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Linux in the news

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Telsa Gwynne LCA Report: Why KDE Works (KDE dot News). Telsa Gwynne has written a report on Sirtaj Singh Kang's talk at Linux.Conf.Au 2001. "One huge thing that helped KDE and would probably benefit other very big projects was that KDE had the KDE Summit which was sponsored by Trolltech. When you get all the people in same place, then magic happens."

Thai Government Urged To Support Free Software (NewsBytes). Newsbytes covers a talk by Richard Stallman in Thailand. "'By using free software, Thailand can save paying currency to a few rich Americans. It is stupid to recognize foreign copyrights,' he claimed, adding that free software may also turn users away from the Windows operating system."


Peace, Love, Linux and IBM (IT Director). IT Director looks at IBM's Linux strategy. "This is completely unprecedented. A company launching an aggressive marketing campaign for a product that it has no claim over and for which it cannot obtain even one cent in direct revenues."

Red Hat sued over IPO (News.com). Lawyers thrive on down markets, apparently. C|Net is reporting that a New York firm has filed suit against Red Hat executives and Credit Suisse regarding full disclosure of information surrounding Red Hat's 1999 IPO.


New friendships in the open-source world (News.com). C|Net reports on the growing trend of partnering in the open source business environment. Alliances such as that between Great Bridge and Zend make sense when companies want to augment their products but don't have a lot of money to spend on programming, documentation and other expenses, IDC's Kusnetzky said. "The open-source people for the most part don't have a lot of cash sitting around," he said.


New Linux Kernel Boosts Server Power, Desktop Compatibility (ZDNet). ZDNet is running an article by Bill Machrone that takes a look at the Linux 2.4 kernel. "The ABM (Anything But Microsoft) market is vibrant and growing, but its mainstay operating system, Linux, has been falling behind the times."

Linux Reborn: Kernel 2.4 (ZDNet). Another 2.4 review, this time looking at some of the benefits of expanded memory and USB/FireWire support. "For the desktop, what does the new kernel offer the user? The new kernel has a number of new options for connecting to peripherals. With USB and IEEE 1394 support, Linux will have more reach into cameras, scanners, and even MP3 players. (The source code also describes connecting the new Linux kernel to new Bluetooth devices.)"


Interview: Guido van Rossum (Dr. Dobb's). Dr. Dobb's Journal has posted an interview with Guido van Rossum in RealPlayer format. It's about 13 minutes long.


Old PCs Made New (Times of India). The Times of India interviewed Atul Chitnis about Linux in India. "I am happy with the growth of Linux in India, but I am far from being satisfied. Linux has great potential for getting computing to the masses, to those who cannot afford or justify the latest and greatest computing equipment and commercial applications. However, we have seen little progress in this department - Linux is basically invading the turf of existing computer users, but has still not reached the people who would most benefit from it - schools and villages, areas of little commercial interest to vendors of commercial operating systems and applications."

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

April 5, 2001


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