphical User Interface Development
GtkTrace0.0.1 A tool for tracing Gtk signal propagation.
JIGS0.7.0 GNUstep Java Interface.
Lesstif0.91.11 LGPL'd re-implementation of Motif
liboop0.6 Low-level event loop dispatcher.
libxml++0.8 C++ interface to XML files.
NFC Chat1.0.0 A fast, extensible client/server chat written in Java.
OpenGUI2.98.1 A very wonderfull C/C++ graphics library
OpenSLP0.7.7 Open implementation of the Service Location Protocol v2 (RFC 2608).
OSALPopen source audio library project () v 0.6 C++ Audio class library
phpOpenTracker0.9.0 Helps to track your site.
Python VTK pipeline browser0.8 A VTK pipeline browser written in Python.
rxtx1.4.5 rxtx is a native serial library for linux supporting CommAPI
SMPEG0.4.1 An SDL MPEG player with sound.
Timer_q1.0.4 Shared C library for creating timed events (doesn't use alarm()).
TradeClient0.7.2 A graphical email/calendar application for Linux.

· MIT ·
WideStudio0.31 A C++ integrated development environment.

· MPL ·
perldap1.4.1 Perl C and OO interface to LDAP
pilot-mailsync0.5 Email synchronization program to/from the Palm OS.
The Microwindows Project0.89pre2 Tiny X replacement for Linux based palmtops and POS units

· OpenSource ·
GotLunch1.1.5 Online food ordering engine.
Jetty2.4.7 HTTP/1.1 Servlet server written in Java
Kannel0.11.3 An Open Source WAP & SMS gateway.
Lazy Port Forwarder2.0 A frontend for IPMASQADM.
Linux Sound Configuration Utility1.0.3 A sound configuration utility.
PgSQL1.0 A Python DB-API 2.0-compliant interface to PostgreSQL.
POSSLpanther 4.28 Rapid application development tool (2-Tier to N-Tier).
Python2.0c1 High-level scripting language.
Python Documentation2.0c1 Official documentation for the Python programming language.
Qpopper3.1fc1 A POP3 server.
Sing Along Disc Player3.1.4 CD player with spectrum analyser, oscillator, mixer and remote DB support
SteelBlue2.0.1 An HTML-embedded Web application language.
Webware for Python0.4.1 Suite of Python software components for developing Web apps.

· proprietary ·
NetTracker5.0 A Web site log file analyzer.
Opera for Linux4.0b1 A lightweight X11-based Web browser.
WebEvent Calendar3.4b1 WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.

· Public Domain ·
cmd5checkpw0.22 A checkpassword-compatible authentication program using CRAM-MD5 auth type.
fget0.3 A minimal HTTP/FTP download utility for boot disks.
Freecell Solver0.10.0 Program to solve Freecell games
Puma0.1 A Perl module to allow you to use Python-like formatting rules in Perl.
qmail-smtpd-auth0.25 SMTP auth support for the qmail SMTP server.

· QPL ·
C++ Debugging Support library0.99.4 Ostream debug output objects and memory allocation debugging support library.

· Shareware ·
AC3D3.0 A powerful and intuitive 3D modeller that really shows off the power of Linux.
GHX3.55.13 GTK clone of the Hotline software
Mup4.1 Music Publisher

· source-available proprietary ·
WebWarper Pro2.004 Tool to save traffic and accelerate access to your Web site by 2-10x.

· The PHP License ·
PHP4.0.3 High-level scripting language.
php_imlib0.1 Imlib2 extensions for PHP4.

October 12, 2000

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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