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Linux links of the week

The User Friendly cartoon is often amusing. This week has been particular relevant, as the unfortunate employees of a taken-over internet service provider are ordered to install "that other system" over their Linux servers. If you have not been following it, pick it up from last weekend and catch up from there.

PC hardware is both a blessing and a curse to most Linux folks. The selection is amazing, and, often, the price/performance can not be beat. On the other hand, some of it is of, um, marginal quality, and the sheer variety of it all is hard to keep up with. A good source for information on PC hardware is Tom's Hardware Guide. Much of the site is made up of basic descriptions of how various types of PC hardware work, what the acronyms mean, and so on. The rest, outside of a higher-than-desirable amount of advertising, consists of test results, performance evaluations, etc.

September 10, 1998



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