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Linux and Business

Red Hat Unveils New Open Source Simulation Tool. Red Hat has introduced SID, a framework for building computer system simulations. Simulated systems may range from a CPU's instruction set to a large multi-processor embedded system.

SID has been released under the GNU General Public License. It includes a growing library of components for modeling hardware and software parts, and can represent some specific systems.

Red Hat is looking software testers and debuggers and other help with the project. You can find out more at Red Hat's SID page.

EL/IX finds a home on NetSilicon SoCs (LinuxDevices). NetSilicon announced they will be adding support for Red Hat's EL/IX API and eCos OS on their System On Chip (SOC) designs.

Transvirtual Integrates Jabber Into PocketLinux Platform. Jabber.com, Inc. is the developer of Jabber, an open source XML-based instant messaging system. Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. is the developer of PocketLinux, an embedded distribution. LWN looked at PocketLinux running on the Compaq iPAQ color palmtop at Comdex, last November. We were impressed by the WAP-XML based multimedia applications that were running with the Jabber protocol. Now Jabber.com has announced that Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. has completed their integration of the Jabber instant messaging system into the PocketLinux Platform. Yet another cool application running on a handheld device.

Loki's game gets a review. Loki's Myth II: Soulblighter is examined in this selection of video and computer game reviews. "The sequel to 1997's acclaimed Myth: The Fallen Lords brings a rich, 3-D experience to Linux war games. The folks at Loki have set out to prove the Linux 2.x kernel and glibc2 can render special effects that rival anything seen on Windows. And they achieve their goal with verve."

IDG's Network World Names Industry's Most Influential Companies, Players and Trends. Eric Raymond made it into the list of the 25 most powerful executives in Networking, according to Network World, based on his role as President of the Open Source Initiative. The link provided is just to the press release; the full coverage is likely only available in the print magazine, at least for now.

Press Releases:

Open Source Products

Unless specified, license is unverified.
  • Fortuitous Technologies Inc (Austin, Texas) announced the release of their "Linux Fundamentals" training curriculum under terms of the GPL license. According to sources, this course material is based on the Linux Professional Institute's LPIC-1 exam.

  • LizardTech announced that DjVu and the DjVu Reference Library v.3.0 will be released under the terms of GNU General Public License. DjVu is scan-to-Web technology that converts documents into the smallest file sizes possible.

  • Participate.com (CHICAGO) announced it has been retained by ChangeWave.com to help manage the ChangeWave Alliance, an open-source network for investment research.

Proprietary Products for Linux

  • Etnus (Framingham, Mass.) announced the availability of the TotalView debugger/analyzer for Red Hat Linux 7.0.

  • PROVEN SOFTWARE, INC. announced the release of eCHOICE, an internet shopping cart for Linux which is fully integrated with PROVEN CHOICE Accounting Systems.

Products and Services Using Linux

  • Innovative Gaming Corporation (RENO, Nev.) announced the Nevada approval of a revision of its Linux-based operating system for application in the Company's video-slot machine platform. The new IGCA Linux-based video slots offer three titles including Monster Money, Area 51 and Tiki Treasure.

  • Lineo, Inc. (LINDON, Utah) announced the successful porting of the uClinux 2.4 kernel to the Motorola DragonBall family of processors.

Products with Linux Versions

  • Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. (BURLINGTON, N.J.) announced that the EBM-911-504, a special developer edition of the Company's eBookMan reader and multimedia content player, is available at http://www.franklin.com/devzone, with a version for Red Hat Linux 6.1.

  • Jungo Ltd. (Natanya, Israel) announced the release of GO-HotSwap version 4.42 for Windows and Linux operating systems. The software manages CompactPCI bus systems.

  • Kaspersky Lab (Moscow, Russia) announced the beta-version release of its flagship anti-virus product, Kaspersky Anti-Virus (AVP), for Lotus Notes/Domino e-mail gateways running on Linux or Windows NT.

  • NVIDIA Corporation (SANTA CLARA, Calif.) announced the recent certification of its workstation graphics line, Quadro2, as compatible with the most widely used software programs for digital content creation (DCC) and computer-aided design (CAD).

  • Tarantella, Inc. (SANTA CRUZ, Calif.) announced web-based shipments of Tarantella Enterprise 3 and Enterprise 3 ASP Edition web-enabling software. The new products are immediately available via the Internet through a free 60-day trial offering. This release runs on Linux servers.

Books and Training

  • XOR Inc. (BOULDER, Colo.) announced the 3rd Edition of "UNIX System Administration Handbook", authored by a team including XOR's Trent Hein, Evi Nemeth and Ned McClain. The book includes Linux and FreeBSD coverage.


  • theKompany.com (RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.) has formed a relationship with O'Reilly & Associates that gives customers of theKompany a 20% discount on books from O'Reilly.

Financial Results

  • Neoware Systems (KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.) announced that it intends to release its fiscal year 2001, second quarter results before the open of the market on Thursday, January 18, 2000.


  • LynuxWorks, Inc. (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced the appointment of Bob Morris as vice president of marketing.

  • TeamLinux Corporation (DAYTON, Ohio) announced it is reorganizing, moving its West Coast office and adding key professional staff. It will narrow its focus and make its products and services more accessible to its target kiosk and open systems markets.

Linux At Work

  • Linbox (Metz, France) announced that the company has been selected by the Direction Générale des Impôts (DGI) (French tax authority) to install 950 application servers at sites all over France. The machines will be running Red Hat 6.2.

  • M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. (FREMONT, Calif.) announced that Virtual Resources Communications, Inc. (VRC), of Torrance, California, has selected DiskOnChip for use in its new line of next generation broadband access products. VRC is running Linux from the DiskOnChip in a PowerPC environment.


  • Netgem (PARIS), a developer of technology that operates on a Linux-based open software platform and a thin-client access device, reviews the company's progress in year 2000.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

December 28, 2000


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