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Linux and Business

Atipa sells hardware division to Microtech. Atipa Corporation has announced that its hardware division has been sold to Microtech Computers. Atipa is now purely in the software and support business, with its efforts centered around the OpenNMS package and the products (such as the BRU backup tool) obtained in the acquisition of Enhanced Software Technologies in February 2000. Atipa acquired a company called PlatformWorks in October 2000 and acquired the OpenNMS platform at the same time.

This seems like a real change of focus for the company which has always carried Linux-based firewall appliances and Beowulf clusters. In July 1999 Atipa and Alpha Processor, Inc. (API) formed a partnership to provide "more powerful, affordable and reliable Linux solutions to the enterprise marketplace" and almost a year ago, in April 2000 the company beefed up its hardware division with the acquisition of DCG Computer Corp.

Norwegian State Consulting coordinating agency recommends use of Linux. Statkonsult, the directorate responsible for overall efficiency within state and public organizations in Norway has recommended the use of Linux within the public sector. Ulf Larsen brought the news to our attention and also provided a partial English translation.

Books:'The Joy of Linux' and 'Linux Cookbook'. Prima Tech has announced the publication of "The Joy of Linux, A Gourmet Guide to Open Source," by Brian Proffitt and Michael Hall. "With chapters such as 'The Penguin on Top,' 'The Joy of Toys,' and 'The Linux Sutra: Resources,' and cartoons by Nitrozac and Snaggy, readers will be entertained and treated to useful information."

No Starch Press announced a new Linux Journal Press offering "The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use".

IBM's New Ready, Set, Linux! Program is Available Across the U.S.. IBM is launching the Ready, Set, Linux! initiative for Business Partners interested in supporting e-business on Linux. IBM's Ready, Set, Linux! program is an educational series that will be available in cities across the United States.

Reports and surveys. IBM's glossy annual report includes a page about Linux, written by Irving Wladawsky-Berger. "We think that, at the end of the day, the operating system that provides the most flexibility to customers is the one that is going to end up winning. We're voting with our customers on this one. We're betting a big part of IBM's future on Linux." (Thanks to Walt Smith).

"Linux: You Get What You Pay For? is the title of a report from AllNetResearch. In the report is a detailing what Linux needs to do "to appeal to the Internet professionals who have yet to adopt Linux in their organizations". For $195 you can have the full report emailed to you in a pdf format.

Evans Data Corporation has issued a press release on a study which asked "Linux developers" which distribution they would use to set up a web server; 77% of them evidently answered "Red Hat."

NeTraverse Announces the Release Of Win4Lin 3.0. NeTraverse Inc. announced the release of Win4Lin Desktop Edition version 3.0. Win4Lin allows Linux users to run Windows programs without additional hardware or the need to dual boot.

Great Bridge releases PostgreSQL for Solaris. Great Bridge LLC released a pre-packaged PostgreSQL database on Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system. The "PgSol" packages are in beta release and are freely available at www.greatbridge.org/project/pgsol.

MainConcept releases video editing toolkit. MainConcept, makers of the MainActor video editing system for Linux, has released a commercial video editing toolkit for Linux, known as VideoEngine.

Handheld Device on Linux/Java Platform Will Debut with Amiga-developed Software. Amiga Incorporated announced a long-term partnership with Sharp Corporation in which Amiga will develop content for next-generation Sharp handheld computing devices. (Thanks to Daniel Petzén)

Linux Stock Index for March 29 to April 04, 2001.

LSI at closing on March 29, 2001 ... 29.32
LSI at closing on April 04, 2001 ... 25.88

The high for the week was 30.03
The low for the week was 25.88

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Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

April 5, 2001


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