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See also: last week's Announcements page.



BURKS (the Brighton University Resource Kit for Students) is a non-profit CD set providing over a gigabyte of compilers, tutorials and reference materials for over 20 programming languages. It also includes a Linux distribution (they don't say which one), Linux manuals and more. Check out their announcement for prices and more details.

Didier Legein has written a mini-HOWTO on WIDD, a front end application for sql3/sql92 databases (including postgresql).

Here is an announcement for a free book about Linux in Danish.

Michal Gomulinski sent us a note pointing out This new Polish Linux Magazine

Check out One the shoulders of giants, a paper arguing that the dominance of open source software is inevitable. (Found in LinuxToday).

An introduction to Linux course will be offered starting November 17th in New York. It is an eight week course, sponsored by the Association of Computer Support Specialists (ACSS).


The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo sitehas gone online. The content is still a little thin, but one assumes that will change as plans get firmed up.

Con Zymaris copied us on his announcement of a Linux Business Breakfast, to be held November 17th, in Melbourne, Australia.

The 1st MICO/CORBA Workshop will be held November 23rd in Daarmstadt, Germany. Here is the announcement in French and in English.

The Milwaukee, WI LUG is having their second annual installfest on November 14. See their announcement for details.

Web sites

Richard Stallman has put out a call to create a web site listing all of the hardware that is friendly to free software, so that users can more easily choose compatible systems. He is looking for help, as always.

The Italian Linux Press site is dedicated to listing and summarizing articles about Linux in the Italian press. They are looking for volunteers, of course, to submit articles as you find them.

User Group News

The Greater London Linux User Group UK (GLLUG) has moved both their web page and their mailing lists.

Two user groups have reported to us in the last week that their membership has exceeded 1000. This includes the Skaane Sjaelland Linux User Group (SSLUG). Drop us a line if your group has grown this large as well.

bob@bobby.com would like to start a LUG on Long Island, New York. Here is his post to comp.os.linux.announce.

A new Linux User's Group was recently created in Rennes, France. Here is the announcement for their first meeting, which was held on October 31st.

A LUG is also forming in Dayton, Ohio.

Richard Stallman is the planned speaker for the December SVLUG meeting.

The first meeting of the new Triangle, NC Area Linux User Group (TriLUG) will be this evening, November 5th. Here are the particulars.

Ron Gage is looking for people interested in forming a LUG in the Saginaw/Bay City/Midland Michigan "Tri-Cities" area.

The Slovak Linux User Group - SkLUG in Slovakia has just been formed. The announcement is in both English and Slovak.

Help Wanted

John Ousterhout posted a note mentioning that Scriptics (think Tcl) has started another big growth spurt and has many current openings.

