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Software Announcements By License


· Apache style ·
autoresponder1.11 A simple Perl-based email autoresponder/receptionist.
J/Top0.4 A desktop remote 'top' monitor.
log4j1.0.4 Fast and flexible logging tool written in Java.
XServe0.2 A lightweight XML application server.

· Artistic ·
BlackNova Traders0.1.11 A PHP/MySQL Web-based multi-player strategy game.
dnsping.pl1.0 A Perl client for dnsart.com, a free dynamic DNS service.
Kdict0.4 KDE dictionary program (client for the DICT server).
Perlmode0.4 A mode for jed to edit Perl files.
PhotoShelf1.05 A Web-based photo management, archive, and display system.
Phpmode1.2 A mode for editing PHP files in jed.
PHPMyEdit MySQL Table Editor2.0 A PHP code generator for a MySQL table editor.
slackjaw3.8 Bot for FirstClass server chat rooms
Tech Tracker.81272 A Web-based tracking system designed for a school system's technical support sta
Trunk Mailing List Manager1.0 An SQL-based mailing list manager with encryption support.
w-agora3.0.3 Web-based forum and publishing software
XML::Twig2.02 A Perl module used to tree-process XML documents of all sizes.

· Artistic & GPL ·
PlusPlus.pm1.21 A Delphi/VB/Java-like Perl preprocessor.
wsmake0.5.11 Website make tool written in C++

· BSD type ·
Automated Password Generator1.1.6b Set of tools for password generation.
BugIn'0.03 A PHP/MySQL ticket tracking system.
CEnsemble0.10 A distibuted communication toolkit.
Crypto++4.1 C++ Crypto Library
Dump/Restore0.4b21 Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
EPIC40.9.15 An ANSI-capable textmode IRC client.
Ezimail - IMAP mail client0.5.1 An IMAP mail client.
Infusion0.57 An integrated communications package similar to Microsoft Outlook.
inn2.3.1 Complete and full-featured Usenet System
JavaPad1.1.1 A symmetric encryption system for standalone use or as a library in other applic
libevent0.3 An event notification library for event-driven network servers.
nail9.24 A MIME-capable version of the Berkeley Mail user agent.
Not A Commander1.0-snap-010116 An X11 file manager.
ripMIME0.1.10 A MIME attachment extraction tool.
setimgr0.03a Another SETI@home manager.
TkAPG0.0.2a Tk front-end for Automated Password Generator (APG).
TreeNotes1.8 A Java XML editor.
ucpp1.0 An ANSI-C preprocessor and integrated lexer.
Universal Game Haven0.1 A server and protocol for online gaming.
Wine20010112 Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
xmlrpc-c0.9.3 An RPC library for C and C++ based on XML and HTTP.
Yet Another Radius Daemon1.0.16 A compact RADIUS server with many interesting features.

· free for non-commercial use ·
DansGuardian0.5.0 Web HTML content filter using a phrase list and PICS
Glasscode1.0.1 Java-Servlet based weblog a la slashcode/scoop.
HSX3.50 Hotline Server clone for Unix
One-Wire Weather0.63.1 Client program for the Dallas 1-wire weather station.
RPGD1.6a A multi-user, medieval-fantasy role-playing game.
UniquE RAR File Library0.3.3 Tiny static library to decompress RAR archives.

· free to use but restricted ·
EDEN1.0a An Electronic Document Exchange Network.
Lars0.80 Helps to burn many MP3s onto audio CDs.
Mailwatch0.43 Statistics reporter for mailing list traffic
Naken Chat1.30 Chat Server ported from Javachat
Nirvana and Matrix0.9 Java Message Orientated Middleware
OSE6.0pl17 A C++ class library and build environment.
Swagger0.3.5 A Java SWING-based Jabber client.
Terminality1.6 A cross-platform terminal manipulation library.
ViaWorks Desktop2.0.1b-7 beta A self-updating contact management tool.

· Free Trial ·
DNews5.5a2 Advanced news server software NNTP Software
NGASI Hosting App Server1.0 A Java and database application hosting solution.
Performance Wizard2.2.0.3 Automatic Performance Wizard Service.
X-SARte2.02 Systems activity reporter and traffic examiner.

· freely distributable ·
Apache Toolbox1.4.88 An Apache compilation toolbox.
BYO Linux1.0 A build-it-yourself Linux distribtuion with many uses.
cal_up.sh4.0.0 Automate updates to any Caldera box.
cd-2-mp30.8 An MP3 ripper and encoder.
Checkbot1.63 Perl script to check links on Web sites.
Crafty18.1 Computer Chess engine
floppyfw1.0.9 A Linux firewall on a single floppy.
gamp0.2.3 An ncurses-based MP3 player for Linux.
GTKWave1.2.94 Wave viewer for Verilog simulation
Moneydance3.0-beta Personal finance application written in java
Mozilla Starter Script1.7 The Mozilla Starter Script handles multiple Mozilla launches
my_hash_map1.0.1 A stand-alone implementation of a C++ hash_map class.
radauth1.00 Allows authentication against a RADIUS server from the command line.
rChains200101171610 A detailed custom ipchains ruleset.
xmysqladmin1.0.0 X-Administration-Client for MySQL-Database based on XForms

· Freeware ·
djbdns1.03 Domain Name System tools.
libsqlora82.1.7 A simple C library to access Oracle databases.
LimeWire1.0 LimeWire is a powerful Gnutella file sharing client with great features.
NuSphere MySQL1.13.5 An integrated distribution of MySQL, Apache, Perl, and PHP.
proManager2001-01-12 A Web-based project manager/todo-list/intranet.
Socks via HTTP0.11 A socks tunnel via HTTP.
Swift-MP31.1 An MP3 to Flash converter.
telnetfp0.1.2 a program to determine a hosts OS