November 5, 1998



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
ACE 4.6 Object-oriented C++ class library and framework
ASBeautifier 0.8.2 Automatically reindents C++,C, and Java source files
ascpu 1.1 A CPU load monitor.
Aspell .23 alpha Intelligent Spell Checker
AtariBridge 0.1 Record a 8-bit Atari program file to a cassette tape using the soundcard
BeroFTPD 1.2.1 FTP server program based on WU-FTPD
Bit::Vector 5.6 Provides an efficientimplementation of arbitrarily large bit vectors and sets
Blackbox 0.40.12 WindowManager for X11 written in C++
Blender 1.40 Extremely fast and versatile 3D Rendering Package
Blue Moon Rendering Tools 2.4 beta The Blue Moon Rendering Tools (BMRT) are a collection of rendering programs whic
Bochs 981102b Portable x86 PC emulation software package
C Masqdialer Server 0.0.11 Protocol compatible replacement for Masqdialer server written in C
cdcd 0.3.11 A no-nonsense CLI CD player
cdda2wav 0.95beta08 A CD ripping application
cdr 0.41 CD ripper and encoder frontend
CDRDAO 1.0 Disk-At-Once Recording of Audio CD-Rs
Connect 1.1.3 Client-server to easily share (open/close) one ppp link among a small network
daVinci0.2+churchill Multipurpose Internet Bot
dcd 0.35 Simple command-line CD player
DOSEmu 0.99.3 Application that enables the Linux OS to run many DOS programs
Drall 0.9.0 Allows users to access their directories and files remotely via a web browser
egcs snapshot 19981026 Experimental set of enhancements for the GNU tools
esound 0.2.6 Enlightened Sound Daemon
Fake 1.0.0 Utility to switch in backup servers on a LAN
Fetchmail 4.6.5 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mailretrieval utility
fix-rhcd 0.1 Tool for creating your own Red Hat Linux CDR from the ftp site.
Flight Gear 0.55 Flight simulator
Fortify 1.3.0 Provides full strength, 128-bit encryption facilities to Netscape browsers
ftpcheck 0.3 Searches for anonymous ftp sites on given nodes/networks
fvwm2gnome 0.3.5 Clean, efficient window manager configuration with GNOME functionality
FXmame 0.4 Glide (3Dfx) driver for the xmame classic arcade game emulator
g2 0.30 Easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics library
Gamora 0.62.2 Java based server construction, hosting, and adminstration architecture.
Generic NQS 3.50.4 The Leading OpenSource Batch Processing System For UNIX
GFIG 0.5.0 Figure drawing tool for GTK, similar to xfig, TeXCAD and SmartDraw
GHX 2.00 (98/11/01) GTK clone of the Hotline software
gIDE 0.0.11 Gtk-based Integrated Development Environment for C
GLOBAL 3.3 A common source code tag system for C and Yacc.
Great Nations 1.3.0 Civilization(tm)-style game with superior network-play and customizability
GTK+ 1.1.3 Library for creating graphicaluser interfaces
Gtk-- 0.9.21 C++ interface for the popular GUI library gtk.
GtkSamba 0.1.0 Gtk front end to configuring Samba
GtkWhois 0.6b GTK frontend to the 'whois' command
guiTAR 0.0.2 guiTAR is a tar frontend for Gtk+
Hitchhiker 1.0.2 An astronomy program which shows the planets and their orbits
ht://Dig 3.1.0b2 Complete world wide web indexing and searching system
InfoPrism 0.0.5 A General Document Processing System
Internet Junkbuster 2.02 Blocks unwanted banner ads and protects your privacy
ipchains 1.3.8 Linux packet filter control utility (replaces ipfwadm for kernels 2.1.102+).
ivtools 0.6.12 Application frameworks for drawing editors and spatial data servers
jed 0.99 snapshot 981030 Powerful editor, terminal and X11 interface
JEL 0.2 A compiler for one-line expressions into java bytecode.
Jultaf 0.0.8 Jumble Library for Tcl and Friends
kBeroFTPD 1.0.0pre2 KDE Front-End for BeroFTPD configuration
KBiff 1.1.6 New mail notification utility for KDE
Keystone 0.40.02 Web-based problem tracking system, rewrite of an older system called PTS
kISDN 0.7.0 ISDN configuration and monitoring GUI
KOrganizer 0.9.16 Personal Information Manager for the KDE Desktop Environment
KPackViewer 0.17 Package viewer to ease package administration
KSniff snapshot 981101 KDE packet sniffer/analyzer
KStage 0.1 Adaptive Cue System for Theatre
ktalkd 0.8.9 KDE-aware talk daemon
Lesstif 0.86.9 LGPL'd re-implementation of Motif