· GPL ·
Accutron 20002.0 A small, simple, unobtrusive IRC bot.
Acecad Flair Driver for Xfree40.2 An Acecad Flair serial tablet Driver for Xfree4.
Achievo0.5.3 A Web-based project management and tracking system.
AdaBroker1.0pre4 A full Ada CORBA implementation.
Aileron0.1.0 Email client for WindowMaker, similar to NeXTSTEP's Mail.app
Antiroute1.1 Prevents and logs UDP-based route tracking.
Apache JMeter1.5.1 URL bench application
ArsDigita Community System4.1 beta DBMS backed Web collaboration tool
ASPLinuxrc3 ASP oriented Linux distribution
AutoInstaller0.08-3e A program installer/uninstaller that uses a plugin system.
BabyTrans0.3.9 A GTK front-end for Babylon Translator .dic files.
Bahamut1.4.18 An advanced IRC daemon.
balance2.24-1 A TCP proxy and load balancer.
Bandwidth Monitor1.0.3 A simple utility to view current bandwidth usage.
basic_callerid_logger.pl1.0.11 Perl script to log callerid information to a DBI/DBD database.
BBclone0.09 A PHP Web counter on steroids.
Beaver0.2.0 A text editor.
bfr0.99.9 A large-scale command-line general-purpose data buffer.
bibelot.pl0.9 A script to format and convert text documents to PalmDoc files.
Blaze Board0.7 A PHP/MySQL-based Web forum.
bootprofile0.1 Bootprofile selection during Linux boot.
Bubbling Load Monitor Applet1.0.2 Displays system load as a bubbling liquid.
CD-Rchive1.1.0 A GUI frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs and cdda2wav to make CDs.
ChaosClasses01132001 C++ classes for simulation and analysis for nonlinear dynamical systems.
CheckInstall1.2.1 A "make install" installations tracker.
cheops-ng0.1.2 A network management tool.
codeBreak1.2 A clone of the Mastermind boardgame.
Command-Log1.0 Interface for system-observing and alarm-based checking
ctk-adm-dns-chroot0.2 Set up bind as a chrooted unprivileged user.
cvsauth0.3.1 A setuid wrapper for CVS pserver.
Data Display Debugger3.2.95 Common graphical user interface for GDB, DBX and XDB
DBIx::Easy0.09 Easy-to-use DBI Interface.
diet libc0.7 A library for creating small, statically-linked binaries.
dircproxy1.0.0 A detachable IRC proxy with logging support.
DirsSync0.2 A tool to synchronise directories.
Double Choco Latte20010115 Software Configuration Management/Bug/Enhancement Tracking Software
Drall1.3.5.2 Allows users to access their directories and files remotely via a web browser
drupal1.00 A content management/discussion engine suitable to set up a portal site.
ds2 Build Tool for Java0.4 ds2 is a build tool for Java development projects remotely similar to make.
Dynamic Probes1.3 A gerneric, pervasive, and fully automated debugging facility.
Emptytree Seedy1.2.0 A digital audio ripping, encoding, and listening system.
Epona1.3.1 Nick, chan, memo, and bot IRC services.
eros0.1.1 Converts Dia files to SQL scripts for PostgreSQL and other RDBMSes.
Eternity0.2.2 Java2 mult-document text editor
Ethereal0.8.15 GUI network protocol analyzer
eZBabel1.1.0 A translation program for the eZ publish web publishing system.
Fast Light File Manager0.0.3 A small graphical X11 file manager.
fastjar0.93 Fast jar file creator written in C
ferm0.0.13 Easy firewall rule-making software.
fido0.20 Your friendly Internet comic-fetching tool.
find_tvcardoptions.sh0.9 A script for TV-card intstallation.
Firewall Builder0.8.5 A GUI and set of compilers for different firewall platforms.
fixmp30.10.0 MP3 Organization
fmio1.0.5 A small FM radio card manipulation utility.
Form to Email Messenger0.1 A Perl form to email processor.
FreeBuilder0.7x Java IDE written in Java
fwlogwatch0.1.1 Firewall log analyzer, incident report generator, and realtime response agent.
g-pagebeta1 Sends text messages to wireless receivers (pagers).
Gabber0.8.1 A Jabber instant messaging client for GNOME.
gAcc0.7.5 A personal accounts manager.
GBonds0.4.0 A savings bond inventory program for GNOME.
gcdb1.1.0 A MySQL/PHP billing DB.
getmail2.0.8 A fetchmail replacement with qmail-style Maildir or mbox delivery, in Python.
gfXcon0.3 A tool to convert graphic files from one format to another.
GKrellM1.0.4 System monitor package
GMime0.4.0 A MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) utility library.
GnoClip0.1b5 A desktop switcher for GNOME similar to the Window Maker clip.
GNoise0.1.8 GTK wave file editor.
GnoMAME1.00 beta 2 A GNOME xmame frontend.
gnome seti_applet0.3.4 Gnome applet which displays the state of a seti@home process.
GNOME SmsSend1.3 A GNOME interface to SmsSend.
GNU Parted1.4.7 A partition editor, for creating, destroying, resizing and copying partitions.
GNU Smalltalk1.8.5 A Smalltalk interpreter and libraries.
GNU VCDImager/VCDRip0.5.9alpha4 VCD (VideoCD) BIN/CUE CD image creation and ripping tool.
GNU Visual Debugger1.0.2 A graphical frontend for debuggers.
gnutls0.0.7 A TLS implementation.
goctave0.40.1 A GNOME-based frontend for GNU Octave.
Gomoku.app1.1.1 GNUstep 8x8 TicTacToe Game
gPov0.1 A GTK frontend for Povray.
gpspoint1.010112 Download and upload waypoints and routes from your GPS.
grepmail4.45 Searches a normal or gzipped mailbox for a given regularexpression
GSBench0.5 A GNUstep benchmark application.
gShield2.0.1 Godot's Modular Firewall
GT.M4.2 A high-end multidimensional database and MUMPS compiler.
GtkGraph0.6.2 Graphing calculator for X
gtranslator0.32 A translation supporting framework for GNOME.
Guarddog1.0.0 User friendly firewall generation/management utility for KDE.
Gwenview0.2.0 An image viewer for KDE 2.0.
Header Browser0.6.0 A tool for documentation creation from C/C++ header's comments.
HTMLPerlSETI0.14 Display SETI@home client statistics in an HTML table.
Hypermail2b30 Mail(box) to HTML converter with threads and MIME support.
icewm1.0.6 Window Manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency.
IDSA0.90.3 Experimental system logger and reference monitor.
Intel IA32 Microcode Update Utility1.04 A utility to upload new microcode to Intel P6 microprocessors.
iPAQ Handheld Linux0.19 A Linux distribution for the iPAQ handheld H3600-series PDA.
isdn2h3230.2a1 VoIP (H.323)-to-ISDN gateway.
IsoQlog1.4 A Qmail log analyzer.
ISPAcct2.4 An accounting program for Bintec router log files and mail logs for ISPs.
j0.6.6 A programmer's editor written in Java.
jaquemate0.9 A turn-based Web chess system.
Jasper Servlet Engine0.4.0.b2 Java Servlet Engine.
java2html1.7 a simple program that converts Java source to syntax-highlighted HTML
JFS for Linux0.1.2 The IBM JFS source code.
JSX0.8.1 Maps between Java objects and XML in one call.
Kaim.60 An AOL Instant Messenger using the Qt library.
Kalasag0.3 Java program to create, edit, and manipulate firewall rules on Linux 2.2.x.
KDisk-At-Once0.0.11 A program to create/edit table of contents files for CD-Audio.
KICKweb0.1.6 A Web-based Red Hat Kickstart configuration tool.
Kino0.33 A nonlinear Digital Video editor.
Kivio0.9.2 KDE flowcharting software.
KMAGO1.0.1 A KDE2 download manager, built as a frontend of wget.
KMLOCfg2.0-pre2 A utility to configure the ELSA MicroLink Office modem.
KYahoo0.5 KDE port of Yahoo Messenger.
L-Forum1.0.1 A universal Web-forum with threading support.
LDAP Administration Super Tool0.5-beta CGI scripts to administer LDAP directories.
LDAP Explorer1.16 A PHP3 LDAP client.
ldapconf0.17 Linuxconf LDAP server configurator and client
LeoIni2.1.2 A class for easy ini file manipulation.
libfefe0.3 A GPL reimplementation of libdjb.
libgfxtrans0.3 A library for realtime graphic transitions.
libsmtp0.7.5 A C library for direct sending of mail through SMTP.
Linutalk2.4 A web chatroom server script written in Perl.
Linux Intrusion Detection System0.9.12 for 2.2.18 Linux Kernel-Based Intrusion Detect System
Linux Virtual Server0.2.0-2.4.0 Linux Load Balancing and NAT
Linux-Mobile-Guide3.5 How to make the best of Linux features with laptops and PDAs.
Linuxconf1.24 Sophisticated administrative tool
Log Tool1.0.3 A syslog file parser, report generator, and monitoring utility.
log2mail0.91 Watches logfiles for a pattern and alerts a user via email.
log_analysis0.35 An extensible log analyzer that breaks down log messages.
LyX1.1.6 Advanced LaTeX-based typesetting and text-editing program for X11
Mailman2.0.1 Mailing list manager with built in web access
ManEdit UNIX Manual Page Editor0.3 A UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser.
marketplus0.1.2 A virtual ecommerce shop.
MasarLabs System Monitor0.8.3 A system monitor with module support.
Matrix Math0.8.2 Software to quickly and easily compute functions of matrices of any size.
memtest862.5 Find bad RAM chips
mmtcpfwd0.5 gamma A TCP/IP port forwarder superserver for linux firewalls.
ModLogAn0.6.3 A modular logfile analyzer.
Mojotron0.6 A Llamatron-style action game.
Moleskine0.5 A GNOME generic source code editor.
mon0.38.21 Highly configurable service monitoring daemon
monit1.0 A utility for monitoring daemons or similar programs.
moodss12.4 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
mp3ascd.pl0.1 A script which treats MP3s as a CD and attempts to do a cddb lookup.
mp3blaster3.0p3 Provides interactive playing of mp3 files on a text console
mp3d0.2.5 Client-server MP3-player
mp3stream1.2.0 An MP3 streaming library.
MP3z0.3.1 MP3z - Web interface mp3z downloader
MTX1.2.11pre2 program for controlling the robotic mechanism of DDS autoloaders
multiCD1.0 Backup your data to CD-R/CD-RW.
Muttprint0.21 Formats Mutt's printing of messages to be more attractive.
MysqlTool0.80 A Web-based utility for administering MySQL servers.
Napsack1.01 A utility for launching cross-server Napster queries.
NeoStats2.0 beta 5 IRC Statistical Services
Newspost1.0 A USEnet binary autoposter.
nmsms0.06 Newmail to sms announcer
NSBD1.4 patchlevel 2001/12/26 Not-So-Bad Distribution (automated free software distribution)
nscache0.6 Simple manager and browser for Netscape(tm) cache directories.
omsview0.9.8 A GTK+ turn viewer for the GalaxyNG play-by-email game.
Open Infrastructure for Outcomes0.9.6 A Web-based medical Forms metadata (XML) editor, server, and library.
Open Source Database Benchmark0.4 An open source database benchmark based largely on AS3AP.
OpenLDAP 'whois' backend plugin1.0 OpenLDAP plugin to provide whois service
Operating-Menu1.1 An ncurses-based menu for UNIX.
opMixer0.60 A mixer for OSS and GTK.
pam_watch0.3.8 A pam module to watch users.
PartyTime Photo Community0.8 An interactive digital picture sharing system.
PCCS MySQLDatabase Admin Tool1.3.3 A Web hosting and MySQL administator tool.
pcwd1.33 Berkshire Products PC Watchdog Card Linux Kernel Driver
Perl IRC Statistics Generator0.03 A Perl script to generate statistics from logfiles.
Perl webmail2.2.11 A Perl-based Web-mail script.
PgMarket1.0.2 An e-commerce solution based on PHP4 and PostgreSQL.
PHP CGI0.2.0 A Perl CGI.pm-like module for PHP.
PHP DB Form Creator0.2.7 PHP scripts to help create an HTML form to administer data in MySQL.
PHP StatIt2.1 A PHP-based log which counts visitors of your Web site.
php(Reactor)1.2.0 Integrated Web applications.
php-stream0.8-010110 A PHP front end for the 'stream-db' MP3 file streamer,
phpComic1.0.1e A PHP comic strip parser.
PHPGen0.98 Small PHP-script for generating PHP frontends to MySQL Databases
PHPix Photo Album2.0pre1 A PHP photo album generator/viewer.
phpMyNewsLetter0.6 A NewsLetter manager.
PHProjekt1.1 Groupware communication package.
phpSybaseAdmin0.0.7 A hack on phpMyAdmin to allow support for Sybase.
pick-set0.3 A random MP3 selector for the rio500.
PinePGP0.15.2 PGP and GnuPG filters for pine for both PGP 2.6.x and 5.0
PIRAT for InterBase0.2.0.1 A web based administration tool for InterBase.
pkgwrite0.0.3 tool for making Debian and Redhat packages from one source
PLWM2.1 A modularised window manager written in Python.