Licq 0.44 ICQ clone for linux with most of the functionality of the official Java version
Lynx 2.8 fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser
Melange Chat Server 0.93 Chat server written in C including a Java-client
mHockey 0.45 OpenGL based hockey game
MHonarc 2.3.2 A Perl mail-to-HTML converter
Midnight Commander 4.5.1 Unix file manager and shell
MindsEye 0.5.30 3D modelling program for Linux
MMX Emulator 0.6 Allows execution of MMX binaries on non-MMX machines
mod_ssl 2.0.14-1.3.3 Apache Interface to SSLeay
Moneydance 2.0b3 Personal finance application written in java
mtr 0.28 Network diagnostic tool
MUMail 1.2.5 A Java applet designed to let you read your mail from a website
Naken Chat 0.7 Chat Server ported from Javachat
Name Server Configurator 2.1 A set of scripts for easy DNS configuration.
Netscape Communicator 4.5 All-in-one browser and communications suite
Netscape Flash Plugin 0.3.1 A Netscape plugin to view Macromedia-Shockwave-Flash files.
netwatch 0.8a Ethernet Monitor
NQCC 1.0b1 Alternate development language for Lego Mindstorms
ocs-base 1.0-8 Base system for Linux intranet applications
ocsadmin 1.0-4 ocsadmin is a web admin tool to maintain user accounts
ocscal 1.0-5 An intranet calendar system featuring shared appointments
ocsemail 1.0-4 Electronic web email system for you intranet
ocsexplorer 1.0-0 ocsexplorer is an intranet file explorer for linux
ocsfiles 1.0-1 Front-end to your ftp site, allowing easy uploads and indexing
OSS 3.9.1h Provides sound card drivers for most popular sound cards under Linux
PalmPython 0.5.5 PalmPilot interface library for Python
PIKT 0.96 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
PostgreSQL 6.4-BETA4 Robust, next-generation, Object-Relational DBMS(ORDBMS)
psntools 1.2 Administrative tools for large numbers of accounts
Rasca 0.9.9 Extended MP3 Player.
rc.firewall 1.0 Shell script to set up firewalling and IP masq rules for ipchains
Replay 0.57 GTK-based MP3 player for X11
rsync 2.2.0 File transfer program to keep remote files into sync
Samba 2.0.0 alpha 15 Allows clients toaccess to a server's filespace and printers via SMB
setserial 2.15 Controls configuration of serial ports
Sketch 0.5.0 Vector drawing program, implemented in python
slang 1.3.2 snapshot 981030 A powerful interpreted language
SoundTracker 0.0.10 A music tracker for X / GTK+
Squid 2.1.PRE3 High performance Web proxy cache
Squij 0.66 Squid logfile analyzer
TableGen 1.5 Creates java classes to represent and access an SQL database
TeamWave Workplace 4.0 Shared Internet places for any-time collaboration
ThorMail 0.9.4 Web front-end to IMAP and (soon) POP3 accounts
TowerJ 2.2 Optimizing Native Java Compiler and Runtime VM for Linux
truc 1.0.7 Two shell scripts that allow you to transfer big files via e-mail
TrueReality 1998102101 N64 Emulator
TSpaces 2.0 Allows heterogeneous, Java-enabled devices to exchange data
Unix Desktop Environment 0.1.0 BETA A new GUI for Unix with a completely new look'n'feel
Upclient 2.03 Keep track of your uptime and compare it with other hosts.
VelociGen for Perl (VEP) 1.0c High performance server programminglanguage
VelociGen for Tcl 1.0c High performance web server programming using Tcl
web500gw 2.1b3 Connects WWW browsers to LDAP based Directories.
WebKit 0.1 Python scripts for website management
WIDD 1.1.0 Front-end application to manage databases through an X11interface
WMiNET 2.0.1 A dockable applet for monitoring all your inet daemon activity
wmsound 0.8.1 Sound server package for WindowMaker
WSoundPrefs 0.8.1b WMSound Server Configuration Utility
XAmixer 0.1.9 An ALSA based mixer program written with GTK+
XawTV 2.29 TV application and a few utilities
xcrun 1.0 single-lined command tool
XFCE 2.1.1 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
xinetd Powerful inetd replacement
Xrun 0.1.6 A Gtk+ based program to run commands with a history.
Xterminal 0.6 Object Oriented User Interface with a client-serverarchitecture
ZipCracker 0.0.5 Cracks password protected zip archives with brute force(TM)
Zsh 3.1.5 Powerful UNIX shell

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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