pmc2.06 A Perl/GTK mail client.
Polar Jukebox System0.5.1.1 A curses MP3 jukebox with play, record, and exchange functions.
Polish sun12x22 console font0.1 A Polish console font for Linux
POP3Lite0.1.4 A modular POP3 daemon.
POSIX 1003.1b clock/timer patch2.4.0 Kernel patch to provide POSIX 1003.1b clocks and timers
Process Monitor for Linux0.1 Logs programs executed.
ProcMeter33.3 System monitor with multiple graphical outputs
ProjectCentersnap-010114 GNUstep's official project manager.
Pure FTP Server0.90 An efficient, lightweight, and secure FTP server
PURP1.0.0 An ncurses-based RPM-manager
Pymps0.8.3 A Web-based MP3 jukebox.
Python X Library0.8 An X library for Python, written entirely in Python.
QIrc1.1.01 A simple chat client coded using Qt 1.45.
QuakeForge0.2.99 beta 6 A project created around Id software's Quake source releases.
Quantum1.4 A quick and easy way to access Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL databases.
Quiz Cards0.2 A Java flash card application.
R1.2.1 A language and environment for statistical computing.
Recovery Is Possible!28 A floppy Linux boot/rescue system.
regfxp0.1 A multi-threaded regular expression ftp searcher.
RenAttach1.00 An email virus/trojan attachment renamer.
rlwrap0.04 A readline wrapper.
safetynet1.5 A system process monitor.
Scid2.2 A chess database.
Sensors Server01.15.01 Streams sensor data across a network for client applications to process.
Serveez0.0.20 A server framework.
SetiContainer0.2 A C++ class that allows easy access to SETI@home state files.
shntool1.00 A multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility.
Siege1.01 An HTTP regression testing/benchmarking utility.
SingIt Lyric Displayer0.1.7 An XMMS plugin to display formated lyrics.
slash1.1.2 A database-driven news and message board, using mod_perl and MySQL.
SLOCCount1.4 Source Lines of Code (SLOC) counting tool for a large number of languages
SnakeMe1.0 A very customizable snake game.
SpaceWatcher1.5 Keeps an eye on free disk space and alerts you if there is a problem.
splitvt1.6.5 A program to provide split terminals.
spy.pl0.2 A tool to display 10 searches from Metacrawler on the console.
SquirrelMail1.0pre2 A PHP4 Web-based email reader.
StatistX0.2.4 Small GTK-based statistics program.
stream-db0.8db1-010110 An MP3 file streamer that uses a database as its backend.
streamripper1.0b Records Shoutcast streams with metadata to create separate files for each track.
Structured Web Image Gallery System0.1.1 A Perl script for creating HTML thumbnail galleries.
sunclock3.28 A fancy clock that shows both time and geographical data.
Surfraw1.0.3 Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Against the World wide web.
SwiftSurf1.0.1 An intelligent HTTP proxy.
Sylpheed0.4.52 GTK+ based user-friendly e-mail client
Sympa3.0.1 A powerful multilingual List Manager- LDAP and SQL features.
sysstat3.3.3 The sar and iostat commands for Linux
TA-Linux0.1.1 A small linux distribution for x86, alpha, sparc, and PPC.
taglog0.1.20 Computerised logbook, reports time spent by project, todo manager.
tavrasm1.16 Assembler for the Atmel AVR series of micro-controllers
TCFS3.0b Transparent Cryptographic File System
tfmx-play0.3 A player for TFMX music modules (an Amiga game music format).
TFMXcess2.7.3 KDE frontend for tfmx-play
The Global File System4.0 beta 5 A Shared Disk File System for Linux
The Kawa Scheme System1.6.70 A Scheme environment that compiles Scheme into Java bytecodes.
tinyproxy1.3.3a A small, lightweight, easy-to-configure HTTP proxy.
tkalc1.0.2 A pocket calculator for developers and IP network operators.
tkbabel/tclbabel0.57 Babelfish frontend - command-line and GUI
tnef0.16 Decodes application/ms-tnef attachments.
twin0.3.6 A text-mode window manager and terminal emulator.
txObject Application Tool Kit1.3 A C++ software development application toolkit and libraries.
txObject Python Modules Python interface modules to the txObject Application Tool Kit and Libraries.
unac1.4.0 A C library and command that removes accents from a string.
VBackup0.1 A visual backup system, using a filesystem for storage.
vcr1.0 A text-console video recorder.
VeniVidiVoti20010111 A collaborative writing Web site.
VLAN1.0.0 802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux
Vorpal Mail0.5.10 An SMTP server.
VTK-CFD0.6 A scalar/vector data visualizer.
WAPreview1.0a A browser for viewing WAP pages from Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer.
Web Noticiasweb-noticias 0.1 A Web-based news management system.
Web Templating0.1 Easy-to-use templating system for web pages
webbase5.16 Internet crawler C library and program
WebCleaner0.7 Filtering HTTP proxy.
webplay0.93c Web-based mp3 jukebox and streamer with variable bitrate & stream control.
weight0.9 A utility to keep track of ones weight/diet.
WeirdX1.0.25 A pure Java X Window System server
whois4.5.2 A modern whois client
WMHeadlines2.1 WMHeadlines integreates Web news sites with the root menu.
wmtxcnt0.90b A dockapp which counts PPP connection costs.
wv0.6.3 Microsoft Word 8 document viewer
wwwvdial1.0 A browser-based interface to the wvdial PPP dialer with multiple ISP support.
XawTV3.30 A TV viewing application and a few TV utilities.
xlHtml0.2.8 XLS to HTML converter
XMLBoard1.4.2 A multi-forum message board.
XMLBoard Solo1.4.2 XMLBoard alternative
xmms-alarm0.3.0-pre2 A plugin which allows XMMS to be used as an alarm clock.
XMMS-MSA0.5.5 An XMMS visualization plugin.
xmms-shn2.2 XMMS input plugin to play shorten (.shn) files.
XOSD0.6.0 A X Onscreen Display Library.
xscorch0.1.10 Annihilate enemy tanks using overpowered guns.
XSLT-process1.1 Runs an XSLT processor on an (X)Emacs buffer.
yudit2.1 Unicode text editor for the X Window System
Zon0.04 An xmms visualization plugin.
ZThread1.2.1 Advanced object-oriented, platform-independant threading library.

· LGPL ·
Atilla0.3.0-1 A new programming tool based on XML and Python.
FLAC0.5 Free Lossless Audio Coder.
Glt OpenGL C++ Toolkit0.3 Classes and routines for programming interactive 3D graphics with OpenGL.
GNU 3DKitsnap-010112 A scenegraph API for GNUstep.
GNU C library2.2.1 The GNU C library is used as the C library in the GNU system
Gtk Image Viewer0.1.3 An interactive image display widget for GTK.
Gumshoe0.1 A file sharing client for multiple services.
ixlib0.94.0 C++ tools library
J-INTERCAL0.12 INTERCAL compiler and runtime for Java.
JIGS1.0.2 GNUstep Java Interface.
MiniGUI1.0.00beta2 A mini graphical user interface for real-time embedded systems.
MSNj0.1 MSN Messenger library in Java
neon0.10.0 HTTP and WebDAV client library
OpenSymphony Cache1.0beta0 JSP Caching and Error Tolerance System
phpOpenTracker0.9.3pl1 Helps to track your site.
Python VTK pipeline browser1.0 A VTK pipeline browser written in Python.
stepd0.0.3 A stepper motor daemon to use with a k8000 interface.
TCLink3.1 A client for running credit card transactions over TCP/IP.
TradeClient0.7.8 A graphical email/calendar application for Linux.
unixODBC2.0.3 Provides ODBC 3 connectivity for Unix

· MIT ·
dwun0.96b Controls PPP link by client requests for connection
ivtools0.9.1 Application frameworks for drawing editors and spatial data servers
libgeotiff1.1.4 Library for accessing "Geo" tags in a GeoTIFF file.
Wacom Driver for XFree86alpha 21 Wacom driver for XFree86

· MPL ·
libical0.22 Library for iCal protocols: iCAL core, iTIP, iMIP, iRIP, CAP

· OpenSource ·
Bind9.1.0rc1 Berkeley Internet Name Domain
Dusk Graphical MUD Engine2.1.2 A graphical MUD engine.
ether2dns1.1 A tool to convert the /etc/ethers format to DNS records for IPv6.
evilwm0.3.7 An aewm-based window manager.
JOnAS2.2.4 Open Source implementation of the EJB specification
OpenRealty1.1 A real estate listing database implemented in PHP and mySQL.
PostScript::MailLabels2.02 A Perl module for generating mailing labels.
Thorn0.2.9a UML Modeling Application
ViPEC2.1.26 Network analyzer for high frequency electrical networks

· Public Domain ·
Cyrix Chat Daemon0.3/p1 A feature rich, text-based chat daemon.

· QPL ·
APC Alternative PHP Cache1.0.0 zend extension for caching PHP scripts
GeniusCart[tm] automated shopping cart system 1.4 A fully user-maintainable shopping cart.

· Shareware ·
Butterfly ISP Edition1.6 Timing software for Internet Service Providers or e-touch centres.
CompWork1.1.f.1 TCL compiler.
GHX3.55.28 GTK clone of the Hotline software
RAR2.80 beta 3 A general purpose archiving and compression program

· source-available proprietary ·
dotBanner1.08 A complete banner management system for small to large Web sites.

· The PHP License ·
PHP4.0.4pl1 High-level scripting language.

· Voxel Public License ·
CBMS0.2 An ISP/Webhost billing and client system.
Ticketsmith0.3 A Web-based support ticket system with an email gateway.

January 18, 2001

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